DIY Chess Board Ideas

17 Creative DIY Chess Board Plans That Are Super Easy!

Making your chess board will be a great physical exercise, just like playing this popular game offers mental activity. So, find many affordable DIY chess board plans in this list with helpful video tutorials allowing many customization options to make every friendly night competition more enjoyable with something that displays your personal taste!

Customizable DIY Chess Board Ideas And Plans

DIY Chess Board Ideas 1

Chess provides a great challenge to make analyzed strategic decisions and helps sharpen your mind. But rather than buying a chess board kit for your home or office from the market, why not engage in a practical activity building own cutting just a square board, making the blocks, and shrinking?

Whether you want a horizontal or vertical chess board, classic wooden or shiny epoxy resin boards, 3D boards, or some funny, quick artistic designs for kids, a homemade DIY chess board never fails to mold into any of your likes that store models lack. Have you not found something around? You can even carve the chess board on an old table. You will improve your woodworking skills for most chess boards and save money.

Making A Chess Board With Easy Tutorial

Do you love chess? Many people do. This Making A Chess Board With Easy Tutorial video will show you how to build one that is both functional and beautiful. It also works as a cutting board if you are into that sort of thing. Use some veneers to make a checkerboard pattern, then have mitered frames around the outside to create a frame around the chessboard. Stain with dark walnut and given multiple coats of polyurethane for protection and durability.

Epoxy Resin Chess Set Tutorial

Great for chess players, this DIY Epoxy Resin Chess Set Tutorial video will teach you how to create a charming chess board made of epoxy resin. Learn how to make this unique chess set craft project with plastic and led light shine for a glowing effect! This project is a great way to show off your DIY skills as you create each piece – The led light shines, making this chess great for a night game or even a day game. The pattern and color choice are up to you!

Floating Chess From Wood And Epoxy

Do you love chess and want to buy a chessboard? Stay calm, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on a chessboard. This video will show you how to make your wooden chessboard with just two types of wood and epoxy resin! It’s a very simple project that you can customize as well as you like. Then decorate it with LED lights, and you end up with a unique chess board that is beautiful, practical and completely personalized.

Fun Chess Board Game

Fun Chess Board Game

This craft is one of the cutest things you can do to entertain your kids at home. They will love this game and will not notice how much they learn as they play with it. This Fun Chess Board Game project is also very flexible, as you can create different chess boards depending on your kid’s preference! All you will need is a piece of scrap fabric, a potato or other object to be used as the square stamp, colored rocks, and Sharpies to draw the chess pieces.


How to Make Chess Pieces

How to Make Chess Pieces

Chess is a great way to improve problem-solving and analytical thinking skills, and the homemade board makes an excellent gift idea! Your child will love this fun and creative How to Make Chess Pieces project that allows you to use nuts and bolts to build chess pieces. This project is simple and inexpensive and should take less than an hour to complete. The materials needed are inexpensive, so you don’t need to break the bank on this DIY gift idea.


1. DIY Chess Board And Checkers Set

DIY Chess Board And Checkers Set

This chessboard project is a great way to add creativity to your home. The first step involves assembling the box; after that, you can paint the ideal colours for your piece. Then choose your pieces and checkers and place them in their respective spots on the board. This DIY Chess Board And Checkers Set is a fun family project or good to do with friends! The project is some complicated than most, but it’s a fun challenge and very rewarding as the finished product will look awesome.

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2. DIY Chess Board With Rice

Chess is a game that requires skill and concentration but also needs a board. You can create your board home thanks to this DIY Chess Board project. This DIY Chess Board With Rice project will help you build a wonderful rice chessboard. You must calculate the amount of rice needed to know how big you want. It is extremely easy to make and requires minimal tools at home or any hardware store. The video guide has all the information needed to help you build one yourself!

3. Advanced DIY Chess Board

Advanced DIY Chess Board

Chess is an intellectually stimulating game that can benefit players of all ages. With the right set-up, you can transform your living room into a vibrant chess board and draw in friends to play with you regularly. Using simple DIY tools and materials, you can make this game to hang from the wall and have hours of fun playing with family and friends. This Advanced DIY Chess Board tutorial will teach you how to make your hanging chess board out of wood, paint, and stain. It features a classic design and easy-to-follow instructions.

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4. Vertical DIY Chess Board

Vertical DIY Chess Board

A chess board is an essential part of indoor games. It provides a set of guidelines and boundaries for your chess pieces. Create a beautiful and functional vertical chess board using this easy-to-follow Vertical DIY Chess Board tutorial. You can make your version or one perfect for the home décor in your favorite room. The incredible detail in the chess set piece design makes it an instant conversation piece that will last forever. This is made possible with plywood sheets and a jigsaw machine, which allows for cutting designs on the wood.

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5. Outdoor DIY Chess Board

Outdoor DIY Chess Board

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6. DIY Chess Board for Kids

DIY Chess Board for Kids

If you are thinking about a chess set for your child, here is a great DIY way to make one out of anything that can be used as a board, such as an old cutting board, piece of wood, or sheet metal. The kids will love it because they can create their chessboard and play with it! The DIY Chess Board for Kids tutorial is easy to follow, and anyone can do it creatively. It will be great for kids who love to play chess or make this as decoration in the house.

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7. Wood Carvers DIY Chess Board

Wood Carvers DIY Chess Board

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8. Garden DIY Chess Board

Garden DIY Chess Board

If you love playing chess but are tired of using the same table or square of grass to set up the board, this is the perfect project for you. You can create your outdoor chess board with just a few tools and materials and a little time and effort. You can create an outdoor chess board for your garden with little money and effort. This Garden DIY Chess Board will give you a unique way of entertaining guests and providing a wonderful focal point in your garden.

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9. Thrift Shop Cutting DIY Chess Boards

Thrift Shop Cutting DIY Chess Boards

Creating your own DIY Chess Board is a fun project that can bring out the carpenter in you. If you’re handy with tools, the process of creating your very own chess board is a simple one that requires only basic carpentry skills. The most difficult part of this project is selecting the right materials that best suit your budget and needs. To create your unique chess boards, you will require a foam brush, spray paint, sandpaper, a cutting board, chess pieces, rulers, and hand saws. And with these simple steps, you’ll have an elegant-looking wooden chess board before you know it.

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10. 3D DIY Chess Board

3D DIY Chess Board

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11. Laminated Pine DIY Chess Board

Laminated Pine DIY Chess Board

Add a bit of class to your game room with this handcrafted chessboard. The beautiful, golden-stained laminated pine blocks are perfect for any room in the house. Pine wood is perfect for woodworking projects because they are inexpensive, easy to work with, and stable. This DIY chessboard uses the same material. It’s quite fun watching the stain take on a lighter tone as it dries. This can be an excellent gift for your favorite chess player or even as a serving or votive tray if you’re not into chess!

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Solid Wood DIY ChessBoard

Solid Wood DIY Chess Board

This chessboard will beautify your home and make the most of any space, with easy DIY instructions that include all materials needed to give you a masterpiece in just 30 minutes. This awesome-looking chess set is made from high-quality Cherry and Norway Maple. With this Solid Wood DIY Chess Board, you can make it yours by selecting your favorite patterned veneer for the background. This is a solid wood chessboard that you can customize by yourself. It is also a great gift for chess lovers and players.

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