3 DIYs For Uni-ball Pens & a Giveaway!

If you have watched this video on my YouTube channel, you already know about my rainbow pen obsession. So when uni-ball got in touch to ask me to share their new uni-Posca Pastel Packs, I couldn’t resist. Each pack contains Pastel Posca PC-5M pens (the paint pens that write on a ton of surfaces) and uni-ball Signo Pastel Ink pens – the dreamiest of gel pens!

BLOG- Uniball Pen DIYs and giveawayThe signo gel pens have an amazing pigment – I love love love these pens and have used them constantly since they arrived. Posca paint pens are my go to for chalkboard writing and ceramics too.
Uni-Ball-Posca-Pens-Pastel-PackJust look at these colours!

The first project I used the pens for was a Bullet Journal page. I like to have a section on each weekly spread to doodle something that happened that week. I had seen a double rainbow on my trip to the craft store this week, so the pens were the perfect colour palette. Bullet-Journaling-Doodles-Gel-Pens

Using the gel pens in my bullet journal has been great as they dry quickly and do not show through each page.Pens-for-Bullet-Journaling

The next DIY was to decorate some pen and plant pots with the Posca paint pens. I went for a sprinkles pattern on this pot which is now holding all the pens too.DIY-Decorated-Pen-Pots

The paint pens dry pretty quickly too and you can build the colour by adding a second or third layer once dry. Posca-Paint-Pens-Projects

I also decorated these two cacti plant pots with a striped design.
Decorated-Plant-Pots-Paint-PensDIY-Painted-Plant-PotThe final DIY was to make some labels for my craft storage drawers. The gel pens were perfect for this, so I used gift tags and two colours on each one. Uni-Ball-Pastel-Gel-pens

These drawers are so deep I can fit tons in and now I know exactly what is in each one. I got them from Amazon from this seller if you’re interested. Shelving-Labels-UniBall-Pastel-Gel-Pens

The lovely people at uni-ball have provided a pack of the Posca and Signo pens for one UK reader, so you can try out some DIYs.DIY-Painted-PotsJust enter on the widget below to be in with a chance of filling up your pen stash! And if you win, you have to tag me in a post so I can see how you are using them 🙂 please note that the giveaway is open to UK readers only (sorry!).Uni-ball-Signo-Pastel-Gel-Pens

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Good luck!



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162 thoughts on “3 DIYs For Uni-ball Pens & a Giveaway!

  1. I presume we’re talking about goals for 2017..? Must admit I really do not have any special goals this year, just keep healthy and happy 😉

  2. I love ALL the stationary but I am especially partial to the way a felt tip feels on paper! I also love my ceramic majestic dog stapler, it’s utterly ridiculous but it’s super fun!

  3. My current favourite stationery item is a set of Livework ‘Color on color’ pens. Pretty on the outside and they are great for jazzing up my BuJo!

  4. Posca pens are amazing! Because I’m a bit of a pen fan my favourite stationery right now is the faber castell Pitt pen with a brush tip, they glide across the paper!

  5. My favourites are definitely all my pencils, one for every occasion and then some! i even took a picture of some of them for the new issue of LDC girlplanet <3

  6. I really love my watercolour pencils – not great for my bullet journal because they leak through, but great for single sided pretties

  7. My favourite stationery item is my Happy Planner! I love it! I also love my rounded corner punch. Once you start using it, everything has to have rounded corners. It’s so addictive!

    Where did you get your storage boxes from? They’re lovely!

  8. At the moment it’s my Christmas planner! I’m having great fun putting in stickers for when I think I should be doing things and small sticky notes for when we’re already booked up to be going out. I just need to find some nice big festive sticky notes for gift idea’s and actually take pen to paper in it instead of just sticking things down 😀

  9. Sharpies! From addressing parcels to the wipe clean kitchen noticeboard (a bit of nail polish remover does the trick if it doesn’t come off with a cloth and water), to a quick fun doodle on a card or a bold heading in the bullet journal. They do it all.

  10. Ooo I am so glad I found this post Claire! I have been looking for paint pens for a while and h e always wondered what the Posca ones were like. They look great, especially on your adorable plant pots! As a complete stationery enthusiast I am obsessed with new pens!

  11. Has to be my colouring pencils hands down, I love them. I’ve never used gel pens to colour with before, I’m loving the pastel shades 🙂 x

  12. It’s probably my hole punch. It’s so therapeutic whacking away on it…although my friends are probably secretly fed up of opening my letters and cards I send them and having a load of homemade confetti dropping out every time! 😉 x

  13. Oh dear…trying to chose a favourite stationery item is like having to chose your favourite child – just can’t be done. But if I had a gun to my head…notebooks…all shapes and sizes and colours and smells. Love them all 🙂

  14. Oooh my fave stationary item has to be the penny farthing bike sellotape dispenser my parents gave me one Christmas! Makes me smile every time I need tape! 🙂

  15. I love these DIYs! My favourite stationery item is probably my tiger writing pen. The ink flows so well it’s great for taking quick notes and for when my writing needs to be neater x

  16. I love Posca paint pens. My old local stationery shop were selling them at half price recently so I bought loads! Favourite stationery item would probably be pens. I have way too many but I don’t care!

  17. I love my Posca Paint Pens – They are great as you can use them on so many surfaces. Hopefully get more from Father Christmas x

  18. I just love quality pens. They’re are so many uses from general writing, colourful writing to change the feel of the context and doodles to finishing or creating artwork. My 7 year old daughter shares my enthusiasm for them too so I’m always buying two of everything so she has her own too.

  19. I love my Nuuna bullet journal, and have recently bought my second! Desperate for some fancy new pens to use in it 😉😉😉 next on my shopping list are the pastel highlighter sets…. xx

  20. Favourite stationary item?! How can I possibly choose just one?! I suppose at the moment I’d have to say my pencils as I’m doing a pencil drawing as a gift for my mum.

  21. Of what you reviewed I loved the Signo Pastel Gel Pens – from what I own I love novelty post it notes 🙂 I have a ‘like’ pad (thumbs up) and a pineapple one at the moment x

  22. i love my multi colour pen. they were my favourite sort of pens when i was little too. a colour for every mood all in one!

  23. Pens and blank notebooks with beautiful colours – keep both beside my bed, in my bag and in the car – you never know when or where inspiration will strike!

  24. My fav stationary item is definitely pens. Pens in all colours and mediums, especially pens with nice fine nibs. You might say I have a slight pen obsession!!! 😊

  25. I love pens of any description but my favourites are a set of blue marbled Parker pens that hubby spent his Christmas bonus on for 4 consecutive years to buy me the full set. They look beautiful and are a pleasure to write with 🙂

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