Valentines: Sheepish Heart Bomb

Yesterday I shared a preview of my crocheted heartsΒ ready for the Sheepish Heart Bomb day organised by Meredith of One Sheepish Girl. The idea was to ‘share your heart’ by hanging a yarn heart somewhere in your town or city with a note to brighten a stranger’s day. I love yarn bombing. I’m all up for random acts of kindness and participated in the last Sheepish Yarn Bombing Day, so I was excited about taking part.

I made a heart garland from cotton yarn (which shrivelled a bit in the typically English rainy weather!) and hung it on a fence along the river in Cambridge.

Sheepish Heart Bomb

I chose a bicycle tag for the message which read “Happy Valentines!” and the hashtag #sheepishheartbomb. You can use this on Twitter and Instagram to search for other people’s yarn bombs!

Sheepish Heart Bomb

During the afternoon I was contacted by a local news reporter who said he wanted to run a story on the Sheepish Heart Bomb day!

He was keen to know why we had participated and what the purpose was. He even asked me if I did it to try and get a date somehow!!

Sheepish Heart Bomb

I hope the hearts around the city brightened people’s days. A fellow yarn bomber had left hearts on lamposts for people to take away and one thoughtful soul had written paper heart notes to stick on bicycle seats at the train station.

We had a great valentines having a nice indulgent meal and cosy night in. We ate sweets from jars and I gave G some comedy show tickets and a geeky cross stitch I had made him.

Sweetie Jars

Robot Cross stitch

He gave me an awesome gift to celebrate 10 years(!) together which I will share on the blog next week. I was SO excited I had to share a sneak peek on Twitter and Instagram.

What did you get up to for Valentines Day?


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28 thoughts on “Valentines: Sheepish Heart Bomb

  1. I’m so glad your hearts brought some cheer on a dull old English day! They look very pretty. Thankfully the sun came out in Bath yesterday so it was really lovely hanging hearts about town πŸ™‚

  2. Aw this is so nice. I wish I had taken part now, not sure I would be brave enough tho, but such a nice idea. Great that you got a mention in the local news! By sounds of article they didn’t quite ‘get it ‘ though! haha. I love your little sweets in jars idea, very cute. x

  3. A beautiful yarn bomb, and a beautiful Valentine’s day! I can’t wait to see the totally awesome gift you got. Of course, I’m not sure what could top a cross stitch robot Valentine. That is just the cutest. Heading over to check out the news feature. So exciting! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I love it! I only wish I’d seen some lovely yarn bombs on Thursday πŸ™‚

    Your cross stitch is also amazing – and I’m rushing to Instagram now to see the sneak peak of your gift. You guys are so sweet! We had a row on V-day, which is ridiculous because we never argue! We don’t celebrate it but are planning a (super rare) meal out together next week: we have babysitter booked!

  5. I feel sure your lovely heart garland will have brought a smile to many peoples faces, as they passed it on a rainy day! Absolutely love your cross stitch design too, very cute!

    As I follow your IG and Twitter accounts I know what your anniversary gift was and it is completely AMAZING!!! πŸ˜‰ xx

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  7. How lovely to find my little robot pattern staring at me from different surroundings! πŸ™‚ He looks great — if you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d love to share your photo on my Facebook business page, and link to your blog post…but obviously only with your permission, as it’s your photo and your blog. I’m glad he was such a hit! πŸ˜€

    The yarn-bombing is great; I love those little hearts, particularly since I pretty much stick to cross stitch (which doesn’t lend itself to “bombing” much of anything, as you know) and so find almost all yarn work to be “magic” to begin with….then even moreso when it’s displayed mysteriously and awesomely in public. πŸ˜‰

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