Ask Me Anything

This week I want to try something a little different and invite you, my lovely followers, to quiz me on anything you want.

Ask Me Anything

Is there anything you’ve been wondering or wanting to ask me? I share a few fun facts on my about page, but this is your chance to find out more!

So, I’d love for you to post a fun fact about yourself in the comments below and also a question for me to answer!

I’ll post the answers on Friday and link back to each of you who joined in.


20 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. I actually don’t live too far from you ( Bedford ) What do you actually like about living in the UK? Everyone always moans about it…but what do you like/love?! x

  2. Hmm a fun fact about me…I won a silver medal for recorder playing in my younger days! (yep not so fun!) My question for you is how do you keep track of all the ideas and projects you have?

  3. Is the crafting/blog side of you fairly well-known or secret? Does everyone in your home/work life know about this side of you? (I keep mine fairly quiet- apart from the odd occasion where I absolutely need to finish a project in my lunch break!)

  4. If you could have a career doing anything you liked (money no object) what would you choose to do and why? You can choose more than one thing if you like, because I’m feeling generous :p
    P.S. I hate the feeling of wet jeans on my legs. Makes me cross.

  5. Fun fact about me? I have a fantastic memory for lyrics – nursery rhymes, take that, theme tunes, you name it, I remember it! But can I remember anythjing else at all? Nope!! My question for you is: how important is sponsoring other blogs in relation to selling on Etsy?

  6. Do you follow a set process from design to finished product or do you make thinks off the cuff? My fun fact: my mum and sister had a double wedding last year! Not really about me, but I was bridesmaid…for both of them!

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