Spike Stitch Crochet Handwarmers Pattern

Ooh an extra Thursday post this week! Today I am sharing this spike stitch crochet handwarmer pattern. This is a perfect crochet project for beginners and you can use any colours you like!


I used Jenny Watson Pure Merino Double Knitting in Rose and Cream. You will need 50g of Rose and around 20g of cream using a 4mm crochet hook (I use this one). It’s a super cosy yarn and doesn’t split at all.

If you are completely new to crochet, I would recommend learning the basic terms and stitches via this You Tube channel first. 


Here’s how you make the simple crochet mittens. It is a 9 row pattern repeated over two rectangle pieces joined into a mitt shape. Yarn A is Rose and Yarn B is Cream. The pattern is shown in UK terms.

Spike stitch: insert hook into 1 row below and work dc as normal.

  • To begin: using yarn A, ch 36+1 for turning
  • Row 1: 1 dc into second ch from hook and dc to end. Turn.
  • Rows 2 & 3:  ch1, 1dc into each st to end of row. Turn. At end of row 3, fasten off yarn A and join yarn B.
  • Row 4: ch1, 1 dc into 1st st, *1 spike st into next st. 1 dc in next st, rep from * to end of row. Turn.
  • Row 5: Repeat row 2. Fasten off yarn B and join yarn A.
  • Row 6: Work as row 4.
  • Rows 7 – 9: Repeat rows 1-3.
  • Work 5 repeats of rows 1-9.
  • Fold your rectangle in half with the right sides facing. With yarn A, slip stitch to join the edges leaving a 1 inch gap around two thirds up for a thumb hole.
  • Weave in the ends and turn your handwarmers the right way out.
  • Repeat for the second mittern!


Super snuggly for keeping your hands warm!! I am sure someone will ask – the nail polish is Pomegranate by Barry M.




I would love to see if you make these mitterns/handwarmers. Make sure to share if you do!



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