DIY Geometric Copper Coasters


Can we all agree the copper trend is just brilliant? Today I’m sharing a DIY to make these Geometric Copper Coasters. They look way more expensive than they are to make!

Here’s what you’ll need…..Copper-Coaster-DIY-Supplies


Begin by taping off the tiles to cover the areas you do not wish to spray. Painters tape is super as it wont leave any sticky residue or marks. I taped around the edges of my tiles too, as I wanted them to remain white, but you could make whatever shape you wish.Make-Your-Own-Painted-Coasters

Primer is essential for this surface as the spray paint will just slide around otherwise! Using light coats and allowing 30 minutes drying time in between coats, spray your tiles with a white primer. Ensure you are in a well ventilated area.

TIP: Place your object into a cardboard box before spray painting. It keeps it contained and you wont get spray paint all over your table/patio/slippers.


Once the tiles are covered in primer and are fully dry. Move onto the copper spray paint. Using the same technique, apply a few light coats until the colour has built to your desired amount.

I was a numpty and spray painted on a super windy day, so there were a few bits of grit caught in my project. I don’t think it notices too much in the final project, but just bear this in mind if you will be outside!


Once the spray paint is fully dry, peel off the painters tape and cut a square of felt which is ever so slightly smaller than your tile.Make-Your-own-copper-coasters

Using E6000 or another strong super glue, attach the felt squares to the base of the tile. Allow to dry overnight. The felt will form a nice base to prevent your coaster from scratching surfaces.DIY-Coasters-by-Claireabellemakes

An optional step is to add a coat of gloss Mod Podge to give your coasters a more durable finish.


I can’t decide whether to use mine for my new plant or for tea cups.

By the way, I’m determined to keep this peace lily plant alive after getting advice from a man called BASIL at the garden centre. He’s my new plant hero and his name is Basil so he must know his stuff right?!


I love these coasters! Probably because they are a spray painting project (my fave), but also because they fit nicely into my new copper obsession. I’m afraid there will be more to come on this topic, but I promise the cutest DIY so stay tuned!DIY-Geometric-Copper-Coasters

You can change this project for any colour spray paint. Which would you choose!? Don’t forget to share any makes with me on my social media links below.

Happy crafting!




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12 thoughts on “DIY Geometric Copper Coasters

  1. These would make such a nice present! 🙂 Look out family, you might all be getting coasters this year 😉

    It’d be nice to know the rough cost of the DIY – I really have no idea how much spray paint/tiles are!
    Sarah recently posted…Grace in Small ThingsMy Profile

    1. I was actually inspired to make these after a friend gifted me some handmade coasters for Christmas. So they definitely make a good gift 🙂 With regards to costs, all items are linked to where you can purchase, but I got the tiles as samples for 44p each and a can of spray paint is around £8-10. However, I definitely didn’t use the entire can (barely a third!) so I can use it for many more projects. Felt is around 50p a sheet. So I estimate each coaster is no more than £1 to make!

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