Flit – The Lightweight Folding Electric Bike

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Gemma at Flit to try out the prototype of their new lightweight folding electric bike. I met Gemma in my previous life on the craft market scene, so we had a good old catch up before I was whizzing along the guided busway in Cambridge and geeking out about the features of the bike with her.


Image by Flit

As much as I love nipping around town on Florence, I had been considering getting a road bike this year. However, a folding bike has always been something I had considered for commuting. The Flit is so lightweight and with a rolling motion of the back wheel plus a couple of twists on the front, means it is so easy to fold!

As I mentioned, I geeked out with Gemma about the stats and discovered the Flit can travel up to 40km on a single charge which takes 3 hours! So what was it like to ride my first folding bike and more importantly, my first e-bike?!

Image by Flit

I loved it! The speed is controlled using a simple button on the handle bars and you definitely feel it when the assist kicks in! I reckon I could half my commute time with the Flit – that’s if Cambridge traffic would allow me to really get going.


The prototype I tried was this gorgeous minty colour – I’d say Cambridge Blue really. I believe the final product might have some minor changes such as changing the matte finish and some of the aesthetic details.¬†Flit-Bike-Folding-Bicycle-Details

The battery sits in the bar underneath you, so it’s all contained neatly in the bike, with no need for external attachments. Nifty!Folding-Electric-Bike-Cambridge

The team at Flit are planning to launch on 30 July 2019 via a Kickstarter campaign. You can sign up for updates on their website here.

It was so ace to see what a Cambridge bike start up can produce after 3 years of hard work. Do help spread the work for their campaign if you can! Here’s a quick video of me whizzing along ūüôā

Tourist In Cambridge #10 – Wisteria Hysteria

It’s time for another post in the long running series – Tourist in Cambridge. This week the weather has been glorious in between storms, so I got out on my bicycle Florence to get in on the wisteria hysteria!

It’s a picture heavy post today, but I couldn’t help myself. Cambridge in the sunshine is just too good.Wisteria-Covered-Houses Cambridge-Wisteria-Spotting Cambridge-Houses-With-Wisteria I think due to the long winter we had, the wisteria season has been much shorter and also less ‘full’. I tend to visit the same spots each year and there definitely wasn’t as much in bloom.¬†Sidney-Sussex-College-Cambridge Christs-College-Cambridge Cottages-and-Bicycles-Cambridge Wisteria-Doorways-Cambridge I couldn’t help doing a little bike spotting too – especially as this one was wisteria coloured!Lilac-Bike-Spotting-Cambridge We visited this wisteria covered cottage for the Cambridge Creatives Photowalk¬†last April and it looked so different! It’s much greener this year and definitely has less flowers.¬†Bicycles-and-Wisteria-Cambridge Florence-Bicycle Spring-Time-In-Cambridge The meadows are also looking super pretty with lots of buttercups among the cows. The long evenings have been so nice, perfect weather for riverside walks and hanging out in the hammock.Buttercup-Meadows-Cambridge Bicycles-and-Meadows-CambridgeThis summer I’m planning to use this book to explore more of the city and to see if I can find some more gems I haven’t discovered yet! Even after 12 years here, I love playing tourist. Especially when it involves ice cream ūüôā




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New In Store: Wheelie Festive Bikes

I’m so excited to share my latest product with you today! The Wheelie Festive Bikes have arrived in store and it’s making me want to put my Christmas decorations up now! The wooden bicycle decorations are laser cut and hand painted, then finished off with a complimentary twine for hanging.

Available in 5 colours; red, white, gold, silver and plain wood. You can buy them individually or as a set of 5 where you can mix and match to suit your colour scheme.

I am so happy to finally share these with you after lots of hard work and prep in the studio. They will be available at all my Christmas markets this year too along with another very exciting product which I hope to launch soon.


See, I told you it would be super festive around here!



Tourist In Cambridge #8

Today’s blog post is also known as “Wisteria hysteria and the day of bike spotting”. Spring in Cambridge is the perfect excuse for me to take a cycle around the city with my camera for another post in my¬†Tourist In Cambridge¬†series.

The wisteria around Cambridge is abundant this year – it covers the pretty cottages and terraced houses, and even appears on some student accommodation. This post took quite a while to shoot as there were so many people stopping to take photographs of this mound of wisteria!
Florence-Bicycle-Wisteria Wisteria-Topped-Cottages

The sunny skies made for a beautiful backdrop and of course there were lots of bikes around as well as Florence who is still modelling her basket tassels.

Cambridge has so many green spaces and the cows are back on the common! They are so friendly and often create traffic by wandering across the cycle paths. It’s a sign that summer is on the way in the city.Midsummer-Common-Cows

Bike-Basket-Satchel Bicycles-and-Wisteria-In-Cambridge

There’s always a good door or two to enjoy as well.
Cottages-in-Cambridge Cambridge-CottagesMy favourite bikes to spot are Pashley and Bobbin. They have so many beautiful colours and styles. The new range of University of Cambridge Bobbin bikes are so classy, especially the 3 speed chrome paint ladies bike.Pashley-Bicycle-Cambridge Wisteria-Cottages

I’m definitely enjoying looking at the wisteria hysteria hashtag on Instagram lately!Wisteria-Close-UpMy red Cambridge Satchel Company¬†batchel is the perfect bag for cycling as it fits in my basket and can also been worn across the body when I’ve got too many groceries.

I can’t wait for Spring to turn into summer. We’ll be punting, kayaking, having picnics and taking long bike rides along the river. It’s the perfect place to be.



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Rose Gold Enamel Bicycle Pins

I’ve been teasing all of you on social media, but now I’m super excited to announce that the¬†Rose Gold Enamel Bicycle Pins are in store now!! The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the pins are designed from my wonderful logo which was illustrated by my pal Jojo Rickart. They have turned out SO CUTE!


Each pin is 22mm and made from soft enamel with a rose gold finish. I’m so pleased with them!¬†Outsourcing manufacturing for a product is always a little scary, so I’m happy they’re as I imagined¬†them in my head.

Grab yours for ¬£7 with free postage and packaging in the UK. Soon I’ll be updating the shop so that all products delivered within the UK have free delivery because why not?!


Did you miss the Glitter Pin launch last week? I took them on an outing for some TV filming with Crafty Beggars last week and they went down a storm. More on this soon I promise!

This month I’m hopefully going to be working on some Scrabble inspired necklaces and some exclusive ranges for a wholesaler. Sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know about new product launches!


Thanks for all your support lately – it hasn’t gone unnoticed!