September SUP Fun

Have you ever taken up a new hobby and wondered why you hadn’t done it sooner? Stand up paddleboarding is that hobby for me. In February I took a couple of private lessons (in the cold and wind) and since then I’ve enjoyed getting out in the warmer weather to enjoy the river in Cambridge. It’s been a really sociable sport for me, and something which has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped my mental health too.

One of the places to SUP in Cambridge is Milton Country Park located to the north of the city. Even though they run a SUP course, I hadn’t ever ventured to the lake to paddle before. I sometimes take lunchtime walks in the park as it is near my office and often see people enjoying open water swimming, fishing and SUP.

I met up with a few local blogger friends to have a quick start session as none of the girls had tried SUP before. The weather was a little windy and chilly, but we popped on our layers and headed to the lakeside. I always say Cambridge is a small city and as soon as I saw the instructor was an old colleague of mine, I knew we would be in great hands!

I paddled off ahead to get a feel for the lake and board, whilst the girls got to grips with paddling on their knees and then confidently standing up in no time at all.  We played games of world domination (a tag based game), learned some turning techniques and even tried a few yoga poses on our boards.

It was awesome to see how quickly everyone picked it up and how the smiles came out in an instant. Seeing others enjoy SUP never fails to make me happy because it has been such a revelation for me too. I took my waterproof phone case and managed to get lots of snaps of the fun.

Lauren / Rachael

Jen / Kelly / Jess

Towards the end of the session, I encouraged the girls to lay back on their boards and take a minute. I had been experiencing anxiety all week and being there with them in that moment just made me feel so content and calm I wanted to share it with them!

I was really psyched to be able to try out some different boards during the session too, firstly a Jobe…..

… then a Red which I loved! Hopefully at some point I’ll have my own board and paddle and will be able to get out in my own time.

Our Cambridge blogger scene is so encouraging and supportive, it felt like such a positive morning and a great activity to do together!


I’m a bit sad the warm weather SUP season is coming to an end, but maybe I’ll get out with a wet suit and tackle the autumn winds soon!

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