A Day In The Life of Claireabellemakes

People ask me how I manage working full-time and running a small business. Juggling both whilst managing migraines is extremely hard, but my number one goal is to never waste a moment. Here’s my Day In The Life (on a migraine free day).

6.30  – Wake up. I am usually morning person unless I’ve had a migraine the day before. I spend 30 minutes checking emails and scheduling social media updates whilst Tammy snuggles up.


7.00 – Orders prepared the evening before are packed. I take pride in packaging and it is my excuse for being a stationery geek. I’m usually scoffing some toast and jam at the same time. (I used Printed.com for my Biz cards).


8.15 – Get on my bike Florence for the 7 minute cycle to the day job as a PA. My commute rocks so much I blogged about it here.


10.30 – Tea break! At work is usually the only place I’ll drink from a mug as all my china tea cups live at home.


12.30 – Post Office run to send Etsy orders. I love the staff in my local Post Office, they always take time to stop and chat. Lunchtimes are also spent reading blogs and meeting G at least once a week for coffee dates (decaf for me!), we usually catch up about each others work and business stuff.


16.30 – Leave the day job. I spend 30 minutes cycling around the city for exercise and to take photographs to practice my skills. Once a week I visit the flower stall on the market for some blooms for the studio. Last week I bumped into a friend who gave me some fresh asparagus from her garden.


Cambridge is a small city so I can explore a lot in 30 minutes. It’s usually my favourite moment of the day and it makes me super grateful to live here. *Cue grinning cycling idiot*


Cambridge-River Cam

17.00 – Cleaning time! I spend an hour doing the daily cleaning at home (boring) and preparing a meal. Biz time is precious so I batch cook in my slow cooker on a regular basis, my favourite recipe at the moment is this Vegetable Chilli. We catch up on our TiVo recordings whilst eating dinner. Current favourites include Modern Family and Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey.


18.30 – Biz time. I work on made to order items from the Etsy store and any wholesale orders. Listings are updated and emails replied to. I edit product photos and work on product development for new collections. Product testing is important to me as I want each and every item to be the best it can be. I work right up until the end of the day.



23.00 – Bed time. In order to minimise the risk of migraines, I try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.


Weekends – My weekends are precious. I plan everything in my Filofax. My favourite kind of weekend is craft group (we natter and share our makes in a cafe) followed by brunch with G. All blog planning, writing and photo shoots take place at the weekend so as to get the best light possible. G and I will have a movie night if we can and I’ll try out a new popcorn recipe for his opinion. This one is my current favourite!


So there you have it! My busy life. I’m planning a How I Stay Organised post in the next week or so too. I’d love to hear about a typical day in your life in the comments below.



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16 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of Claireabellemakes

  1. Morning Claire,
    Lovely blog as always and I’ve still not managed to update mine lately. Really not sure where the time is going to and the particularly nasty migraine the other Sunday certainly didn’t help. Like you, it takes me a few days to fully recover. I’m very lucky that the company I work for are very understanding when I have to take time off.
    I love your idea of your weekly menu board plus daily cleaning – that it such a fab idea and I think I might just have to give it a go! We do try to do a weekly menu as I find that stops me constantly ‘popping’ into our local Asda’s for a couple of items and spending a fortune!
    Have a lovely weekend and hopefully migraine free for all of us!

  2. Very inspiring stuff Clare! I am on the eternal quest for organisation & routine. Love how you highlight just how important it is though when you basically are doing two jobs – the paid one and the passion one 🙂 BTW – love the parcel winging its way to NZ!!

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