What kind of crafter are you?

Rather than sharing my few makes this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about crafting and have been in a reflective mood. An experience I had on Wednesday evening got me wondering about what kind of crafter I am.


Let me begin with some background information. You may or may not know, that this year I’ve been struggling with migraines on a whole new level and occasionally anxiety (although this is way better than it used to be). On top of this, I graduated with a masters, started this blog, opened my Etsy store and have been a founding member for a HUGE Women’s Institute (WI) group in my city. Having problems with my health has prompted me to review the last six months and look at what I’ve achieved, what I enjoy and where I want to go. I know I need to work towards wellness.

This week our WI group had a fantastic meeting with 150 members congregating for a style evening including a philosophical talk on the meaning of beauty, a shoe photography session and craft tables to make brooches. All things I was excited about.

However, when I went to participate in the activities the anxiety crept in. The room was crowded, noisy and bustling. It was positive and clearly a sign of a great WI meet, but I felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t block out any background noise to listen to the talk, I didn’t much fancy having a photograph taken and I felt claustrophobic and hemmed in at the craft tables. Nobody contributed to this feeling, this was my issue.

I wanted to craft. There was crochet, sewing and plenty of fabric to play with. Usually this would be my idea of heaven, but all I could do was occupy the most open space possible and talk to one or two people at a time. When I got home I thought about why I felt this way. I looked in the mirror and I was pale and white as a sheet. I wondered if my new migraine meds had made me irritable through broken sleep.

I didn’t need to come to a conclusion there and then. But, I did wonder if I’m just a solo crafter. Maybe I just don’t work well in large busy groups all crafting at once. I prefer small calm groups with quiet space. I guess there is nothing wrong with that; I’m just a more peaceful maker and perhaps a bit of a control freak. The need for space was a strong feeling.

Every now and again I host a craft evening with friends at my house. I love these evenings as we share skills, supplies and catch up. So it’s not like I hate crafting with others! Last night I made plenty. I sat quietly at home by myself with my jewellery supplies and built my craft fair and Etsy store stock.

I haven’t written this blog post for sympathy, but purely to share my thoughts and reflect. I’m still on my creative journey and may never be able to define what kind of crafter I am, but for me it is important to at least think about it and challenge myself from time to time.

What kind of crafter are you?



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83 thoughts on “What kind of crafter are you?

  1. I would definitely have to go with ‘Beginner’ crafter if I was a type. Keen to try it all, having not yet mastered one!

    Glad the evening was a success (I am still grumbling away to myself that I missed it…) but sad to hear you struggled!! Best wishes, and I hope that it improves soon. You have achieved an AMAZING amount in one year – that’s crazy. I hope they were all on your NYE resolutions list so your can proudly tick them all off!!

    1. Thanks Jade, it was a shame you couldn’t come, we did miss you! Very busy evening….My new year’s resolutions were actually smaller, simpler things, like always buy handmade gifts (or make them) and make my own bread. I have managed the first very well and the second lasted 6 months.

  2. I think I am a solo/small group crafter like you, I find if I am in a big group I get bothered with other people doing “better” than me or I cant concentrate on what I am trying to do or learn. For me, a lot of my crafting involves colouring in for my card making and I struggle to do this in a noisy place because I need to concentrate. Your migraines could be a factor in how you felt on WEdnesday in regard to the background noise, when I am suffering I can pick up on the tiniest of noises that no one else can hear and its all I can focus on eg a dripping tap or someone tapping their nails on the table. What you have helped do with the WI seems amazing and definitely be proud of that, perhaps just acknowledge that on meeting nights you might not get as much craft done as you would like but its just as important to spend time talking to new people and networking.

    1. It is comforting to hear that my thoughts are shared by others and I think the migraines have definitely contributed to my sensitivity and anxiety. I do enjoy the WI nights, I just need to find a way to manage my comfort levels and participate in things that don’t overwhelm me. Thanks for commenting.x

  3. Hi Claire, what a lovely post to share. I hope the migraines ease for you. I know you’re doing all the right things. Congratulations on all the huge milestones you’ve achieved this year. I don’t know how you do it all! It is definitely a year for you to be proud and I know 2013 will be even better for you. I’m like you and enjoy solo crafting and I like crafting in small groups where you can chat and feel part of a group. Sometimes its nice to be alone when crafting and sometimes share it with others.Love seeing your makes pics. The russian dolls are very cute. 🙂 Enjoy a good weekend.

    1. Thanks for your constant support Katharine, it means a lot and it’s because of you (Popular Crafts) that I initially connected with the online Craft Community, so I’m hugely grateful for that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. x

  4. Hey Claire, what a wonderful and honest post. Like you, I’m much more comfortable crafting on my own or with a small group of good friends. I find it terribly hard to concentrate in a big group. I get distracted by the noise and feel less creative because I need clear, quiet space, which allows my imagination to thrive. I can’t even craft with the tv on (although knitting in front of the tv is an exception!). Sometimes I’ll put music on but mostly I work better in a quiet environment (still aspiring to that studio shed at the bottom of the garden!). Maybe that’s got something to do with being a Librarian by day – I’m so use to working and researching in utter silence.

    I also get rather anxious and intimidated by huge groups but, like you say, that’s my own issue and nothing to do with other people and these feelings certainly don’t arise with smaller groups. In fact, the last crafty group thing I did was screen printing. There were about 8 of use – 5 strangers, my Mum, Husband and me. I felt really relaxed but anything bigger I would find it very stressful. Ooh you’ve got me being all reflective too now, which is great as it’s healthy to look at how we are.

    Keeping crafting Claire (‘cos you’re ace) and do it in environments that you feel happy in. After all, crafting is suppose to be relaxing and if we all crafted in the same way, then the craft world would be very dull indeed!

    Have a lovely weekend, Claire!
    Jo 🙂 x

    1. Hi Jo, Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. The screen printing course sounds similar to my crochet classes, in that they are small groups and welcoming spaces – much kinder to the crafters mind I think. For me the environment definitely determines how productive and creative I can be. I appreciate your thoughts and support. Thanks for all your comments on previous posts too. x

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. I know these types of post aren’t always easy to write.

    I think too many of us go along with what we think we should be doing (in terms of jobs, activities, sports, clothing) rather then focusing in on what truly makes us as an individual happy, So pleased you’ve managed to hone in on what makes you happy and keeps you well.

    Love the fact you call it a creative journey and looking forward to reading more!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. Thanks Elena, it was tricky to write so I appreciate that you have acknowledged that. This year has certainly prompted me to look at what makes me happy and I know I’ve still got more of my creative self to discover. x

  6. Definitely a solo/small group crafter, in fact i’m a solo/small group person! There is nothing i dislike more than being in a room full of people (i am kind of dreading my wedding even though It’s all family and friends!) and I love doing crafts alone/with my fiancee (i’m lucky he enjoys bits of it too, i’ve got him knitting and helping with papercrafts – he loves my guillotine a little too much) and maybe in a small group of 3 or 4 although that rarely happens!

    I like the IDEA of a big group until i’m there in that room. Anxiety is a horrible thing..

    1. Clare, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I have to say I am quiet jealous that your hubby to be enjoys crafts too!! What a wonderful thing to share with him. Good luck for your wedding day x

  7. Corr! You’ve made some lovely things recently 🙂
    Well, as you know, I’m a dressmaking type crafter. I’m also thinking about making some jewellery as I love kitsch type bling 🙂
    I think it’s actually really brave of you to talk about your anxiety. I too have had this on and off in the past and know how you must feel when it happens. Meditation is great for it.
    There’s something really nice about crafting in small groups where you can chat and have a laugh..
    Keep up the good work xx

  8. What a lovely honest post (big hug). I definitely am a solo/small group crafter – big groups dont allow me too be as creative to the noise and minimal space, and I never feel as relaxed which always affects my outcome. Yeah to the solo/small group crafters – we rock

  9. I really love and appreciate those blog posts that make me think, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. Crafting is traditionally a solo hobby, so it’s no wonder that other commenters say they’re like you and prefer to work alone or in a small group – I think our type of creative personality is drawn to it. We were the kids who were happiest reading in a corner, colouring or making something (ie friendship bracelets!)! I don’t do my best work in any sort of group – I have a friend who visits for crafting weekends and I now use that time with her for experimenting with new craft materials and sharing skills, but I never produce a finished article until I’m alone. Groups are good for me when I want to learn something, but not when I need to work things out for myself. LucyLovesYa makes a good point about meditation helping with anxiety; I think crafting is my meditation – as well as writing – which just goes to show how important it is in helping all of us to deal with the stress in our lives. I think this is why I set up Creatives Unite – I love the idea of group working, community and support in my crafting, but actually work best alone.

    Thank you for the food for thought. The fact you’re thinking about these subjects and what is right for you must mean you’re on the right path to wellness, and that’s a wonderful thing indeed.


    PS: You really have had an awesome year, well done you! x

  10. I dont craft very often and wouldn’t dare call myself a “crafter”, but in photography I am definitely a “lone ranger”. I get nervous to work with models through my own issues, not any one elses, and for that reason I focus on product photography and advertising. I think creativity has it’s own forms and inspirations for different people. Some thrive bouncing ideas off of each other in a large group, whereas some (like me!) are control freaks who need to know that they are responsible (and therefore the only one to blame) when things don’t work out as imagined or planned – a common disappointment when grand ideas and tiny budgets are involved! Or perhaps I just have trust issues… 😉 haha!

    Whether you work alone or in a group, your creations are so lovely – and I wouldn’t worry about how they are made. I really hope your migraines ease up soon though 🙂 xx

  11. I’d say that the way you were feeling was probably because of your migraines and not a social anxiety issue, but as I dont know you can’t say this with confidence. How did you find it in university lectures? That might be a comparable, though quieter, situation.

    I’d like to join a craft group but the one I’ve tried so far was a bit off- putting with them all going on about school/au pairs/ their children. Yawn!!!!

    Crafting with friends is lovely, so cosy and relaxing.

    1. I think it was a combination of the two things, but I know that my migraines have affected how sensitive I am. University lectures were often small groups which I found easier to cope with. At the time I was studying, my anxiety was low funnily enough.

      You should start your own craft group!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. x

  12. Non of that showed on Wednesday so you did a great cover up job. I was completely shattered after it. It was really busy and, at times overwhelming. I felt guilty that I wasn’t able to give more people my attention and really help them. I too found it hard to focus on much so guess that I am better in smaller groups. I like to build up relationships with people, something that you cannot do in large groups – I never know where to start! I like a bit of solo crafting but a bit of interaction is great to bounce ideas off others.
    I concur that you have achieved a huge amount this year. I am constantly learning about myself and making adjustments so you are not alone by any means. Be proud of what you have achieved whilst evaluating where you are too. You are an amazing person who gives a lot to others – maybe you need to focus in on yourself and your needs a bit more. xxxx

    1. I think you did a marvellous job on Wednesday. I am grateful that you thought of me and offered craft supplies to take home to work on in my own time. For me, instructing others is very stressful in large groups, so I can understand your point about building relationships and interactions.

      Thanks for your endless support – it means a lot. I plan to look forward to 2013 with a more peaceful attitude and a better balance in my life. x

  13. Oh Claire, I know exactly what you mean. I am definitely a solo crafter, I’ve never actually crafted with anyone before to be honest ha ha! But I know I’m a solo “person” so it makes sense I’m a solo crafter?!! I too dislike large groups and gatherings much preferring to be alone with my thoughts or with a small group of people, I’m ok with that though, some of us are just more sensitive I guess.
    You’ve achieved such a lot and are a wonderfully talented lady. Do what makes you feel happy, don’t take on too much and I sincerely hope your migraines get better! xxxx

    1. More than one person has said they have never experienced crafting in a group which surprised me. I think Cambridge is a ‘group’ kind of city if you know what mean; crafting and doing activities in group is common. I think being social and creative is part of the culture here. Thank you for taking the time to comment. x

  14. A very thoughtful post. I’m constantly questioning myself as I expect a lot of others do too. Hearing about what you have achieved this year so far makes me feel very humble. I would say I work best alone and produce my best work at these times but I do enjoy crafty get togethers for inspiration and I am fascinated by how people are so different and interpret things in such different ways. Depending on what kind of group situation I’m in, I do find I sometimes come away thinking “maybe I’m not as bad at things as I think I am”. If I find myself in a situation I am not enjoying I have now learnt to walk away and not let it worry me. After all we are all different in lots of ways but this doesn’t make us wrong! Good luck, hope the migraines improve 🙂

    1. I do enjoy the group crafting for ideas and inspiration, like you. It is nice to hear that the group crafting sometimes gives you confidence. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and comment Alison. x

  15. Oh sweetie! I’m so much like you – not just crafts, life in general I think!!!
    I’m not good in crowds, I don’t like a lot of noise, and I don’t like having to “compete” for space or time or material…
    I’m happiest crafting by myself, or with just a couple of others, with chatter and music filling the (comfortable) silences.
    There’s a lot of us around – maybe that’s why we’re all so close on Twitter – we get the company, the chatter and the banter, but without the physical presence?
    You’ve achieved a hell of a lot in the last 12 months honey, whilst battling some pretty nasty migraines, and I’m really proud of you xxx

    1. I think you are right Stacy, there are a few of us in our online ‘craft community’ that have the same nature and it’s comforting to hear there are others with similar feelings. One day we will all meet 🙂 Thanks for all your support, it’s so nice to have you guys around at the end of a tweet! x

  16. I discovered this year that I am an introvert, I think maybe my story is a bit different as I am housebound so I craft alone anyway, I cant stand more than a couple of people around me because it makes my symtoms worse. But before I became ill I didnt enjoy large groups either. I think this is becuse I am an introvert, I prefer to connect deeply with one or two people rather than have casual acquaintances if that makes sense. I think we have a tendacy to think there is something wrong with us if we prefer to be alone but it is just who we are, nothing more, nothing less. It has a lot of advantages, we see more, we feel more, we have deeper relationships that last longer ( I met my hubby at 16 and we are still together at 30). It does have its disadvantages, I tend to hurt deeper if I am betrayed and find it harder to trust someone again plus I do sometimes feel isolated, but then, that could be the illness too. Crafting is something I do to keep sane so to speak so I dont need to do it with anyone, but it would be nice to be able to attend a small group from time to time and have people to bounce ideas off. x

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Hannah. I found it important to share my feelings as I am becoming more of an introvert since I started crafting. It is odd for me to discover this about myself as I was always quite an extrovert, so it’s quite a shift. You’ve definitely given me more to think about so thanks. x

      1. I would like to come along to one of your meetings. I find it difficult when first attempting to go out and join something new. I suffer too with clinical depression which cuts me of from people a lot at times. When is your next meeting and where? Perhaps you would email me details. Thank you. (PS I am 48 so a bit older than the average in your group)

  17. OK so nothing changes over time!!

    If I may get into psychology mode for a moment (sorry!), crafting is not something people start with other people in mind. We do it because we want to have an outlet for our feelings. Crafting gives us an opportunity to express ourselves without having to converse with others. None of us are insular particularly but we just find it more difficult to let people know how we feel or the type of person we really are so we craft to show the real us. Consequently this cannot be done in a group as it is an opportunity to think deeply about what we really like and what we really are like. Psychology thoughts over!!

    So yes, like everyone else I prefer to craft alone (apart from with you Claire obviously!!) and I like to put my take on anything I make, taking other ideas on board but changing them to suit the person I want to express!

    1. I actually don’t think we have had that much crafting time together which seems ridiculous considering! It is interesting to think about the psychological side of it. I’d be interested to hear how you have found your papercraft classes and what feelings you had about crafting in a group.

      Lately, I have been thinking about what kind of person I am and how craft could have possibly changed me or shaped my personality. I certainly feel more introverted recently but there are many things that have contributed to that; migraines, anxiety, craft etc.

      Thanks for your thoughts. x

  18. I’m a solo crafter, I grew up when crafting wasn’t cool. I cold sew and knit a little but that wasn’t what teenagers should or could be doing so I just kept it to myself. I actually stopped cross stitching for years because it just wasn’t the cool thing to do. Way back before the whole etsy and mollie makes and the cross stitcher magazine got modern and all. Which is probably why I don’t often overly shout out about the crafty things I make now.

  19. I think my favorite crafting atmosphere is me, myself and I, beading away, listening to an audio book.

    I’m a definite introvert, and while I love my friend-time, I think it’s an even greater toll on me if we do something creative together, as I often have to play the teacher role and be in charge. I think I prefer my creative time to be me-time. 🙂

    1. I think many people feel the same, in that their creative time is an opportunity to do something for themselves. I certainly have this feeling as I started crafting after I finished studying and wanted to indulge in my hobbies. Thanks for reading. x

  20. I’m more of a solo crafter too. I tend not to get a lot done when in a big group as I struggle to concentrate. I think at such a large WI crafting is good way to get people to interact. It’s more about socializing than getting any serious crafting done – that’s my take on it anyway. I totally understand how you felt the other night and I hope the migraines get better soon x

  21. Sorry to hear you’ve not been yourself, I’ve never crafted as part of a large group but i do suffer from claustrophobia which can be brought on in large groups so I’d probably say i prefer to work somewhere smaller & cosy (just not too small!) Hope you feel better soon. Em xx

  22. I think I’m the same! I’m like it more though because I have Muscular Dystrophy and walk but can’t walk far, climb stairs easily or get up from chairs easily so need space and get really fidgety if I’m with people and am forever thinking ‘how am I going to get up’ ‘am I going to have to ask for someone to move’ ‘am I going to need to ask someone to lift or pick something up’. I also suffer with migraines and these are usually brought on by stress and worrying..and IBS (through the same).

    I much prefer being with a small group or in my little study crafting away. The other day workmen were outside my study window and kept looking in so I decided to stop crafting until they went as became self conscious (ok I was wearing my dressing gown too and worried I’d flash accidentally too while bending forward to sort through my craft stash).

    I much prefer being in my own little world or with small groups of close friends and family, especially those who let me get on and not jump to conclusions or think I need help all the time.

  23. I think crafting of any kind usually requires more concentration than is possible in a large group. I know I have to have a no-think project on the go to take to my ‘knit n natter’ group as I struggle to follow a pattern while talking.

    We under estimate how exhausting all our work and play can be and if your good health is being affected then your body is trying to tell you something!

  24. Oops, courtesy of a dog’s paw that just got sent linked to the wrong blog and without the last sentence. I was trying to say that I think you’re right to seek out quieter crafting environments that furnish what you need to feel well. (Now, lets see if I can get this comment linked to my blog before the whippet joins in again!)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. I like your idea of a no-think project for knitting groups. I will remember this for sure. x P.S. Hello doggy who likes to comment on blogs!

  25. I haven’t crafted in groups yet. I am incredibly shy and have to push myself to go to anything. I would love to be part of a small group of friends that’s crafted of an evening but I struggle to make friends because of the shyness so I don’t know that many people. So I often have anxiety.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings. Sorry you felt like that, especially after you had looked forward to it so much. Keep persisting though as you can fight these things.


      1. That would be wonderful Claire, I would like that very much. I’m getting better with my shyness. It’s easier over Twitter and IG! Xxx

  26. Claire,

    What you have written is a welcome insight into someone else’s mind. There is a fine line between bubbling over with energy to be surrounded by so many happy people, and being overwhelmed by the noise and bustle. It is a phenomenal achievement that you and the rest of the committee have created such a group.

    You covered up any discomfort well on Wednesday. You are a very charismatic person, and have charmed me each time we’ve met. I hope this is a passing phase for you, but to be perfectly honest, it’s a relief to hear that other people feel the same way. If you feel it, and so many other people here concur, it is normal, and you have allowed us all to say so without shame.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sarah, I really appreciate your supportive comment. It’s been overwhelming to read the response to this blog post, as I have tended to shy away from such personal feelings on my blog. I felt it important to share this time and I’m glad I did. It is a great comfort to know that other people often feel the same. Thanks for your support. x

  27. Firstly, I really do hope your migraines go. They are the most heinous things and, as an occasional sufferer, you really do have my sympathy.
    As far as crafting goes, I think I am a lone crafter or a small group crafter. I don’t struggle with large groups, I just front them out whilst cringing and cowering inside and sometimes the urge to crawl into a corner and hide can be quite overwhelming. Perhaps you just need to take some time out for “you” and do something for you, and only you? Just a thought. xxxx

    1. Thank you for your well wishes. I like the idea of doing something just for me. I’m making a nice crochet blanket at the moment which is just for me, so I shall indulge a little at the weekend with that 🙂

  28. You might like the book ‘Introvert Power’ by Laurie Helgoe. I’m very introverted and always have been, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realised there wasn’t anything ‘wrong with me’ – I don’t apologise for it any more! I need a certain amount of time completely by myself, I don’t like large groups or meeting lots of new people, I need time to recharge after socialising. So yes, I’m definitely a solo crafter, and empty house with just me, my knitting and a cup of tea is perfect bliss!

  29. A really interesting post. I think a lot of us like our own space, and to be within our comfort zone, when crafting. I know I do. On the migraine front, I had a few really awful years when they became chronic and I tried every medication going…some meds were worse than disastrous with devastating side effects. However, a few things worked (tablets for high blood pressure helped, as did HRT patches) but what made a HUGE difference was a gluten-free diet. If you haven’t tried cutting out gluten I would recommend trying it for a short while – it only took a few days to know it was working for me. However, even the tiniest crumb is now enough to trigger a migraine. I’d rather live without gluten than with migraine, though! Good luck with yours, I know how tough it can be x

  30. I’m definitely a control freak crafter and I also have a huuuge complex that other people are better than me. I’m not sure why it matters and it’s definitely something I want to work on.

    We all have our insecurities, I think admitting to them is half the battle.


    Sophie | onetenzeroseven.com/blog

  31. That is so interesting – I have never really thought about this before! I haven’t had the experience of crafting in a big group, so I don’t know what it would be like for me. I do know that when I went to the CK event I suddenly felt nervous, having to come up with ideas on the spot – I realised that I usually plan projects in my mind’s eye for ages before actually starting to make something. Then, when I’m making it, I hardly think about what I’m doing, it’s meditative. I guess that might lend itself to group crafting, because I can chat at the same time etc. But I should try it out more – experiment and see!

    It’s incredible what you’ve achieved this year – I can’t believe you’ve had to deal with medical issues at the same time. I’ve had migraines in the past and know how debilitating they can be. Having them regularly must be so hard. Congratulations on having such a creative, productive and successful year. The WI sounds wonderful!

  32. Hey Claire – I was tempted to private message you as I’m not keen posting in public but given everyone is being so open it seemed wrong. I’m sorry to hear how hard a time you’ve gone through, you should be really proud at what you have achieved. Bizarrely your description of your WI experience this month sounds remarkably like mine at the 2nd open meeting. You all had great activities available but I felt it a bit overwhelmed and ended up hovering round the tea and cake and having a chat with the people I knew from the planning committee. Right near the end I collected the materials to make a felt jammie dodger and just about got it started then brought it home with me and made it here. x

  33. Aww, sorry to hear it was so challenging for you the other day. Clearly you have a lot of support on your blog – i had to scroll down through looooooooads of messages in order to get to the comment form. Your makes look fab!

  34. Your post was very honest thought provoking. I don’t mind going to exhibitions with other people, or crafting one to one, or just a small group. But as for creating I find it easier to create on my own, I can congratulate or curse as I see fit.
    By the way, have you ever tried Feverfew tablets. A family member had migraines and they seemed to help her.
    Wendy x

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Wendy. I asked in Holland and Barratt about Feverfew recently and they said it had been taken off the European market! However, I did see it on Amazon so could try it. The new medication seems to be helping at the moment…..xx

  35. Like you I prefer to work alone or in a small group. I have never been comfortable in large groups, maybe because I’m an only child. I think sometimes in life we need to just accept who we are and be ok with it. A couple of years ago we took on an apprentice at work, he was really quiet, a lovely person and got on well with us, especially when he got to know everyone. But he didn’t like the fact he was quiet. He wanted to be like our event’s organiser, really bouncing and happy all the time. So one day I said to him, “there’s nothing wrong with who you are but you’ll probably never be the life and soul of the party and that’s ok”
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts I’m sure it’s reassured lots of us when we worry we’re not the same as everyone else.
    Ali x

  36. What a great and honest post. I prefer small crafting groups too. I think that it’s easier to connect and feel comfortable. I like crafting when it’s calm around me – not hundreds of people running around and chatting loudly. Crafting is much more fun when you feel comfy with the location and the people around. I hope your next WI meeting will be better. And definitely keep up with those craft evenings at your house – those are by far my favorites 🙂

  37. As someone who has a chronic illness and suffers from anxiety, i can totally understand where you’re coming from. I find crafting extremely therapeutic and i need it to be in a 100% totally comfortable place. Familiar setting and people i know. I cannot feel happy in places of noise. It’s funny how some people LOVE it!! haha It’s not for me. 🙂

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