DIY Hall Tree Ideas

17 DIY Hall Tree Ideas For a Glossy Entryway + Tutorials (Easy!)

Building a DIY hall tree would be an affordable way to keep all your essentials organized and within easy reach while stylish handmade furniture welcomes the visitor classically and traditionally. So learn from these DIY hall tree ideas with video tutorials from the finest professionals for all skill levels to add personal beauty to the entryway.

Benefits of DIY Hall Tree Ideas

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Easiest DIY Hall Tree Ideas that offer great customization

You can make a small sitting spot, add hooks for accessories, little drawers or shelves, and even set a chalkboard for fun messages in these DIY hall trees. If you have your favorite decors, you can display them too! With a great range of features that can be included in a hall tree, you can skip any when making it your own. Making it yourself will help you save lots of money and look even better than the ones you buy, as they match your entryway layout.

Don’t worry if you have a little practice the carpentry because these guides are here to provide detailed instructions and suggest the best materials to build a DIY hall tree. Whether you choose a simple wooden DIY hall tree or something modern like a hall tree with a mirror, these plans are for you!

DIY Hall Tree From Old Door:

This tutorial shows you how to build a DIY hall tree from an old door and a few pieces of scrap wood. You will also need these supplies: 2x4s, hooks, nails, and good ideas! If you want to know how to do it step by step, watch the video and enjoy! To complete this project, you will need a few essential tools: A saw, drill, and screwdriver. You can customize it in any way you like it.

DIY Hall Tree With Cubbies:

This DIY Hall Tree with cubbies is a perfect mud room or entryway addition. It keeps your coats, shoes, keys, and bags off the floor while providing a place to sit while putting on your shoes.

DIY Narrow Hall Tree:

DIY Narrow Hall Tree

If you have a hallway with a tight fit, this narrow hall tree is the perfect solution. You don’t have to be a master builder to create a DIY Narrow Hall Tree even if you are new to the DIY world, this can be done on the weekend. Whether your hallway is large or small, there is room for an attractive hall tree to serve as an appealing storage solution. It’s also a great piece to accentuate your home’s decor, although it can also be used as a coat rack to beautify most of your space.

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DIY Hall Tree With Dresser Mirror:

This Hall Tree/Storage Bench DIY is a great way to maximize space in your entryway. Since hall trees can be expensive, why not build your own? Constructing a DIY Hall Tree with a dresser and mirror will require using a few old pieces, but you can purchase many of the supplies you need at any hardware store.

DIY Hall Tree With Bench:

DIY Hall Tree With Bench

This project covers everything from setting up the wood in your desired dimensions to drilling the holes for the dowel rods. While it may take some time to complete, this project is simple enough that most people can make it with only basic DIY skills.

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DIY Hall Tree With Storage:

DIY Hall Tree With Storage

Building a DIY hall tree is the perfect project to add stylish and functional furniture to your home. If you need more space, overhead closets are a great way to use the space that can’t be seen from the outside and requires no significant renovations. This DIY hall tree design will give you ideas on how to build a hall tree with storage. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the build, and each piece is made of simple materials found at any hardware store.

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DIY Hall Coat Rack With Bench

If you want a unique way to organize your coats and extra items, try this DIY Hall Tree Idea! It’s a great way to add organization to any room and is super easy to build. You can even customize it with your favorite colors or paint to match the updated look of your home. It only takes an afternoon to complete this project. It’s an excellent combination for hallways and mudrooms, especially if those are small. If you need more space, add another bench or create a larger version of this one by yourself.

 How To Make An Entry Bench

Create an entryway bench with this easy DIY tutorial. Watch as it shows you how to build your entryway hall tree in less than a day. This is an easy project that only requires basic woodworking skills, such as table saw and miter saw usage. The bench features three bins for shoes or other storage, plus a large flat surface for everything else. After watching the video and following step-by-step directions, you will have all the necessary components to make your entryway bench that everyone should envy!

DIY Modern Hall Tree Bench

DIY Modern Hall Tree Bench

A DIY modern hall tree bench is a great way to add storage and a coat rack to your entryway. This DIY project allows you to display your favorite artwork and lamps on the back panels, adding more design interest than a simple coat rack with hooks. This piece of furniture is perfect for the home, office, or studio. This easy-to-make, DIY modern hall tree bench is a great way to free up space in your hallway and get extra storage. It features three hooks and a place for your umbrella to keep everything in one place.

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DIY Hall Tree With Shoe Storage:

DIY Hall Tree With Shoe Storage

A hall tree, called a coat tree, is an excellent addition to any entryway. Whether it is contemporary or in the traditional style, this DIY guide shows you step-by-step how to build your very own customized hall tree with storage shelves and hooks. From top to bottom, this DIY hall tree will significantly impact your entryway or mudroom. Handling all of your favorite fall and winter accessories like hats, scarves, gloves, and coats comfortably and stylishly will be much more convenient with this piece!

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DIY Pallet Entryway Bench

Make your entryway beautiful and functional with this DIY Pallet Entryway bench. This is a great way to be eco-friendly and save money on building materials. This tutorial will show you how to build this entryway bench out of wood and a few salvaged pallets. This DIY entryway bench will be a great addition to your home since it’s so easy to make! Add coat hooks and a small shelf above for keys or hats. You only need basic carpentry skills and materials to start this DIY entryway bench project.

DIY Hall Tree Storage Racks

Add storage space to your entryway or mudroom with a DIY hall tree. This video will teach you how to make a hall tree storage rack. With this DIY furniture project, you can hang coats, hats, and bags on the hooks or use them for keys, umbrellas, and other small items in your entryway. This furniture makes an attractive addition to your home decor, and you can customize it with your choice’s stain or paint color.

Hall Tree Bench Build DIY

DIY Hall Tree Idea is a table with hooks, baskets, and shelves underneath. You can make one for yourself by watching this video. Use some reclaimed wood to make something unique for your home. This DIY hall tree bench will create a stylish and functional piece of furniture that will help you keep your hard-to-reach outerwear while adding a warm focal point to your home’s entryway. It’s a great use of reclaimed wood and will look fabulous in any space.

How To Make A Coat Rack Bench Hall Tree

Tired of wall hooks and shelves cluttered with coats and hats? The coat rack hall tree is the perfect solution. It offers lots of space to hang your coats and a spot to store your boots, hats and any other items you want to get out of the way. It’s almost like having an extra closet! Watch this video to learn what tools you need, and watch the step-by-step process to make one for yourself.

DIY Shiplap Hall Tree With Bench

DIY Shiplap Hall Tree With Bench

Have you been searching for hall tree design plans or storage ideas for your home? Here’s a super easy DIY shiplap hall tree with a bench that you can build in just one weekend! Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to build your Shiplap Hall Tree with Bench from scratch! You are good to go if you can screw in and hammer a few nails! It includes many shelves where you can add baskets to store some stuff. The bottom shelf is perfect for boots and shoes. And the top shelf will be handy for hats and coats.

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Pottery Barn Entry Hall Tree

Pottery Barn Entry Hall Tree

Let’s say you are a DIYer and want to make your Pottery Barn-style Entry Hall Tree. First, find the idea and then craft an excellent version. Or follow this guide step by step to have your beautiful entry hall tree in no time. This DIY project will be a beautiful addition to your home. A little time and some basic woodworking skills are what you need to create this adorable entryway bench, which also functions as a hall tree.

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DIY Hall Tree Bench:

DIY Hall Tree Bench

This detailed guide will help you determine the suitable materials to buy, plus give you some suggestions on what to do with your wood once you’ve got it! It will be the perfect addition to your entryway or mudroom, and it’s easy enough that anyone can do it! This DIY Hall Tree Bench provides a stylish alternative to the traditional coat rack and hooks. This piece, easy to make and even easier to put together, will surely be a DIY project favorite among your friends, family, and anyone else who sees it.

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