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After publishing my upcycling competition post last week, I thought I should share some inspiration in case you wanted to take part! So here is my tutorial for a DIY Metallic Desk Tidy, an easy project which can be made in an afternoon.

I visited Hobbycraft and my local hardware store for supplies. The guys at the hardware store are always so friendly and knowledgeable so I knew they would be able to help me with some scraps.



      • Spray paint in Metallic Antique Gold
      • Spray Primer in White
      • 3 Metal tubes measuring 8, 6 and 4 inches tall and 2 inches diameter
      • White spirit
      • Sandpaper for metals
      • Cork trivet (mine was from IKEA)
      • E6000 Glue
      • NB: You could use cardboard tubes instead of metal for a lighter version

Step 1

Using a rag and some white spirit, remove any grease from the metal tubing. My hardware store cut the tubing to the size I wanted and it only cost £3 for 3 pieces. Using the sandpaper, smooth the ends of the tubing to remove any rough edges.


Step 2

Using the primer spray, add light coats on the tubing ensuring even coverage. This forms the base for your colour.


Step 3

Using the metallic spray paint, build up light coats leaving to dry for 30 minutes in between. Plastikote is touch dry in 5 minutes, but I like to leave it longer between coats.


Step 4

Decide which end of the tubing is the top and spray a little inside as this may be slightly visable when the desk tidy is constructed. Repeat the spray process for the cork trviet too. I only sprayed one side since the other is on the desk.


Step 5

Decide on your arrangement of the tubes and glue each end to the cork trivet using E6000.


Step 6

The ends of my desk tidy were still a little rough so I added some washi tape around the top edge.

Add your pencils and pens and it’s done!


If you fancy trying your hand at a hardware DIY, why not join in my upcyling competition here?! You can win £250 in Amazon vouchers.




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