Instalife May 2014

Am I glad it’s June. A chance to start afresh after a month filled with migraines practically every other day. I was mostly sporting my ‘brave face’ (where I pretend I’m not unwell). If it wasn’t for keeping organised and forward planning, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did in May.

And keep reading for some shots of Cambridge, which has just been truly beautiful this Spring. Living here has helped, a lot! Here’s my Instagram round up.


I attended a Crafty Fox Talk in London / Completed a jumper I starter last summer

Shared the first Lucky Dip Club Box and a post on How I Stay Organised


Found a yellow Boris Bike in Soho! / Celebrated G’s 30th with cupcakes in London

Walks on the Southbank in London / Seeing the new Studio Ghibli film in Cambridge


New yellow Tour De France Bracelets and Silver Bird Necklaces in my Etsy store

Launching Bicycle Necklaces and Paw Charm Macramé Bracelets


Wisteria and Bicycles for the Floral Friday Competition (I won!) / Kings College

Views from inside Cambridge colleges / Punting boats in the sunshine


Sunsets by the river (my most popular IG picture!) / Senate House in the city centre

More Cambridge colleges and cute cars / TDF advertising in Cambridge (eeee!)


Finally, Tammy. She’s been the best migraine medicine ever. Cats are magic. Fact.

You can follow me on Instagram here to keep up with my goings on in June. I have an exciting announcement to make about the secret project I’ve hinted at and I may be ready to share the new studio space!



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6 thoughts on “Instalife May 2014

  1. Tammy you are beautiful and yes a lot magical too 🙂 Love cats!!
    Well, that is a wonderful collection with amazing photography skills. I wish a happy JUNE. Forget may, it is such an uncertain month (reflected in name itself: sounds like MAY or MAYnot :D)
    Love June!

  2. June’s going to be a very good month and I greatly admire you for not letting the migraines get you down. Cats are amazing – one of mine is walking all over the ipad as I type probably trying to say hello to you and Tammy!

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