Guest Post: DIY Simple Crochet Coasters

Happy Monday all!

2012 was the year I learnt to crochet. There was a particular blogger who inspired me whom I have invited to guest post today. The lovely Emma from LuluLoves has written a great tutorial for some very pretty crochet coasters. I’ll hand over to Emma now as my next mini break with friends awaits me!

Hello, I’m Emma from LuluLoves I’m very happy to be blogging here today while Claire is on holiday.  I always enjoy reading about Claire’s crafty adventures. I learnt to crochet eighteen months ago and have been in love ever since.  Although I try lots of stitches & patterns I still find a lot of joy in making items from simple granny squares.

The pattern/tutorial I’m sharing here today has evolved from this. It is a simple crochet coaster, but when made in groups these can make such a sweet and inexpensive gift. Especially great, if like me, you find you have lots of birthdays in January.

This pattern is ideal if you are new to crochet, as you only need to know basic stitches, double crochet, treble crochet and how to slip stitch. I have added pictures of how the coaster should look as you work the beginning and ends of each round; as these were the parts I always struggled with most. However, if you are completely new to crochet I would recommend watching some YouTube videos. There are some brilliant stitch tutorials that I found invaluable when I was learning.

I hope you enjoy them.

 Crochet Coasters by Lulu Loves

Simple Crochet Coasters 

These coasters measure approx. 9.5cm in diameter. The pattern is written in UK terms.

Yarn: Two colours of any DK Cotton (If you choose not to use a double knit the remember the coasters will be a lot smaller)

Hook: 4mm


  • Ch = Chain
  • Ss = Slip Stitch
  • Dc = Double Crochet (US Sc)
  • Tr = Treble Crochet (US dc)

Foundation: Ch 4 and join to the 1st ch with a ss to create a loop.

Round 1: Ch 3, work 11 trs into loop, join to the top of ch3 with a ss.

Crochet Coaster by Lulu Loves

Round 2: Ch 4, *2 tr into next stitch, ch 1, * repeat from *to* x 10, work 1 tr into same stitch as initial ch 4, join with a ss to 3rd chain of initial ch 4. [You should now have 12 pairs of trebles each separated by a chain 1]

Crochet Coaster by Lulu Loves

Round 3: Ss into next ch 1 space, ch 3, work 2 tr into ch1 space, ch 1, *3 tr into next ch1 space, ch 1* repeat from *to* x 10, join to the top of initial ch 3 with a ss. [You should now have 12 groups of 3 trebles, each separated by a chain 1 space]

Crochet Coaster by Lulu Loves

Round 4: Join second colour into a ch 1 space with a ss, work 2 dc into same space, work 1 dc into top of next 3 trebles, *2 dc into next ch 1 space, 1 dc into each of next 3 stitches (3 trebles from previous round)* repeat from *to* around to last stitch – Do not join

Crochet Coaster by Lulu Loves

Round 5: Ss into next stitch, ss into each stitch around [You should have worked 60 slip stitches] and finish off by pulling your yarn through the loop on your hook, cutting and sewing in ends.

Crochet Coaster by Lulu Loves

Make them up in groups of 4 or 6 and parcel them together with ribbon for gifts or keep for yourself and enjoy with friends for tea!

Crochet Coasters by Lulu LovesCrochet Coasters by Lulu Loves

Thanks Emma, these are so pretty! As someone who loves tea and crochet, I feel that my teacups need these, so I’ll be getting my hooks out to try your pattern soon. 


Sew Chatty

34 thoughts on “Guest Post: DIY Simple Crochet Coasters

  1. These are really lovely gifts for Christmas, the only thing I changed was , instead of sl st on last row I done the crab stitch, which give them a lovely ridge edge.

  2. Thank you for the pattern! I used it to make a set of coasters as a gift and they turned out beautifully. I only changed up the final rows, I used a thinner yarn and smaller hook for the outside round and only went around once for a delicate edge look. Thank you for the inspiration!

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