Homecrafts Competition

My recent I Love Post blog post featured a top secret box of yarn which I was kindly sent to me by the craft supplies company Homecrafts Direct. I promised I’d reveal all and show you my makes, so here goes!

Homecrafts Yarn on claireabellemakes

I am one of 10 bloggers who have been sent a stash to make anything we like as part of a Homecrafts competition. I didn’t realise how competitive I was until I started….

My self selected theme for the competition was yarn covered. I started with this Sari yarn as it was so interesting and the texture like nothing I had ever used before.

Sari Yarn on claireabellemakes

I wound the yarn around an old bangle and watched the sari colours change as I wrapped. I love how it turned out and it was a great upcycle to a boring bangle I didn’t really wear.Wrapped Bangle by claireabellemakes

I confess to having a jar collecting obsession for no apparent reason, so my next item to upcycle was a jam jar. The cream coloured yarn was more like twine, so I tightly wrapped around the jar and glued the end in place. My trusty glue gun helped fix the button and lace ribbon decorations. A really simple project!

Yarn Wrapped Jar by claireabellemakes

The last two items I covered were with DK yarn in dark colours, so I decided to crochet. This mug warmer (quite wintery in both purpose and colour!) was made with a simple strip of double crochet.

Mug warmer by claireabellemakes

The final item I covered was a coat hanger. I love these, as padded coat hangers that are shop bought can often be expensive. For a very padded effect, I crocheted this with two strands making a thin strip of treble crochet for the length of the hanger. I slipped it over the hook and then double crocheted to join at the bottom.

Crochet Coat Hanger by claireabellemakes

Receiving a box of supplies as part of the competition really ignited my creativity. I can’t wait to see what everyone else makes!

What do you think of my yarn covered creations? I really enjoyed making them!

claireabelle x