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Hello people! How was your weekend?

If you read my Valentines post on Friday, you will remember I mentioned my gift from G. We celebrated 10 years together this month, which makes me feel rather old in some ways. I looked back on some old photos today and realised how much we have aged!

Anyway, he knows me so so well because he got me this pretty and shiny lovely Ice Blue Kitchen Aid! It needs a name I think….any suggestions?! I’ve realised it matches my blog colours perfectly too.

Ice Blue Kitchen Aid

I realise I’m a bit late to the party as Kitchen Aids have been a part of American kitchens for many years now, but the cost of them in the UK is hugely different to North America! On a recent trip to Canada, G and I did ponder the cost effectiveness of buying one and paying for additional luggage to get it home.

So I got to work looking on Pinterest for recipes and ideas. Then I got distracted and found these amazing Kitchen Aid themed makes (like you do!).

Kitchen Aid Finds

Have you got a kitchen mixer? I’d love for you to share any kitchen aid recipe ideas you have in the comments below.

This weekend my mixer produced its first make – I’ll share the recipe on Wednesday!


35 thoughts on “Kitchen Aid

  1. What a beauty, its a lovely colour. I am a teeny bit jealous as I would love a kitchen aid, maybe when P and I buy a new house I can get one! You are right though, the cost difference between here and the USA is CRAZY! Happy baking with it though x

  2. Obviously the design is beautiful but the COLOUR is sheer perfection… LOVE it! Perfect present 🙂 (And your gift to him was amazing too).

  3. I can see why you keep stroking it. The colour is so beautiful. The whole thing just makes you want to bake cakes! I love the little cupcakes with the Kitchen Aid on top. How about the name Aiden? Unless of course you think of it as a female!!

  4. I adore my Kitchen Aid mixer! My favourite thing to use it for is my homemade buttercream – 1 cup butter, 6 cups icing sugar, 1 teaspoon of flavoured extract, and add milk/water to mixture as needed. It’s sooo good and I like that the mixer makes it so creamy!

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