2016: The Year Of The Pin

Enamel pins won my heart over last year. 2016 was definitely the year of the pin and I felt 100% nostalgic when growing my collection. I did a lot of pin swaps with fellow makers to add to my pins, so today I thought I’d share them with you. Since I photographed these, I have added more to my collection but I’ll probably share more soon! I’ve also updated how I store my pins and there is a little giveaway for some of you today, so keep reading until the end (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED)!


Hello Sunshine / Heidi Henry / Lucky Dip Club
Lucky Dip Club / OhNORachio / Hello Dodo / Finest Imaginary / LeslieAnn Made It / Liz MosleyEnamel-Pin-Collection-Christmas-Designs
The Pink Samurai / Copper Boom Studio
Hello Sunshine
Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes / Annie Dornan Smith
Pup Tart / Fox & Rose / Sparrow & Wolf
Lucky Dip Club / Finest ImaginaryEmma Carlisle
Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes / Onetenzeroseven / Points & PlacesEnamel-Pin-Collection-Claireabellemakes
Nikki McWilliams / Angela Chick Illustration
Basil and Ford / Nathalie Moore / Yoyo The Ricecorpse
Nikki McWilliams (x2) / Daphne RosaPin-Banners
Hah Online / Create and Craft Kits
Nikki McWilliams (x2)

Apparently it is National Random Acts of Kindness Day in the US today, so I wanted to give away 5 of the rose gold enamel bicycle pins to 5 readers of this blog. Just let me know in a comment below what your favourite thing to collect was as a child. Mine was novelty erasers and hedgehog related items! I will draw the winners of the giveaway at random one week after this post goes live. Good Luck! (GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED).


Oh and guys, I started a new collection. I’m making a denim tote bag covered in embroidered patches so let me know if you see any good ones!



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43 thoughts on “2016: The Year Of The Pin

  1. I used to collect deflated balloons (which I called Sogwins and Sogwinas although to this day I don’t know how I differentiated their genders), train tickets, the little plastic balls from the inside of ink cartridges and Beanie Babies!

  2. Wow so many amazing pins. My collection is growing very slowly! As a child I used to collect pig ornaments as I used to love visiting my great grandma and seeing all the pig money boxes she had lined up on her chest of drawers.

  3. Omg I used to collect so much, badges, pencils, erasers, stickers. I still have most of it all, I just can’t let go! I dare not start a pin collection, I have a couple from Hello Harriet and I love them.

    Amanda x

  4. What a lovely pin collection!! I used to collect stickers, I had so many photo albums full of them! (Then at some point they all disappeared…but now I kind of wished they hadn’t because I still want them now ??)

  5. I used to collect covers from gums, pen cases, pens and generally almost everything from stationery. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have anything from it now but my passion in stationery still remains so I’m currently working on my new collections. 🙂

  6. This is a really kind gesture. ?
    I used to collect anything to do with Ducks. It didn’t matter what it was it just had to have a duck on them. I collected 1000’s of pots, stationery and costumes. Some people thought I was quackers! ? ?

  7. Fab collection Claire! I have 5 pins so far and love trying to find some that I haven’t seen before. I used to collect little dragon figure. I still have my collection, they are so hard to find and very rare now. But i love them!

  8. Love your collection Claire and your site. I collected a lot when I was younger. Pens, erasers, forever friend stuff, but nothing was as big as my collection of Penguins ? I had everything from cuddlys, socks, jumpers, stationery, jewellery even wrapping paper.

  9. So many fab pins! I used to collect anything elephant related! I sort of still do now but not as much, I love them but started to get a bit overloaded by them, haha! xx

  10. Thanks so much for sharing my pin Claire! Looks like it’s in good company!! I used to collect enamel pins, haha! I got a bunch of them out recently and have some awesome ones like a T-Rex wearing a Santa hat!! Haha. I also collected Pogs, sticker books, Mandy & Judy comics and Puppy in my Pocket!! Good memories.

  11. I used to collect erasers too! I still have them all at my parents house somewhere, so many memories stored away in that tin. They all had to be kept in pristine condition so I never used a single one!

  12. I used to collect pogs and go go heads as a teenager! These days it’s more expensive and it’s shoes and hand bags ?

  13. So many lovely pins, I have 2 🙂
    Oh my gosh I used to collect those plastic balls from ink cartridges like Joy, above too! I also collected the old phone cards that you used to put credit on and use in phone boxes. Oooh and pogs and football cards, hmm, I think I’d better stop there, this is making me feel old!!

  14. I’m getting my bike spruced up today from the garden shed, seeing as the suns out & feels like spring is returning. I used to collect stamps, match boxes and old train tickets, also any mini ceramic animals from charity shops or car boots sales, I displayed them in old letter press squares on my walls. I’m definitely not a minimalist ??

  15. I love collecting 🙂 I have had to be more selective in my adult years 🙂 As a child I collected 101 dalmatian stuff, animal trading cards, stickers, my little ponies and care bears. Today I keep a small collection of faves from all of that and I added collecting Harry Potter stuff and calico critters. My 5 year old has a love hate relationship with all my toys. She loves when she gets to play with some of them but hates that they are mine and she can’t play with all 😉

  16. Oh wow, I loved reading through all these – I thought I was the only one who collected the teeny beads from inside ink cartridges! I also collected frogs, postcards and the “skins” from bath pearls, which I’d dry out and keep in a brass cup. To this day I have no idea why! ?
    Helen recently posted…It’s a Family ThingMy Profile

  17. Four-leaf clovers! And I still collect them–when I can find them. It was a free hobby and kept me occupied for hours. 🙂

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