DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

This is the second DIY post in my friendship bracelet series. I hadn’t anticipated my DIY Chevron Pastel Friendship Bracelet post would be so popular, but it seems you all love a bit of nostalgic crafting! Once again I chose pretty pastel colours and added a dark pink.

Start by cutting 5 lengths of embroidery thread each around 30cm long. You can use more or less colours if you wish, but this will change the thickness of the bracelet. Tie a knot a couple of inches from the top & tape down.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

This bracelet uses the same knot repeated 10 times for each colour. The colour you are working with loops underneath all the other threads and back through the middle. Pull the thread up to the top. Be sure to keep the rest of the threads taut.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

TIP: If you want the colour blocks to be longer or shorter, just increase or decrease the amount of knots. Simple as that!

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

After 10 knots with the dark pink thread, change to the next colour, and then the next. You will notice that the knots start to spiral around.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

Continue the pattern until the bracelet measures 2-3 inches (but check on your wrist!). Plait the remaining thread at each end and knot to secure.

DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet by claireabellemakes

All done! Due to some follower requests, there will be a selection of friendship bracelets in my Etsy Shop shortly!

Have you done any nostalgic crafting lately?

claireabelle x

22 thoughts on “DIY Spiral Friendship Bracelet

  1. I felt very pleased with myself for mastering the last one so will be giving this a go too. Sometimes the most simple crafts really are the most satisfying. I got in a tangle at first because my threads were all wiggly, so I ran my hair straighteners over them and they behaved much better after that! x

  2. This post totally took me straight back to being a pre-teen sitting with friends and making hundreds of the things. What a nostalgia moment! Your posts/ideas are forming a little queue for me to try. The macaroons will be first to try though….

  3. Hey there!

    I just experimented with this pattern this weekend, and I think I found an easier way to do it…with four strands. Go back and forth knotting with two strands in each hand. For colors, I suggest you keep them in the same color family — the one I made today for my mom has burgundy and red as the first two strands, and kelly green and royal blue for the second two strands. It was so much fun to make, and only took an hour. (I make them super-long so they wrap around the wrist more than once.)

    Have fun!!! 😀
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