The Happiness Planner 2016

Today I’m sharing with you a review of the 2016 Happiness Planner. There’s been a lot of planner chat on this blog lately, but it’s that time of year we might start thinking about how to get organised for the ever closer new year!

In May, I shared a review of the (undated) 100-Day Happiness Planner and introduced you guys to this new positive approach to planning. The concept of these planners is to quite simply focus on what makes you happy. A combination of self reflection, goal setting and gratitude journalling means this planner really has the capacity to change your outlook and to implement positive habits.

This year the planner comes in pink or blue and has a gift box in the same colour. The gold foil touches are back for this year and the planner is spiral bound (meaning it is a bit bigger than 2015).Pink-Happiness-Planner-Review

Some separate goal setting lists are also included this year, alongside a handful of gold paper clips. These are printed on a shiny paper and encourage you to set some goals for habit changing and new year’s resolutions. The-Happiness-Planner-Goal-Sheets

The planner starts with a ‘roap map’ to assess your current state of happiness. After this, the planner is split into months (with pretty divider tabs) and each page is dated to encourage you to make an entry every month and day. The daily pages ask you to note to-dos, positive moments, a schedule and hopes for the next day. At the end of each month, you answer a page of review questions and score your happiness levels.

This makes for quite a hefty planner, but I imagine it might be one that is left on a desk or night stand to complete at the beginning or end of each day. It’s not particularly portable despite it’s extreme prettiness.

One thing I think I will miss is a page marker. Despite the monthly dividers, there isn’t a way to easily navigate to the currently daily page. I guess it’s a great excuse to make a DIY page marker for your planner! You could also use the paper clips as a bookmark. Review-of-The-Happiness-Planner-2016

The planner is extremely well made and comes with an Instagram community sharing their positive moments and pretty planner inspiration.


The planner is littered with quotes from inspirational figures and ‘happy’ people. At the very end, the final three pages ask you to reflect on the entire year and to total your happiness scores. Gratitude-and-Happiness-Planner

I always try to live a positive life. Combining that with my love of planners and such a pretty one too, already kick starts my happiness levels.Pink-and-Gold-Spiral-Bound-Planner

To see a detailed look inside the planner (including individual page contents), you can watch my video here or below!

The Happiness Planner for 2016 is available for pre-order here (dispatched end of October 2015). The 100-Day Undated Edition released in 2015 is still available here.

What do you think to using a planner to create a happy life?



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  1. This is a very attractive planner and I love the theme of planning happiness. It will be very useful for me since I am currently planning to leave the career field I have been in more than 20 years in 2016 for the sake of happiness. This book can help me keep all together and organized. Great Post!!!!!
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