Scrabble Word Art Commission

This week I’ve been working on a super lovely commission for a wedding, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Kate (who runs Daphne Rosa) wanted a special gift for her friends wedding. The groom actually proposed on a Scrabble board! So, I worked with Kate on some ideas and this is the final gift!

The Scrabble word art spells out three locations that matter to the happy couple; where they had their first date, where they were engaged and where they are to be married. The background of the frame is love heart fabric.



Super pleased with how it turned out. What do you think? I wonder if I should start doing small frames for the Etsy store? It was a lot of fun working with so many Scrabble tiles and deciding on a layout.

If you are interested in a custom order, please contact me via social media or email using the buttons at the top of my sidebar. I love a good challenge!

Be sure to check out Kate’s gorgeous work too, especially if you are planning a wedding or Spring/Summer party!



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Jewellery Inspiration

I’m feeling pretty inspired to make some new lines for my jewellery and accessories ranges lately and I’m really feeling the love for handmade talent. So today I’m going to share with you my favourite handmade jewellery finds from around the web. All are featured on my Jewellery and Accessories Pinterest Board.
Onetenzeroseven Tea Lover Necklace

OnetenzerosevenMe and Zena Pencil Ring

Me & ZenaLepun Envelope Ring

LepunFinest Imaginary Name Necklace

Finest Imaginary

I actually got my very own “Claire” necklace and the quality is superb.

Honestly WTF DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet

Honestly WTF

Biribis House and Tree Crochet Ring

Biribis on Flickr

I urge you all to look at the gorgeous creations of Biribis – there are loads more items and all just as cute!

This week I relisted a ton of items in my Etsy store. Click the image below to see the full range. I’m pretty excited about some new lines coming in June too so watch this space!

Claireabellemakes Etsy

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Ask Me Anything: The Answers (Part II)

Happy Friday! I’d like to extend a special welcome to my new followers who have joined us following my Crafty Giveaway.

Last week I challenged you to Ask Me Anything. Part I was great fun to write, so today I am sharing Part II.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa – so my question is have you even been? (Shani)

I have never been, but it looks beautiful! It’s one of the places to visit that is on my list, along with China, India, Vegas and many more. I should get saving 😉

World Map Print


Do you have any funny school stories? (Crafts from a Ravenclaw)

Hmm this is a hard question for me as I have a terrible terrible memory from my school days. I do remember playing a lot of outdoor rounders and hopscotch as a kid and pressing flowers and making perfume. We used to try and sell the perfume to our Mums but it smelled awful!

What craft (or technique) haven’t you tried that you would like to?
Only one craft for the rest of your life – pick one! (Not So Granny)

I am super excited about a screen printing course I have booked in a couple of months as it has been something I have wanted to try for a while. However, I’d also love to try lace making as it is so intricate and has a historic element. I love the idea of traditional crafts such as willow weaving too. So many!

Gosh one craft for the rest of my life………I think it would have to be crochet and I’m not just saying that as I learnt from you!! It has endless possibilities for creativity and I love yarn shopping/squishing. Yarn squishing is a thing, right?!

Learning to Crochet by claireabellemakes

I want to have 2 lamas and spin their wool!!! Can you remember when you first took the plunge to sell your own goods? (Little Poppits)

It was only in the last year! I started making accessories for people as gifts and I realised that I should set up an online store as I was inspired by so many others selling their creations. Finding a way to make a business out of my love for fabric, buttons and accessories was very exciting!

Claireabellemakes Etsy

How important is sponsoring other blogs in relation to selling on Etsy? (The Dusty Attic)

Good question! I make a point of sponsoring one blog per month and select one with a readership that fits my target market. I haven’t always got it right in the past – even sponsoring some big blogs didn’t generate traffic and sales, so I try to think carefully about it. I check my Etsy stats regularly to see how people found my shop, but I’m still working on how to translate more visits into sales!

I also think it is important to support other bloggers through sponsorship as for some people that is their income stream. One blog I like to support often gives all her sponsorship fees to charity which I love the idea of.

Do you follow a set process from design to finished product or do you make things off the cuff? (Pattern Piper)

I do plan a design beforehand and always always product test as I would hate for the standard of the product to be below par. For example, I experimented with the blank scrabble tiles and patterened paper to create a unique jewellery piece, but the end result wasn’t as I expected it would be. I definitely plan time for exploring the creative process, but equally I have produced designs off the cuff before and they have sold like hot cakes!

Handmade Scrabble

If you could have a career doing anything you liked (money no object) what would you choose to do and why? You can choose more than one thing if you like, because I’m feeling generous :p (Hook Line & Sink Her)

Hard question, thanks Katie! I would love love love to run a craft space/tea drinking emporium/cat cafe. That would be my most favourite place to be, so I could imagine it would be a fun place to work. I would have lots of lose leaf teas on offer, yarn ball pits for people to lay in, cats to cuddle and glue guns ready. There would be CAKE. Tammy could get all the hugs she needed.


So there you have it! Enough about me for the time being I think……

Thanks SO much for all your wonderful questions and for being so very kind to me. I was secretly scared that someone would ask me a horrid/scary question but you were utterly super! I hope you enjoyed being a bit nosey 😉

Back next week with the last of my April giveaways on Monday. It’s craft related (of course) and very exciting!

Happy Weekend!


Instalife: February

Where did February go? I’m already collating Instagram pictures and it seems like January only just began! I had a quiet month of taking more time for myself and my health did improve slightly, yay!

I haven’t had a big migraine since the beginning of February, so that’s something, but I have felt very fatigued which has been hard. In March I’ll go to London to see the specialist  again so I’m feeling a bit more positive.

Anyway, you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to, so here is my Instalife round up for February.

Baking February Macaron making with Dizzy / The finished treats 

Home made Sweet Potato Crisps / Thorntons Dessert Chocolates = AMAZE

Cambridge February Cambridge looking pretty at sunset / Pink bicycle on the market square

Preparing for #SheepishHeartBomb / My finished yarn bomb garland

Craft February

Evening jewellery making / New wooden stamp set

Cute new elephant print fabric / Amazing sewing themed buttons

Life February

Tea time for one / Daffodil blooms to will Spring to arrive

Snuggles with Tammy / Valentines outfit

What did you get up to in February? If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, you can find me under Claireabellemakes.


What kind of crafter are you?

Rather than sharing my few makes this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about crafting and have been in a reflective mood. An experience I had on Wednesday evening got me wondering about what kind of crafter I am.


Let me begin with some background information. You may or may not know, that this year I’ve been struggling with migraines on a whole new level and occasionally anxiety (although this is way better than it used to be). On top of this, I graduated with a masters, started this blog, opened my Etsy store and have been a founding member for a HUGE Women’s Institute (WI) group in my city. Having problems with my health has prompted me to review the last six months and look at what I’ve achieved, what I enjoy and where I want to go. I know I need to work towards wellness.

This week our WI group had a fantastic meeting with 150 members congregating for a style evening including a philosophical talk on the meaning of beauty, a shoe photography session and craft tables to make brooches. All things I was excited about.

However, when I went to participate in the activities the anxiety crept in. The room was crowded, noisy and bustling. It was positive and clearly a sign of a great WI meet, but I felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t block out any background noise to listen to the talk, I didn’t much fancy having a photograph taken and I felt claustrophobic and hemmed in at the craft tables. Nobody contributed to this feeling, this was my issue.

I wanted to craft. There was crochet, sewing and plenty of fabric to play with. Usually this would be my idea of heaven, but all I could do was occupy the most open space possible and talk to one or two people at a time. When I got home I thought about why I felt this way. I looked in the mirror and I was pale and white as a sheet. I wondered if my new migraine meds had made me irritable through broken sleep.

I didn’t need to come to a conclusion there and then. But, I did wonder if I’m just a solo crafter. Maybe I just don’t work well in large busy groups all crafting at once. I prefer small calm groups with quiet space. I guess there is nothing wrong with that; I’m just a more peaceful maker and perhaps a bit of a control freak. The need for space was a strong feeling.

Every now and again I host a craft evening with friends at my house. I love these evenings as we share skills, supplies and catch up. So it’s not like I hate crafting with others! Last night I made plenty. I sat quietly at home by myself with my jewellery supplies and built my craft fair and Etsy store stock.

I haven’t written this blog post for sympathy, but purely to share my thoughts and reflect. I’m still on my creative journey and may never be able to define what kind of crafter I am, but for me it is important to at least think about it and challenge myself from time to time.

What kind of crafter are you?



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