What kind of crafter are you?

Rather than sharing my few makes this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about crafting and have been in a reflective mood. An experience I had on Wednesday evening got me wondering about what kind of crafter I am.


Let me begin with some background information. You may or may not know, that this year I’ve been struggling with migraines on a whole new level and occasionally anxiety (although this is way better than it used to be). On top of this, I graduated with a masters, started this blog, opened my Etsy store and have been a founding member for a HUGE Women’s Institute (WI) group in my city. Having problems with my health has prompted me to review the last six months and look at what I’ve achieved, what I enjoy and where I want to go. I know I need to work towards wellness.

This week our WI group had a fantastic meeting with 150 members congregating for a style evening including a philosophical talk on the meaning of beauty, a shoe photography session and craft tables to make brooches. All things I was excited about.

However, when I went to participate in the activities the anxiety crept in. The room was crowded, noisy and bustling. It was positive and clearly a sign of a great WI meet, but I felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t block out any background noise to listen to the talk, I didn’t much fancy having a photograph taken and I felt claustrophobic and hemmed in at the craft tables. Nobody contributed to this feeling, this was my issue.

I wanted to craft. There was crochet, sewing and plenty of fabric to play with. Usually this would be my idea of heaven, but all I could do was occupy the most open space possible and talk to one or two people at a time. When I got home I thought about why I felt this way. I looked in the mirror and I was pale and white as a sheet. I wondered if my new migraine meds had made me irritable through broken sleep.

I didn’t need to come to a conclusion there and then. But, I did wonder if I’m just a solo crafter. Maybe I just don’t work well in large busy groups all crafting at once. I prefer small calm groups with quiet space. I guess there is nothing wrong with that; I’m just a more peaceful maker and perhaps a bit of a control freak. The need for space was a strong feeling.

Every now and again I host a craft evening with friends at my house. I love these evenings as we share skills, supplies and catch up. So it’s not like I hate crafting with others! Last night I made plenty. I sat quietly at home by myself with my jewellery supplies and built my craft fair and Etsy store stock.

I haven’t written this blog post for sympathy, but purely to share my thoughts and reflect. I’m still on my creative journey and may never be able to define what kind of crafter I am, but for me it is important to at least think about it and challenge myself from time to time.

What kind of crafter are you?



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