Inheriting A Yarn Stash

In March this year, I lost my dear Nan whom I was very close to. I can’t say time has made her passing any easier, but perhaps we find ways to cope and get on with life.

My Nan was an extremely creative woman. She was a dress maker and knitter. We loved to write letters to one another. We spoke on the phone regularly and she was proud of all members of her family for every achievement, no matter how small.

I guess it is inevitable that clearing someone’s belongings will take some time. Recently, my Mum asked if I would like to have Nan’s yarn stash. I have to admit, I did wonder where it all was when I cleared out her sewing room. We had found a huge bag in her attic.


As a child, I remember the knitting machine. It amazed me. The giant spools were loaded and the handle pulled across to make knitting. I guess it was magical in a way. We used to spend time at my grandparents house after school and often watched Nan knitting her latest garment by hand or putting the finishing touches to her cross stitch. She always had something on the go.


I found it hard to go in my craft room for a long while after she died. I had bags of her fabric and trimmings and even something as small as her pin cushion held too many memories. Sometimes I will have a moment of reflection when I am in there and I wonder what she would think of my latest crochet jumper attempt or my Etsy store. I felt a bit lost with my creativity knowing I couldn’t share it with her.


She kept every scrap of yarn. There were some even smaller than this. We found packs of curtain rings, travel sewing kits, safety pins, hooks, all sorts of items she imagined were useful.



Nan didn’t crochet much. I found these granny squares in plastic bags underneath all the yarn. I wonder if I should find some yarn to match and start a blanket in her memory. That would be nice knowing she had started it.


She always swatched. A good knitter was Nan.


I don’t really know what the purpose of this post was. Some time for reflection perhaps. I feel I can’t really share my creativity without mentioning her sometimes, as she inspired me greatly.


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