This blog is no longer being updated with new content (October 2020) 

The Claireabellemakes blog was initially started to interact with my customers, but has since grown in popularity and become a for-profit venture, earning me some money toward my small business. Here’s how I work with other bloggers and brands:

Guest Posts and Sharing

All content on this blog is written by me unless marked as “Guest Post” in the title. I am not accepting guest posts at this moment in time.

If you wish to share any DIYs or content from this blog, please do so by sharing a link and one image from the post. Please do not repost any content. All images are taken by me on my Canon 1200D unless otherwise stated.

Giveaways and Competitions

From time to time I will host giveaways and competitions on the blog. Some prizes are sent to me by brands, but most are purchased by me. I love to get my readers involved in competitions, especially DIY ones!

Product Review 

From time to time, I will review products I have been sent by brands and companies. I say no to these requests more often than I say yes! I will only accept a product for review if it fits with my blog themes (craft, interiors, stationery, bikes etc). Most importantly, I will only accept a product if I think YOU the readers would like to know about it. In addition, I also receive products to use as part of DIYs and craft projects. Any item that is sent for review/project use will be highlighted as such in the footer of the post.

I will also review products that I have purchased myself on a regular basis.

Affiliate Links and Ads

Some posts may contain affiliate links. This means that I make a small commission (pennies!) if a reader clicks on an item and makes a purchase. I will only link to products I would recommend or actually use and not all linked products will be affiliate links. Sidebar banners are usually affiliate links or ad spots arranged on an individual basis.

Sponsored Content

Like product reviews, I sometimes work with brands on sponsored content. This means I have received a payment to write a post which includes a reference to their company or product. I will only ever work with brands I truly believe in and that I think my readers will enjoy.

Any post that has been sponsored will be highlighted as such in the footer of the post.