Motivational Cards In Store Now

I’ve been working super hard in the studio lately to bring lots of new things to the shop and to revise the packaging on some existing products. Finally, things are coming together and there are some new releases!

This collection of motivational and inspirational cards can be sent to spread a little positivity or to show someone how proud of them you are! I like CRUSHED IT as an alternative congratulations card 🙂

You will notice that these cards are already in the shop as A5 prints, but after a few requests they have now been developed as cards. I once sold YOU GOT THIS to a girl who was giving it to her pregnant friend so they really are for any occasion!you-got-this-scrabble-card dream-big-card crushed-it-card nailed-it-card

I hope you like them! Next week I hope to be sharing the new Christmas decorations with you and designing my market stall display for some upcoming events. Lots to do!




Free Printables – Scrabble Inspired Prints

Last week I saw this t-shirt and knew I just had to turn it into a wall art piece! So today, I want to share with you some free printable wall art that you can use in your craft spaces, planner dashboards or even to send as a postcard.


I would recommend printing the designs on card stock or photo paper to get the best quality. Fans of the film Pitch Perfect will particularly love the pineapple one below.


You can download the free printables here and be sure to share with me how you display or use them. All my social links are below!



Makers Gonna Make Wall Art

Just dropping in to let you know there’s some new stuff in the shop!

These “Makers Gonna Make” wall art frames are some of my favourite Scrabble inspired gifts I’ve made. They are currently available in two background fabrics.

Makers-Gonna-Make-Scrabble-Wall-Art-Claireabellemakes Makers-Gonna-Make-Scrabble-Wall-Art-Claireabellemakes-Grey Makers-Gonna-Make-Wall-Art-Grey-CloseUp


Shop-Now-ClaireabellemakesI hope you like them! It might sound crazy, but I am going to be thinking about Christmas ranges pretty soon. If you have any requests, send them my way! I’ll be bringing back the Scrabble Inspired Christmas card collections too.

Anyway, enough of that. Back to summer!



New In Store: Scrabble Inspired Cards

The last two months have been full of new things. New people to meet, new fairs, new events, new craft parties, new projects and new CARDS! It’s been a super duper whirlwind and I’ve been on the verge of burnout, but I think I’ve just about made it to summer.

So, here are the new Scrabble Inspired cards I’ve been working on. I hope you like them! And because you guys are the best, there’s a free shipping coupon code at the end of this post.

Thank-You-Scrabble-Card-Super-Duper-Scrabble-Card--Claireabellemakes Happy-Birthday-Scrabble-Card-Claireabellemakes Super-Duper-Scrabble-Card--Claireabellemakes Get-Well-Soon-Scrabble-Card-Claireabellemakes Cheers-Scrabble-Car-Claireabellemakes

Make sure to use the coupon code NEWSTUFF at the checkout to grab free shipping until 6 July 2015.

Shop-Now-ClaireabellemakesHope you like them! Would love to hear of any designs you think I should add to the shop.



Instalife October 2014

I almost forgot to prepare this post as I couldn’t quite believe it was November already! October gave us a truly magnificent Autumn in Cambridge and I know I always say it but I’m SO grateful for this beautiful city. For some weeks I hardly leave, but I never feel suffocated like I did in London. Despite having migraines almost every weekend last month, I managed to take my meds effectively and push through for some nice days and crafty happenings.

Here’s what I got up to via my Instagram photos.

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-Cambridge-October-2014Bike rides with G around the city / Lunch breaks and walks on sunny days

Finding the Pumpkins at the market / Enjoying autumn colours

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-BlogCrafts-October-2014Working on an IKEA Hack / Craft Party fun / Lemon Sherbet Cake

A free crochet pattern / Blanket progress / Knitting for me

The Studio Tour! / A DIY for stationery lovers / Sharing my Favourites

 Visiting the flower market for blooms / Bike Spotting around the city

Decorating my bike and enjoying the journey to the day job

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-October-2014Stationery love / Pink Scrabble! / Craft Party Projects

Baking / Crochet Book launch / Sentimental craft supplies

Launching bike streamers / Autumn Tea / Pumpkin carving party

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-Shop-October-2014Launching new products and packaging for the shop

Preparing stock for giveaways and charity events

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-Tammy-October-2014And finally Tammy. Because she’s flat faced and fluffy and doesn’t stop miaowing.

Here’s to November! It’s my birthday month and G and I are off on a mini break to the seaside. Can’t wait.




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