Crafternoons: Fabric Noticeboard

I come from quite a creative family on my Mum’s side. I’m a trained dancer, all the boys love cooking, my Nan was a dress maker, my Mum knits and sews a bit and my sister is a super papercrafter.

It was only recently that my sister and I realised we had never had a crafting day together – madness! So we planned a day of making stuff and catching up, with a bit of crafty shopping thrown in.

For our first crafternoon together, we decided to make Fabric Noticeboards. I also introduced Emma to needle felting (I sold it with “you get to stab stuff”) and we did some mod podge and fabric projects.

Here are a few pics from our afternoon.

Fabric Noticeboard1

I got a bit too excited about using a staple gun – craft geek!

Fabric Noticeboard2

All crafternoons require tea, chocolate and utter mess (G was a bit shocked ha!).

Fabric Noticeboard3

I used a pretty Clarke and Clarke fabric and vintage lace I’d been saving for a while.

We used wooden boards and lots of wadding, stapling the fabric and ribbons in place to create a padded effect. To cover the staples on the front we glue gunned buttons on. I LOVE glue gun craft projects.

Fabric Noticeboard3

Here is Emma with her completed heart themed fabric noticeboard.

Fabric Noticeboard5

And here I am with my blue floral one! Excuse my no make up and beginnings of a migraine face!

Fabric Noticeboard6

We had such a fun afternoon but the time went WAY too fast! We learnt that furnishing fabrics work better and wooden boards (not cork) are best. It was a fairly easy project, but much faster with two people.

What do you think of our makes? Have you got any crafty family members?