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I consider myself a positive person. To a certain extent it comes naturally, but I often think about positivity and gratitude and what they mean to me.

G sometimes laughs at me for my love of motivational quotes (he’s very practical and scientific, rather than a dreamer), but I wholeheartedly believe a little reminder can make a big difference. My current planner dashboard has given me a productivity boost with a (curse) word or two!

I know that a positive mindset doesn’t always come easy for some people, so I want to share with you a few techniques I practice to keep my positive focus.


Practice Gratitude

Being a planner geek and Project Lifer, I like to organise and document my life before, during and after events take place. The after is most important as it allows me to reflect on the positive moments and to remind myself of the good things I have. Although not consistently, I take time each week to note a few things that I am grateful for (perhaps on a journalling card in my planner).

Enjoy The Simple Things

When I am at the day job and a migraine starts, working close to home has a great advantage. G looks after me when this happens. I get home to a cup of herbal tea, my cold migra-cap, and my pjs and slippers heated up on the radiator. He covers me in a blanket and checks on me regularly. We make sure the cat is within snuggling distance. It helps SO much and I am really grateful.

Someone else makes you a cup of tea, or offers to do the dishes or just tells you to look outside because it is snowing. In the winter our electric blanket brings us a lot of joy and we don’t care if that makes us boring. In the summer I revel in being able to cycle through my historic city in the sunshine. I literally grin like the Cheshire Cat.

I find that appreciating thoughtful and simple moments helps to boost my mood.

Let Things Go

In general, I am not one to hold a grudge. Over the last year, a couple of (not dramatic) things happened to me that bothered me more than they should have. I felt all knotted up inside at not being able to immediately let any anger/betrayal/frustration go.

Eventually those negative feelings did go and I began to see the positive aspects of the tricky or upsetting situation. I’ve always been someone who just gets on with things and I believe that you are the only person who has the ability to really change your life. So I never understood the purpose of moaning and not taking action.

OK, I do love a little moan every now and again (I think it’s good to rant to clear your mind), but I don’t want to hold those negative thoughts and I try to see what I can do to move forward and change focus. I turn the negative into a challenge for improving myself.


Celebrate Success

Shameless self promotion? Oh go on then! It is SO important to reflect and share. This year, I have started to record my achievements. Both personally via my Project Life scrapbook, but also professionally. Each month I am tracking my productivity for Claireabellemakes by logging what I have achieved and celebrating success by sharing with others.

Being able to reflect on my month/year has been instrumental to motivating me in all aspects of my life. I have let the not so great things go (bereavements, rejection, poor health) and made a conscious decision to focus on the positive events and memories. I am celebrating when I have a week without a migraine and when I get an exciting sale in my store.

Have a glass of wine (or apple juice in my case) and toast your hard work. Life isn’t easy and people should know how ace you are.

Spread Positivity

Ring someone you love and tell them you miss them. Give a homeless person a hot drink on a windy day. Make your friend aware that you are proud of her achievements and tell her that she inspires you. Tell your Dad that you finally watched that movie he lent you months ago that he really wanted your opinion on. Send a letter, snail mail is so thoughtful.

And no word of a lie, at the same time as writing the paragraph above (after a few horrid migraine days), a message from my sister popped up with the subject “to cheer you up”. Attached was a photo of my niece and nephew holding up big moustache pillows to their faces. It made my day.

How do you think happy thoughts? Fellow blogger Lisa has a great series on Positivity – definitely worth checking out! Come share your positivity with me on social media using the hashtag #thinkhappy.




12 thoughts on “Think Happy Thoughts

  1. Claire, I am so onboard with this post. I’ve been reading and learning a lot more about positive thinking and it’s already made such a difference to my mindset. Have you heard about Emotional Intelligence? I’ve got a good book I can recommend; essentially we always have a choice. I try to tell myself I will have a good day (even if I feel lame) and I have a ‘grateful journal’ where I note down one thing, every day before bed, I’m pleased or proud or grateful I did. Thanks so much for this post. 🙂 Leanne x
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  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I am struggling with vegetative dystonia for a while and it is very hard to keep go with a smile on my face when I have bad day. Good thing is that really – only we can make ourselves feel better any time we want. Sometimes I can even feel that my brain wants to feel bad and pessimistic .
    I would add to your list moving. Two last weeks I wake up every day a little bit earlier to move- I am not even close to be sporty or to go to yoga frequently, but I make 5 pushups. When I have bad days, I am just packing up and going out. At least for a walk around the block. Staying in bed is comfy, but doesn’t help you always. When you get migraine, sleeping is good. When you have pessimistic attack, do something, just don’t stay still.
    Have a positive weekend! 🙂
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  3. Yes! People with positive attitudes, even when they are suffering, are a constant inspiration to me. Great post. Thank you for the mention lovely xx

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