It’s Paper Dear: Stationery Subscription Box

I’m a stationery geek. A full-on paper loving weirdo.

Since I started blogging, I have discovered it’s not all that weird and there are people like me out there! People Like Zie who runs the stationery subscription box It’s Paper Dear.

Zie amazes me. She runs It’s Paper Dear, whilst juggling school as an illustration student amongst many other things. Even her recent house move didn’t stop any orders being delayed.

It's Paper Dear on claireabellemakes

So, let me share with you this super cute box of stationery goodies, with supplies all hand selected by Zie herself. All for a very reasonable $20 (around £12.95 with a little extra for postage).

It's Paper Dear on claireabellemakes

Cute little notebook and pen…..always room for more notebooks in my life!

It's Paper Dear on claireabellemakes

Super quirky greetings cards from Paper Sparrow. Not something I would usually choose, but that’s what I love about subscription boxes!

It's Paper Dear on claireabellemakes

Gorgeous moleskin notebook and magnet from print maker and visual artist Jessica Gowling. The notebook is just beautifully made and designed. I can’t wait to use it.

It's Paper Dear on claireabellemakes

Polka dots! Chevrons! Paper bags and scrapbooking card 🙂It's Paper Dear on claireabellemakes

These journalling cards are designed and printed by Zie herself and are probably my favourite thing in the box. This spotty box will definitely come in handy. There was also a clicky pencil, but unfortunately, mine hadn’t survived the trip from the US.

It's Paper Dear on claireabellemakes

Cute envelopes, cards, buttons, sequins and washi tape. Such a cute little selection!

I was hugely impressed with the box. It came with a handwritten thank you card and was packaged in pink tissue. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

It’s Paper Dear is available in one month or three month subscriptions. As I’m saving for Christmas holidays this year, I’ll be buying a box as a treat every now and again.

Be sure to check out Zie’s blog over at Hello Darling Dear!

claireabelle x

27 thoughts on “It’s Paper Dear: Stationery Subscription Box

  1. Stationery! There’s just something about it isn’t there? Particularly like the Jessica Gowling designs, British wildlife art is very much my thing. Hope you enjoy all your new papery treasures!

    1. DAMMIT. There goes getting this for Fran as a “surprise” Christmas present :p

      It looks totally amazing- I can’t believe you got all that for less than £20! Hope you have fun deciding what to use it for 🙂

  2. OOOOOhhhhhh!!! Another amazing subscription box! My heart started beating a little faster when I saw this. I’m a stationery addict too, I can spend hours in Paperchase and online searching out notebooks and papery goodness 😀 xx

  3. Need this. I’m also a stationery addict and have a drawer full of notebooks I can’t wait to use. This subscription box looks like a treasure chest to me, thanks for letting us know about Zie!

  4. Oh so cool! I am mad about stationery too. I bet opening that box was super exciting, will def have to look into subscribing to this… x

  5. oh my goodness, this looks amazing!! there are so many good subscription boxes at the moment, it’s torture! i’ve been spending hours looking at stationary the last few days- browsing for next years diary 🙂 x

    1. I actually get everything to delivered to work! The receptionist gets really excited and makes me open all my craft parcels there so she can have a nose 🙂 It was yarn this week (from Texere – great site btw).

        1. I try to keep everything in boxes in my craft room, but right now it looks like someone let a bomb off in there. I have a giant box for paper craft, one for fabric and one for threads, buttons and anything else. I use picnic hampers and baskets for yarn and they are dotted all over the house. Attempting to be organised!

          1. It’s only cos we haven’t got kiddlywinks! G has a mancave and I have a craft room which is also the spare room. To be fair we live in the middle of town and pay stupid amounts.

  6. Teehee, am very pleased to see this and all the lovely responses, because I and the lovely Anna at midorigreen are launching a UK stationery subscription box on 1st November 🙂 will keep you updated! Xx

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