Claireabellemakes Crafty Giveaway

Claireabellemakes Giveaway

The Claireabellemakes Crafty Giveaway is here as today is my one year blogiversary!! I can’t quite believe that my little crafty online space has reached this milestone – where did that year go?

I’ve had a year of ups and downs in terms of my health and personal life, but I can honestly say that joining the fascinating world of blogging has opened doors I never knew were there and connected me to the most AMAZING and inspiring people. I only wished I started blogging sooner.

To thank all my amazing and loyal followers I’m having a giveaway of some crafty goodies including handmade items from my Etsy store.

laireabellemakes Giveaway 1

1. Buttons from All The Fun of The Fair / 2. Wendy Mode DK 50% Merino Wool
3. Crafted with Love ribbon / 4.Vintage Lace & Fabric Heart Garland handmade by me

Claireabellemakes Giveaway 2

5. Teapigs Green tea with Mint / 6. Antique Gold Bird Pendant handmade by me
7. Floral Fabric Button Ring handmade by me / 8. Pink polka dot washi tape
9. Paperchase sticky notes

There will be a runners up prize of some of my homemade Vanilla Macarons. NOM.

To enter the giveaway the following steps need completing:

T&Cs – This giveaway is open to UK and international followers and will close on Friday 19 April at 5pm. The winner and runner up will be announced on the blog shortly after.

Good luck lovelies! Thanks for all your support.

Update: This giveaway is now closed.


105 thoughts on “Claireabellemakes Crafty Giveaway

  1. I love all papercrafts, especially stamping. I find it very relaxing and I can send personalised hand made cards to friends – far more exclusive than anything I could ever buy

  2. I don’t have twitter 🙁 Brilliant give away!
    But I love paper craft; I love making my own cards for birthday and christmas etc! It’s nice for me and my family to just sit down with a load of paper and glue and glitter and stickers and see what we end up with ::)

  3. I used to do a lot of knitting and crochet but at the minute card making is my favourite as it doesn’t take so long as knitting and crochet projects!

  4. I’ve only just started crafting but my favourite at the moment is making things for dolls houses (miniatures?) because things get so much cuter when they’re tiny!

  5. Congratulations on a fabulous year of blogging 🙂

    What a lovely giveaway. My favourite craft at the moment is making notebooks. I’d love to learn some more bookbinding skills this year.

    Off to tweet now. x

  6. I can’t believe that i have actually been blogging longer than you!! You are such a pro at it. My fav craft is….um…..crochet (i think!). I enjoy baking, sewing , knitting….. but tjink fav is crochet. Already follow. Will tweet later. Happy blogiversary. 🙂

  7. Happy blogiversary!! Wow I can’t believe your blog is younger than mine, it’s one of my favourites and I thought you’d been blogging for years as you always seem to know what you are doing!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the give-away, my favourite craft is cross stitch as it’s portable and and a great stress buster. I’m already a follower and I’m just off to tweet the give-away now 🙂
    Alex xx

  8. congrats on the year! my favourite craft is papier mache, though i’m teaching myself to sew at the moment and finding that pretty fun, will tweet via @culturbia 🙂

  9. Happy Blogiversary! My favourite craft at the moment is sewing as I love making things I can’t find in the shops, and it’s a great way to make sure maxi skirts are long enough for me! I’m hoping to learn crochet and knitting soon and plan to have a go at stamp cutting too. I also want to try making bath bombs again now I have better moulds!

  10. Hello! What a beautiful give-away, I love the ring and the garland (…and everything else). My favourite craft right now is creating stationery for #PostCircle. I love how you can transform a plain piece of paper to something so pretty.

    Happy Blog Birthday too! x

  11. Congratulations for all you have achieved in one year. Your friendly personality shines through your lovely blog.
    My favourite hobby is knitting as I find it relaxing whilst still offering a challenge. I love yarn, the texture, colours and possibilities.
    I follow your blog, in fact your blog was the one that interested me in joining Bloglovin, because it’s a lovely way to see what you do.
    I’ve also tweeted your link because everyone should take a look at your blog!

  12. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary, I am glad that I somehow stumbled across your blog as there are always interesting reads. I love anything to do with papercraft like paper cutting/engineering as I find it amazing what someone can create with just simple paper and a scalpel. Also I really enjoy baking, particularly the variety in breads.

  13. Eeep, Happy Blogiversary!!! Isn’t it a funny feeling? I got to my 1 year on new years eve 🙂

    One of my absolute favourites is making soft toys, I started many years ago with sock monkeys and have made many small creatures since, each has a different character and they are just so funny 🙂

  14. Oh lovely items Claire! I think a bit of sewing, a bit of card making I like dabble! It’s all fairly relaxing!
    Have also tweeted xx

  15. I’m pretty talentless at craft – I do make a couple of cards at Christmas but otherwise it’s cookery. Um, can I opt to win the runners’ up prize please? Vanilla macaroons sound delish!

  16. Congrats on a year of blogging – I’m still reading backwards on your blog and I’m not at the start yet 🙂
    My favourite craft is cross stitch – although it takes a lot of time, I think the effect is great and it makes for wonderful cards and a really great way of commemorating occasions, and I find it really destresses me too which is very important!

  17. Yay, congratulations on blogging for a year and for blogging such wonderful tutorials, treats and more. I love following your blog m’dear! Ooh and what a hard question to answer! Hmmm, at the moment I think it would have to be embroidery because I love “drawing” with thread and getting that wonderful glowing feeling when you see the finished result!

    Jo 🙂 x

    p.s have also tweeted and already following you on Bloglovin 🙂

  18. Congrats again m’dear; and I know the blogging world is also very glad you’re here! What a beautiful collection of things! My favourite craft is Drawing On Stuff With Pens. Fabric, mugs, walls, whatever… love it. About to tweet too. xxx

  19. I love so many different crafts, I have different favourites all the time! At the moment my favourite is cross-stitch.

    Already following you via Bloglovin

  20. Congratulations! My favourite craft has got to be knitting, I wanted to learn for so long and after lots of practice it feels great to have finally got the hang of it. Plus I’ve recently discovered ravelry – so much I want to make! Follow with bloglovin and have tweeted 🙂

  21. My favourite craft is sewing – there’s just so many possibilities to it! From making your own clothes, to creating a cute cross stitch to hang on the wall. I also find it really therapeutic (and I can watch tv at the same time too!!)
    Congrats on the anniversary btw – really enjoy your blog!

  22. My favourite craft is sewing and making homely decorations, You’re an inspiration to me and I love all your crafts. My Twitter username is Samsara_1

  23. Happy 1 Year Anniversary…
    My favourite craft is definitely sewing. I just adore all of the beautiful fabrics out there.
    Though I have been tempted to get my knitted needles out and dust them off.
    Great giveaway xxx

  24. Wow a year, well done you for building a fabulous blog in that time! My favourite is papercrafting, I love giving someone a handmade card and seeing their face when they open it because they appreciate the work that’s gone into making it. It’s also really relaxing sitting with a pot of glue, glitter and a craft knife!! Can’t tweet as am not that technologically advanced (!!) but follow you through WordPress. xxx

  25. I like sewing and have just made lots of gift bags for the coming year in different sizes/materials & decorated them with buttons or flowers etc. They can then be re-used.

  26. Happy 1 year! I do a lot of different crafts, and enjoy them all. Earlier I’d have said my new favourite is book making, but then I got my jewellery making bits out! Tough choice!

  27. Love this! Congrats on your milestone. I’m pretty new to the blog world as you know and have always thought of you as a pro! My favourite craft at the moment would have to be crochet because I’m new to it but feel a world of possiblity has opened up to me. However I do so love embroidery in all its forms. Xxx

  28. My fave craft would have to be painting i find it so relaxing , im also into decupage i love cutting out decoupage you can create great pictures , and cards 🙂

  29. My favourite crafty activity is definitely card making/paper crafting. I wish I could make things all day long! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Such a sweet giveaway, I follow you on bloglovin.
    I’ve only just started getting back into crafts, I used to make things all the time when I was younger so right now I am really enjoying trying new things and seeing what I like/don’t. So far I’ve really enjoyed scrapbooking and needle felting.


  31. Hellooo! Just found your blog, and it looks wonderful. So I have followed :)…looking forward to future posts and also inadvertent tips and advice on how to run a good crafty blog. My favourite craft is paper craft…mainly traditional illustration, and card making.

    Emma x

  32. Congratulations Claire! I’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog this past year! Here’s to many more :)) I think you’ll know my favourite craft is crochet but I recently indulged in some paper mache with the children and I forgot how much I enjoyed that! Em xx

  33. Happy Blogiversary to you, my favourite is bag making, I just love it, each one is a creation, no two are the same, still a novice at all this though, but lovin it. Your blog is great, one of the best I have found.

  34. CONGRATS lovely on your blogiversary, and what an awesome giveaway!! My favourite craft has to be straight up sewing – ever since my wonderful grandad, who was a taylor bought me my sewing machine and taught me how to sew, I’ve been in love with what you can make with just a simple mechanical needle and thread!


  35. Congrats on your first year! I love your blog, it’s always so interesting and fun to read. I think my favourite would have to be knitting, I’ve only recently got into it but there’s just so much you can do with some needles and yarn. It’s also got me into blogging a bit more which has definitely been enjoyable.

  36. Congratulations on a successful first year of blogging! I very much enjoy reading you blog, and it has inspired my own blogging pursuits 🙂 My favourite craft is sewing, and I love your heart garland – I might give something similar a try myself!

    I am now also finally following via bloglovin 🙂

  37. What a wonderful giveaway!

    My design work is very computer-orientated, so I love trying new hands-on crafts when I have the time! I’ve done a bit of sewing for my son’s room (cushion covers etc), currently working on an Ikea hack (painting & upholstering a little table & chairs for my boy) & would LOVE to have a go at screen/lino/block printing soon, which I haven’t done since school!

    I already follow you on Bloglovin’ & have Tweeted too 🙂

  38. Love sewing but I have to say that crochet has taken over my life lately I love it, still very much a novice but enjoy it so much. Congratulations on your 1st Blogday 🙂

  39. I almost forgot to enter! Congratulations Claire on a year of blogging, though it’s hard to believe you’ve only been doing it that long. Your blog is excellent and I always enjoy reading your posts. My favourite craft at the moment is definitely crochet, but I do keep going back to my sewing machine too.

  40. Fab giveaway, count me in. My favourite craft is probably cross stitch just because it is so easy to take it anywhere with you, although I am partial to a bit of sewing and knitting. Crafts in general are all pretty amazing aren’t they 🙂 x x x x

  41. Congratulations on a fantastic year of blogging! I love your creativity and original, inspiring ideas 🙂 It’s my one year blogiversary this week too – isn’t it funny how we both started blogging around the same time!? It’s great to have met so many wonderful people through blogging! My favourite craft atm is crochet because I find it relaxing, plus it’s portable! I really want to get back into cross stitch and embroidery again now that the evenings are lighter. x

  42. I really enjoy creating and crafting and there’s so much I want to try but haven’t got round to just yet. I think one of my favourites so far is felt-craft, especially making felt bunting animals and decorations, which I fill to give them a 3D effect – felt is so versatile and there’s so much you can do. Though my favourite at the moment has to be cushion making – after recently discovering that my Mum has made cushions before and after learning a few tips from her, I have decided to make my own using various materials and designs; I particularly like penguins so I’m trying to make a penguin design out of materials and embellishments, which I will then sew on to my main background material. After I finish this I would like to make my own material print designs for turning into cushions.

    Well done on reaching your blog-birthday Claire, I’m following via WordPress and love reading it – it’s not just informative and with lots of good tips, but your creations look really pretty too (which reminds me, I must make my way over to your etsy store for some hairclips!). Keep up the good work… I suspect with all the crafts I now want to try, it may take me a few years… 🙂

  43. Just about anything. Started with embroidery at an early age, progressed to knitting an sewing a few years ago, and as necessity has dictated I’ve learnt more skills. Upcycling furniture when I got my first home, papercraft and flower arranging for my up coming wedding. Anything that improves life 🙂

  44. My favourite craft is knitting – a the the moment I’m knitting heart shaped bunting for a wedding

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