Guest Post: DIY Briolette Dangle Earrings

Happy Friday! It is the last post of my Share The Love series today and I’m excited. I came across local creative Nikki via her fab blog Bead It and Weep. Nikki shares jewellery and sewing tutorials, favourites in her music collection and snippets of her life as a mum.



These pretty earrings will give you the opportunity to learn a simple wire wrapping technique and I think they would make a great gift for mother’s day. I’ll hand over to Nikki now for her wonderful jewellery DIY!


You will need

  • x2 briolettes
  • x2 4mm round or rondelle beads
  • x 4-6 4mm jump rings
  • approx 1m 0.4mm wire
  • x2 ear wires
  • 30cm fine chain (I have 2 different types as I am using up leftover chain from shortening necklaces.)
  • x2 pairs chain nose pliers
  • x1 round nose pliers
  • x1 side cutters

 Step 1

Cut a length of wire approximately 45cm long. Thread on a briolette and slide it along about 5 cm.


Step 2

Bend the ends of the wire upwards and cross them over just above the top of the briolette.


Step 3

Keeping the wires crossed over bend the long end upwards and the short end to make a right angle with it.


Step 4

Wrap the shorter end of the wire a couple of times around the longer end. Push the end in using chain nose pliers if it is sticking out.


Step 5

Bend the wire at a 90° angle.


Step 6

Use one of the barrels of the round nose pliers to bend the wire around a create a loop.


Step 7

Wrap the wire around and around slowly moving down towards the briolette. You can be neat or messy depending on how you want your earrings to look.


Step 8

Wind the wire down so it covers the holes in the briolette and then wind the wire back up to the base of the loop. Trim any excess wire and press the end of the wire against the wrapping using a pair of chain nose pliers.


Step 9

Cut a length of chain about 3cm long and attach the loop on the wire wrapping to one end of the chain with a jump ring.


 Step 10

Cut another piece of wire about 5cm long and fold over one end to make a little ‘U’ shape.


Step 11

Thread on a 4mm bead and make a loop at the other end.


Step 12

Cut a piece of chain and attach it to the loop on the bead using a 4mm jump ring.


 Step 13

Attach the ends of the 2 chains to the loop on the bottom of the ear wire. Usually the loop can be opened with 2 pairs of chain nose if not attach them using a jump ring.


Step 14

Repeat to make another earring. Make sure you cut the chains the same lengths.


And now they are ready to wear!



Be sure to check out Nikki’s blog for even more Jewellery tutorials and why not follow her on Twitter too? I am looking forward to trying this DIY and it gives me a great excuse to visit the local bead shop. Thanks so much Nikki, it was a pleasure having you here today!



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Share The Love Giveaway Winner

I hope you have all enjoyed this Share The Love month! There is one more DIY guest blogger on Friday for you to enjoy, so do come back!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. It in a epic haul of prizes and I was super excited to draw the winner.


 Jenny – The String Empire!

I’ll be in touch by email to arrange your prizes. I’m so excited to be sending them to you!



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Guest Post: DIY Glitter “Hello” Wall Art

It’s Share The Love month, so you know what that means? Another Friday guest blogger!! This week it’s Sophie who has an amazing eye for DIY and a little obsession with glitter. So as you can gather, her blog is definitely in my reader.

I’ll pass you over to Sophie to show us how to make this awesome Glitter “Hello” Wall Art.


Hi everyone! I’m Sophie and I blog over at The Things She Makes. I’m a lover of making, creating, baking and coffee, by the bucket.

I’ve been reading Claire’s blog ever since I first joined the blogging world late in 2012 and I cannot tell you how hard it was to contain myself in the middle of the shop I was standing in when Claire messaged me about guest posting today. Inside, I was having a Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars moment whilst trying to keep cool about it and not write back immediately with ‘YES! WHEN? NOW?!’, before she changed her mind.

I sent Claire some ideas I could share today and with our mutual love of glitter, I was so happy she picked this wall sign for me to post. I really love glitter. It’s the best kind of problem and any excuse to use it, you can bet I’ll find it. This quick and easy project adds a bit of sparkle to my wall and also lets me use my other new best friend, foam!

I picked up this A4 sheet of gold glitter foam from The Range, but you can find similar sheets and a whole range of colours and sizes in most craft stores and now even the supermarkets are stocking a pretty good range [especially in the kids crafting section]. So whatever your space or colour scheme, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.


To create my template, I have not been blessed with the neatest calligraphy-style handwriting, so I used the help of my computer and typed my ‘hello’ in a font and size I liked, printing on to A4 paper and then cutting around the outlines to make my stencil:


On to the back of the foam, I traced the stencil reflected with a pencil:



…before cutting the main outline with scissors [fabric ones too – the shame!]



To cut the ‘e’, ‘l’ and ‘o’ details, I used a craft/cutting knife for accuracy – but if you don’t own one, the perfect substitute are small, sharp nail scissors that will do the job just as well [does my misuse of scissors make me the worst crafter in the world?]:



One of the best things about foam is that if you make a little mistake, or a cut that goes just a little too far, it all expands back in to shape, so no one will ever notice J

Once you’ve made your cuts, you’re done!



Hang or your wall, or over the eye hole in your front door with pride!


…at least I did, until someone asked me what ‘hella’ meant and I got the scissors out again to put that right:


Guaranteed to sparkle on the greyest day – I encourage you to embrace the glitter and foam and make one for yourself! I hope you do.


Thanks so, so much Claire for letting me post, I am truly honoured and excited to be on your blog.

Love, Sophie x


This DIY is definitely one for me to make in my new craft studio! If you fancy giving it a go, you can click the links above to get everything you need.*

Thank you so much Sophie, it’s been a pleasure having you here today. Now I demand everyone takes a peek at your blog The Things She Makes and I have to give you a slap on the wrist for using your fabric scissors 🙂



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Guest Post: DIY Fabric Clipboards

Happy Valentines Day! I am so super excited to introduce my next guest blogger for Share The Love month, it’s only Caroline from the fab fashion, crafts and nail art blog Burkatron!

So I shall hand over to Caroline to show us how to make these pretty Fabric Covered Clipboards.


Hi everyone! I’m a big fan of Claireabellemakes so I was really excited to do this post; thanks so much for having me Claire! I hope you enjoy this DIY as it’s really quick and easy (my favourite type of project!) I’ve just moved house and my new office space is chaos so I’ve been looking for ways of organising my desk more efficiently. I though this was a simple way to get on top of the clutter (wish me luck!) and use up some of my fabric off cuts in the process. You’ll need:

      • Clipboards
      • Fabric of your choice (make sure it’s large enough to cover your boards)
      • Scissors
      • Glue
      • A craft knife

Step 1, Grab your clipboards and fabric. I had some old ones to hand but they’re easily available in stationery shops. Fabric-Covered-Clipboards-1

Step 2. Measure out the fabric and cut to size. It needs to cover the whole clipboard so leave a good inch overlap to tuck around the sides.


Step 3. Now comes the fiddly part! You’ll need to cut a slit in the fabric to go over the clip, it’s not an exact science just keep snipping until you can fit the fabric over.


Step 4. Now use the blunt edge of your craft knife to ‘tuck’ the fabric under the metal clip. This took me a good few minutes but once it was all tucked under it held in place nicely… phew!


Step 5. Now the fun part, gluing! I’ve used spray glue to cover the front of the board but you can use regular craft/fabric glue (just make sure to apply it lightly so it doesn’t stain your fabric.) Press the fabric down and smooth out any air bubbles as you work towards the corners. Turn the clipboard over and glue the excess fabric down firmly to finish.


Step 6. Repeat the above steps to cover your next board; I’ve used a different fabric for my second one as I liked the contrast. Once they have dried you can start adding things to your new fabric clipboards!


I have a slight addiction to list writing so I’m pretty sure mine will soon be filled up with my daily ‘to do’ notes! You can also try mounting them onto walls- I think now I’ve made these I might make a few more for my kitchen and use them to display our shopping lists and postcards!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little project? If you want to come and say hello you can find me at 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Caroline x


I adore this! Thanks so much Caroline – practical and pretty, that’s my kind of DIY. 

Be sure to check out Caroline’s blog for loads more craft and style inspiration. I was lucky enough to bump into to her a couple of weeks back in Cambridge – meeting bloggers in real life is a weirdly exciting thing.



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*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates.

Claireabellemakes Share The Love Giveaway

As you know by now, it’s Share The Love month on the blog! Not only am I sharing some amazing DIYs from guest bloggers, I am also sharing my love for you with a MASSIVE giveaway! I really appreciate each and every one of you that reads this blog so I wanted to say “Thank You” with some Valentines treats worth a total of £100!


So let’s cut to the chase and let you know what these amazing prizes are……..all hand selected by me. Please note that due to postage, this giveaway is only available to UK entrants, but overseas readers can take advantage of a coupon code for my Etsy store – all detailed below!

The prizes include:

A hand crocheted heart garland from Pattern Piper (please check out her Etsy store!!)
Retro mobile phone attachment
Bicycle print scarf
Measuring cup set for baking
Hand crocheted (by me) heart coffee cup sleeve
Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot cup and saucer
Simple Printmaking book
Lollies (because we all love sweets, right?!)

A selection of Clairebellemakes Accessories:

A one-off Valentines Fabric Brooch Pin
Personalised Scrabble Keyring
Mint coloured Bicycle Bracelet
Limited edition Fabric Button Ring
Limited edition Heart Macrame Bracelet
Kate Spade Inspired Rope Bracelet
Singer Sewing Machine Pendant


This garland is made with gorgeous cotton yarn and is extremely soft.


I actually have a set of these baking cups and I love using them.


I also have one of these scarves – what me? Obsessed with bicycles?! Never!


I also have one of these (seeing a theme here) and it’s completely silly but so fun to mess about with at home. You can use it with your mobile and computer for Skype/Face Time.

If you win and you are brave enough to use this in public, I want a photo.


A wonderful book which shows you how to’s for many printing techniques.


All the accessories are handmade by me.



The Valentines Heart pin is one of a kind.


I picked this Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot set from their cup and saucer range just for you guys.Emma-Bridgewater-Breakfast-Cup-And-Saucer

So that’s it! Hopefully I’ve remembered everything. Here’s how to enter:

Compulsory to enter – both 1&2

1) Follow this blog either via WordPress, Blog Lovin’ or by email sign up in the right hand column. These are the only ways I can see you are following.

2) Comment on this blog post and share the love by telling me your favourite blog.

Additional Entries – 3 or 4

3) Share my giveaway on Twitter and make sure to tag me @claireabellemks and use the hashtag #ShareTheLove

4) Repost my giveaway image on Instagram and make sure to tag me @claireabellemakes and use the hashtag #ShareTheLove

Terms and Conditions

  • The giveaway is open to UK residents only (sorry!)
  • Both steps 1 & 2 must be completed for a valid entry
  • All entries will be collated when the giveaway closes on Monday 24 February 2014 at 5pm GMT
  • A winner will be chosen at random and is expected to respond by email within 7 days. If no response is received, another winner will be drawn

If you are an overseas reader please take advantage of the coupon code SHARETHELOVE for 25% off when shopping in my Etsy store. This is only valid for non-UK orders.

Good luck everyone. Toodles!

Update: This giveaway is now closed.


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