Year Of Claire – October & November Update

Time for another life recap for the Year of Claire! October and November were busy months with big changes and a hectic work schedule. Here’s a round up of what I got up to…

In early October I attended the opening launch of the new Miller Harris fragrance store in Cambridge. An absolute visual merchandising dream – colourful interiors and dreamy scents, I completely fell in love with the brand! All the scents are unisex and I was kindly gifted their best seller Scherzo to try. I think it is the best scent I have ever tried, they are all so unique and beautifully packaged.

October was a month for a few treats by the way of pretty flowers and chocolate treats from the famous George’s Bakery. I also visited my favourite colourful wall in Cambridge which is home of the delicious burgers from indie food legends Steak and Honour. Lastly, I got a daith piercing to see if it would help the migraines. Soon after I had a 3 week vertigo attack and a terrible migraine weekend, but since then things have been much better! My hearing has also been a bit of a struggle lately, but I’m learning to tell people and try not to visit super noisy places as often these days.

Autumn arrived in Cambridge with plenty of blue skies, pretty leaves and frosty mornings. I planned to take a little photowalk around the city to shoot some red ivy on the beautiful buildings, but life got in the way and I just managed these snaps on the way back from the gym or on my cycles to work.

Halloween at my office is a big deal and this year my team and I dressed up as scary clowns! We had a lot of fun and even had a power cut at work that day. Work has been really great in general and I’m thoroughly enjoying the day job. We’ve had a huge office fit out project to work on with builders and designers, so coordinating lots of different elements for that has been busy and fun. The design elements have been really interesting, especially the flooring, moss walls and plants.

At the beginning of November, I finally left my house share of 9 behind and moved into a new flat with one person. Em and I are delighted with our new pad! I’ve been enjoying the bath lots and I did a lot of flat pack with gin when I moved in. I promise it isn’t too wonky! We love making the new place our own and I’m so grateful to have left the traffic noise and the main road behind.

Even though it has been a busy couple of months, I did a few crafts when I could find time. A blanket I made my niece 3 years ago needed a little repair and I started a denim skirt at the Sew Cam social sewing day.

I also spent a weekend with family for a 70th afternoon tea party and took some time to see my Grandad in his new care home. He has Dementia and Parkinsons, so it is not always easy to visit him, but the care home is lovely and I am lucky to still have a grandparent at my age!

Talking of age, I celebrated my 36th birthday with friends, cake, cider and greek gyros for dinner at my favourite bar Thirsty. It was a nice evening to reflect and despite all the difficult times I’ve had, I felt so much happier this birthday in comparison to last year!

The last weekend of November was spent in Brighton enjoying the winter sunshine, the upside down house, the beach and plenty of good food. Despite losing my watch and having a few panic attacks whilst I was there, it was a nice weekend and felt good to escape Cambridge for a couple of days.

I also visited the Brighton Etsy Made Local market and the Cambridge Made Fair in the same weekend. Although I felt a little sad not to be selling this year, it was super to catch up with creative pals and to start my Christmas shopping. Work has been so manic this year that I am waaaaay behind!

So, a very busy couple of months for work and life but fun all the same! I can’t believe in just 1 month the Year of Claire will be over and we will be entering a new decade….

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