Free Crochet Frog Patterns

22 Easy Crochet Frog Patterns Kids Favorite

Crochet Frog Patterns are a perfect blend of creativity and fun. They provide an engaging option for crochet lovers to show their skills and for kids to have a fun addition to their toy collection and daily used accessories for both beginner and experienced crochet enthusiasts alike.

Perfect Crochet Frog Patterns:

Free Crochet Frog Patterns 1

These amazing frog patterns are the best for making clothing items, accessories, home decor, and educational tools for children. Most of these patterns allow customization in terms of color and size, enabling you to tailor each creation to your desired aesthetic. Whether you seek a delightful gift for a loved one or a unique addition to your accessories, these frog patterns will always suit you best.

Supplies You Need For Making These Frog-Inspired Accessories:

The following are the supplies you need for making these crochet frog patterns.

  • Yarn
  • Hook
  • Stitch maker 
  • Scissor
  • Needle

Crochet Frog Applique:

Crochet appliques are very practical for decorating without the mess of glue, and it’s precise decorations that you can move from one place to another if needed. This crochet frog applique can be used for projects, from garments to accessories and home décor items. In this video, you will see easy-to-follow instructions tested by several test crocheters. The applique is washable, easy to apply, and doesn’t fall or stretch. Stick it to any surface with the included adhesive, or use thread and needle to sew on wherever you’d like.

Crochet Frog Headband:

This crochet frog headband is one of our most popular items. With soft, comfy material and a cute design, this frog headband will surely be an instant favorite. The versatile style is perfect for both babies and adults. They can wear it as a headband to keep hair back or leave the band off and use it as adorable frog eyes. It’s a fun hit that makes an excellent gift and will be enjoyed again and again!

Crochet Frog Plush:

Crochet Frog Plush

The Crochet Frog Plush is the perfect size for snuggling or hanging on a backpack. The Frog was designed in a neutral green color so that it would be able to blend in with any room of your house as well as look great against many different styles of decor. It’s cute enough to sit on your shelf but soft enough that children can enjoy it too! This pattern is simple enough for any crocheter to make and includes instructions for different ages and sizes. Bring him on camping trips, and let him become part of your family!


Crochet Frog Keychain:

This adorable crochet frog key chain will make an excellent gift for you or someone special. Crochet in a beautiful green and yellow color, this crocheted frog looks as if he is ready to hop right out of your pocket and into your heart. It is embellished with a bronze keychain hook at the bottom, so it can quickly hook onto your bag or backpack! This handmade crochet frog keychain makes a perfect functional accessory – use it to hook your keys onto or hook it to hang up wherever you need some extra fun.

Kermit The Frog Crochet Pattern Free:

Kermit The Frog Crochet Pattern Free

Grab your hook and prepare to make your own Kermit the Frog Crochet Amigurumi. This easy pattern is perfect for beginners! The pattern uses basic crochet stitches: chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. This is a straightforward pattern that can be completed in one day. This pattern will knock your socks off, providing an easy way to crochet an adorable frog that is perfect for all your favorite outfits. For anyone who loves Kermit! If you are looking for a simple and quick project with the CUTEST final result, this pattern is the one for you.


Crochet Frog Bag:

Crocheting is excellent for the soul! Nothing better than a quick, fun and easy crochet pattern that can be made in just about any color you like. Its color blocking and simple stitching are appealing, and the crafty appeal of this bag will undoubtedly impress others. This little frog purse is perfect for several uses, including for holding money or as a phone case. Crocheted from 100% soft cotton, it is a perfect gift for those who genuinely appreciate handmade creations that last!

Crochet Frog Bucket Hat:

This Crochet Frog Bucket Hat is the perfect summer accessory. Made from 100% cotton yarn, this hat will be your favorite part of a beach trip or picnic with friends. The crochet pattern is set up so that it can be completed quickly and without errors. Use your love of crocheting to create a fun and easy project for anyone. With its wide brim and relaxed fit, this hat will become your new favorite way to stay cute and cozy.

Frog Coaster Crochet Pattern:

Frog Coaster Crochet Pattern

Crafting is fun and easy with this Frog Coaster crochet pattern. You need only a few stitches to create this adorable coaster set that makes a great gift or decoration. This pattern is rated easy but will still challenge your skills to create something different from your average doilies and blankets. This pattern contains step-by-step instructions for creating a coaster with a hook and loop dot fastener option. In addition, the pattern contains video tutorials of each stage of the crocheting process at no cost to you.

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Frog Safety Blanket Pattern:

Frog Safety Blanket Pattern

This is the perfect pattern for a beginner crocheter. You can make so many frogs from one skein! This blanket is the perfect size to wrap around your child and stay snuggly warm. Know someone who loves frogs? Give them this pattern as a gift! It also provides some easy-to-memorize stitches for those who are proficient in following patterns without being able to read written ones. Your little one will cherish this wonderful blanket long after they have reached the age of crawling, so it’s a great gift idea too!

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Crochet Frog Hat:

Crochet Frog Hat

Don’t miss out on this adorable hat. It is easy to crochet and so fun to wear. This pattern makes one size (fits most infants). You can make this with any yarn, but we suggest something soft and fluffy to keep the baby’s head warm. These hats are great for coming home or the hospital photos! Make them for your child or as a gift for baby showers; they would make an excellent Photo Prop; by using a bean bag chair for the background, you can take some cute pictures.


Frog Wall Hanging Free Pattern:

Frog Wall Hanging Free Pattern

This free pattern shows you how to make a frog wall hanging. It’s an excellent project for beginner sewers and anyone looking to get into pattern-making or sculptural quilting. The pattern has full photographic instructions to help you create this modern wall hanging in any color that matches your decor. Once you’ve made it (which will take less than an hour), enjoy. This frog wall hanging is a fun and quirky piece that can be made in any color palette to match your spring and summer decor!

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Cute Crochet Frog:

Cute Crochet Frog

This cute crochet frog is a popular item for kids and adults alike. The light green color makes it perfect for springtime, but it can be crocheted in any color you like. Practice basic crochet techniques and learn how to work in the round, with curly legs and a smiling face. Though small, he would make an excellent gift for friends and family. This adorable frog is just what you need to brighten up your day. It’s simple and easy to make, but the result is a fun and happy piece of art that will keep you smiling for days!

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Realistic Crochet Frog:

Realistic Crochet Frog

The body is crocheted from the bottom up, and stuffed, and then the head and legs are connected with minimal sewing. The pattern also teaches you how to work into the ridge of your work with photos and detailed instructions, so it can easily be adapted to any size frog or similar amigurumi project. The simple step-by-step instructions will make you make the perfect amphibian in no time! This project is ideal for beginners and advanced crocheters alike, as it’s easy to follow, with enough detail to keep most crocheters interested.

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Big Crochet Frog Pattern:

Big Crochet Frog Pattern

Learn how to crochet this cute, easy and fun Frog! This pattern is written in English using US Crochet Terminology. Includes detailed instructions on how to crochet your Frog and photos to help you along the way. Professional crafters and editors have also tested the pattern, so it is extra straightforward and effortless to follow. Follow this crochet pattern to make your little frog friend. He’s so cute; you’ll want to grab him by the hands and take him on adventures.

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Crochet Frog Pattern For Beginners:

Crochet Frog Pattern For Beginners

If you love crocheting and want to learn how to create a cute little frog, this crochet frog pattern is for beginners. This is an excellent pattern for children and adults new to the art of crochet. Creating this cute little frog will give you practice creating basic amigurumi shapes and changing colors with your yarn. Use the information below to create an adorable crocheted frog that can be given as a gift or kept as decoration in your home!

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Tree Frog Crochet Pattern:

Tree Frog Crochet Pattern

You will love our Tree Frog Crochet Pattern if you love to crochet. We want to introduce you to the nature of crochet, and further show you the many possibilities of crochet. This pattern is perfect for those who are just getting started in the crochet world or those already well-versed in this craft. This Tree Frog crocheted amigurumi will look great sitting on your desk or bedside table as a decoration or just for company.

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Amigurumi Crochet Frog Pattern:

Amigurumi Crochet Frog Pattern

This quick and easy crochet frog pattern can be customized to the crocheter’s taste. Use any yarn you’d like; make sure it’s worsted or heavier and suitable for amigurumi! This pattern will work with any size hook; make sure you adjust your gauge accordingly – here’s a great tutorial on choosing and using different yarn weights. This crochet pattern will teach you how to make an adorable frog with step-by-step instructions and photos.

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Wizard Cute Crochet Frog Pattern:

Wizard Cute Frog Pattern

Crochet flat for this cute wizard frog patch and add it as a charm to your project or as a gift. Great for teaching and perfect for beginners who love to bring their twist. You can make this frog for a birthday gift or have it in your home. These step-by-step instructions and clear pictures make it straightforward to make. The frog would be a great gift for anyone, especially a beginning or intermediate crocheter. This pattern uses simple stitches and is suitable for all skill levels. Don’t miss out on making this adorable crochet frog!

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Crochet Frog Pattern Free:

easy to make Frog Pattern Free

If you need a small frog that makes a big commotion, this Crochet Frog Pattern is the perfect addition to your toy collection. A fun and fast project that’s easy enough for beginners and kids, it requires only a few materials and no pattern experience. This sweet, easy-free pattern will look great on a shelf or in your hand as a rattle. The finished toy has plenty of character and will delight any child.

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Crochet Frog And Toad:

easy to make Frog And Toad

Designed to be a companion for the frog lovers out there, we have made your crocheting a cute frog even easier. With clear instructions and pictures showing how to complete each round, this pattern is excellent for both beginners and more advanced crocheters. This cute crocheted frog will delight little ones as they splash around in the pool or garden. This great pattern is packed with valuable tips and tricks, so even beginners will have great results.

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Crochet Frog Free Pattern:

Crochet Frog Free Pattern

Crochet this frog for your little one’s next playdate, or use it as a prop to teach them about frogs. The pattern is easy to follow and uses a large hook size, so it works quickly. Crochet Frog Free Pattern is an original and accessible design. So create your froggy friend, add big eyes and sew on a smile! This crochet frog pattern is for a beginner-level crocheter looking for a fun way to learn how to crochet a frog. It’s easy and fun to make and makes a great baby shower gift or birthday gift for kids.

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Small Frog Crochet Pattern Free:

Small Frog Pattern Free

Can’t stand the thought of another Christmas present? This is your answer! These tiny little frogs are quick to make and adorable. They’re big enough to inspire a smile from their new owner and small enough that they don’t end up in the bottom of a box for a year or two. Crochet with any yarn, any hook that gives you the effect you want – with this pattern, the choice is yours. These little frogs are so cute you’ll want one of your own as a friend. Use this pattern to make yourself some mini buddies.

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