Last Chance – Claireabellemakes Shop Closing Sunday

After 7 years and my post announcing my shop closure, the time has finally come! The studio doors will close on Claireabellemakes on Sunday 24 March. It’s been a busy month filled with pink postal boxes and sacks of orders and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you for all your support – keep reading to see what’s left in the shop.

Closing Down Claireabellemakesf you fancy a little slice of Claireabellemakes positivity from the last of the stock, you can opt for a surprise bundle of goodies for just £10 or £20.

Each bundle will definitely contain a pin and a bicycle decoration, but the rest is a total surprise! Grab your bundle here before Sunday!Surprise Boxes for Claireabellemakes Closing SaleThe Enamel Bicycle pins are still in stock and just £4 each (includes free UK shipping). They have been one of the best sellers since they launched a few years back. Grab one here.

SHOP_ Claireabellemakes closing Sale bike pinsAnd don’t forget, you can stay subscribed to my blog and social channels to see what I get up to from now on!



Memory Keeping and Celebrating Individuality

In 2017 I decided to record a one second clip of my life every day. The goal was to capture a memory and create a video at the end of the year with all the clips together. At first it was a fun task, trying to find the best part of each day to film and by the end of the year it became a chore and I was starting to feel strange about how repetitive my life appeared to be through this project.

It wasn’t until 31 December 2017 when I created the year long video that I realised how great it was to look back on the year. There were sick days, bike rides, moments that scared me and far too many clips of the cat. Watching the video back gave me a sense of achievement and I realised that no matter how repetitive or ‘boring’ some days seemed, no one else would have a video like it and that it was completely individual.

Since 2018 began, I’ve been reflecting on the previous year (you can read my highlights post here) and thinking about what I’d like to achieve going forward. Naturally we are goal setters in our house and we really enjoy being productive. At least once a week we will have a ‘get shit done’ day where our productive mindsets spur each other on and we chat about personal projects and crack on with all the things we want to achieve.

Not everyone starts the year this way and that’s OK. Lots of people have the January blues and find it hard to get going. It is tax return month after all and like many I leave it til the last minute and procrastinate a bit! Some people like to leave their Christmas decorations up and keep the relaxed festive vibe going for as long as possible. And some people don’t enjoy the ‘new year, new you’ vibe and prefer to celebrate who they already are and focus on that instead.

What is great about life is that we can all chose our own mindset and approach to the new year. Individuality is what makes people interesting. I shared on Instagram stories recently that I had experienced a rather judgy week on social media with lots of people vocalising their opinions on how one should start the new year. My posts received so many responses that many of you felt the same frustrations as me and that you want to do your own thing.

My hope is that social media doesn’t become the place where we are told how to begin our year or live our best life. Not everyone has the confidence or self esteem to brush these kinds of things off. One person responded that they were worried about sharing their 2018 goals blog post for fear of judgement about goal setting  or ‘resolutions’.  (For the record they are planning to publish the post as it feels right for them). Another said she was leaving her Christmas decorations up for a while despite judgement and my response was ‘good for you’.

So the first week of January has been a strange one on social media. My plan is to be kind and to celebrate individuality. I have set goals for 2018 and I am pleased about that. If you haven’t and you are not going to – so be it! We are all different. However you choose to start the year, I hope it is happy and you make some good memories along the way.

I’ll be taking a break from the 1 Second Everyday app this year and starting a creative memory keeping journal. If you’re interested I’ll share some of it along the way.

How do you like to start your year?



Bank Holiday Happiness

Well would you believe it, it’s Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and the sun is shining! I’m looking for positivity this weekend after a tough week for our country. I’ll be spending time with friends, having a date night with G who has been away this week for work, and of course working on some new goodies for the shop!

This weekend I’m also having a sale in my Etsy shop yay! Just use the code MAYBANKHOL for 15% off everything. A great time to stock up on cards and gifts or maybe even a treat for yourself.SHOP- Bank Holiday sale & giveawayALSO I HAVE NEWS OF A GIVEAWAY! I have teamed up with the lovely folks at Sew Magazine for a big giveaway and I’m thrilled about it. There are 10 of the SEW necklaces up for grabs in their competition. All you have to do is complete this form to be in with a chance of winning one.
SEW-NecklaceWhat are you planning to do this weekend to stay positive? I better run, I’ve got to get to the post office and send out your lovely orders and of course grab a coffee to start my day. Happy weekend!



What’s Happening Around Here?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about the business and what direction I want to take it in. Thinking about what I value in life and who I want around me. Thinking about all the drama that has been surrounding blogging and social media. I thought I’d share what has been happening around here because I’ve come to some conclusions and it’s always helpful for me to write them here on the blog – my online journal if you like.


I want to do less to get more

I have decided to refocus Claireabellemakes to bring it back to what it originally was in 2012! Rather than doing all.the.things, I’m going to focus on products and the blog. That’s it. I’ve ended freelance contracts and finally made the decision to retire Cambridge Craft Parties. I did feel sad at first (because how much fun were they and who doesn’t love buying party supplies and creating with others?!), but I know it’s the right thing to do. They needed a lot of work to make them more profitable and in my heart I was more drawn towards designing products. That’s not to say I wont run workshops in the future, but it was time to say goodbye to the parties.

I’m not giving up freelance work all together, I’m just being way more selective and only working on things I really believe in and enjoy. I’m not going to lie, this part has been scary. Especially as it has meant letting go of income when the landlord just increased our rent!


I don’t want to stress about social media

There has been a lot of drama about social media lately (Instagram bots, algorithms, etc) and I kind of don’t care about it. I did join an Instagram pod because I was curious to see what would happen (I like experimenting), but actually I now use it to keep connected with my favourite creatives and I really don’t care about numbers or engagement anymore. I care that people enjoy my posts online and that maybe they will like my designs enough to purchase something. I care that I am part of a community that supports one another – I certainly don’t care about getting on the Explore page of Instagram or getting  a ‘blue tick’ to become verified. After all – what does that really mean? My main goal is to enjoy social media without analysing. It’s always been fun for me and I want to keep it that way.

I know why I am doing this and what I am now

Being reflective these last few months has reaffirmed why I want to have a creative job like this. Ultimately it’s to live a happy life and to make money. That’s it. I’m not looking for validation or for anything else – I just want to be creative and live a nice life. Pretty simple really.

I now feel like a designer maker. For years I didn’t want to use the term for myself and that’s OK. The imposter syndrome has left the building and I finally feel confident to tell people “I run my own business designing products and writing a creative blog”. Self doubt still happens every now and again, but it’s way less often now.

YAY Necklace

So what’s next?

I’m working on new designs. I’m streamlining the business as well as my physical ‘stuff’ in the studio. Doing fewer things means I can do them really really well. I’m working on wholesale plans. I’m working on a new website design with a shop. I’m meeting creative friends regularly. I’m creating community and attending face-to-face meet ups where I can.

In a physical sense, I’ve probably got less to show for my business since I quit my full-time job last Autumn. However, in an emotional sense, there is more clarity than ever. I just needed the head space and time to figure it all out.

I’m grateful I have had the chance to try so many things. It has helped me determine what I want my brand to be and I’ve learnt a lot. Letting the business evolve from nothing has been so valuable and I’m ready for the next steps now!

Wish me luck…..and thanks for reading my brain dump today 😉 What’s new with you?



Spring In Edinburgh

Following on from the Edinbugh from Up High walking post on Wednesday, I’m sharing some more places to visit in Edinburgh. We spent 4 days in the city and were incredibly lucky with the weather. It was so Spring like I got freckles! Here are a few things we got up to including some recommendations for the tastiest places to eat in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh-Airport Walking-Salisbury-Crags

Of course we did some really touristy things like visiting Edinburgh Castle. The views are great if you have a clear day and you can watch the 1pm canon being fired over the city rooftops each day except Sundays. Top tip – visit the whisky gift shop to find the Ludicrously Good Fudge. Totally amazing and worth breaking the diet for.

Edinburgh-Castle Edinburgh-Castle-Spring

One day we took a walk to Dean Village (needed to burn off the fudge) and wandered along the Water of Leith Walkway. On a sunny day this is so beautiful and I can imagine when the trees are leafy green it is even more picturesque. We walked home via Stockbridge to find a local food market and lots of places to eat and drink.


Water-of-Leith-Edinburgh Water-of-Leith-Walkway-Edinburgh

Beyond Dean Village, we also found the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art which had a lovely little cafe serving lovely BIG slices of cake. We didn’t stop here for long but I hope we can visit again.



We basically ate our way around the city enjoying haggis and even a deep fried mars bar for a novelty late night snack. Our friend took us to Urban Angel for one of the best brunches I have ever had. It gets pretty busy so we had to wait a while for a table but it was VERY good. They serve plenty of juices, fresh salads and cake too.


Other notable places to eat and drink were the hipster coffee shop Artisan Roast on Broughton Street, Civerinos Italian Street Food (never seen pizza like it) and El Cartel for the best tacos and enchilladas I’ve ever had.


Bars were a pretty cool affair in Edinburgh. The first was Panda and Sons which looks like an old school barbers shop from the outside. Head down a staircase and open a bookcase to find an underground bar. We also sampled some delicious cocktails at the Lucky Liquor Co which were topped with marshmallows and served alongside an Elton John album or two.

One last highlight was the Coco Chocolatiers shop which sells delicious handmade chocolate wrapped in the most beautiful paper packaging. We may have gone back for a second trip as it was that good and being a stationery geek I was really drawn in by the patterned papers. Totally going to be shopping via their online shop at Christmas time as I think their bars will make great gifts.

Coco-Chocolate-Shop-Edinburgh Handmade-Chocolate-Edinburgh Coco-Chocolate-selection Coco-Chocolate-Edinburgh

We had a fantastic time in the city and found the locals to be so friendly and helpful. This time I missed the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, but I think it might be worth a trip back up to Scotland to stock up on wool and maybe take a highlands road trip one day!

Oh and of course I did some bikespotting in Edinburgh! Not sure I could manage to cycle there with all those hills……