Photo Walk: Spring Time Flowers and Bicycles

There’s something about every season in Cambridge that makes me love it even more than the year before. In Spring, it is definitely the flowers!! There are so many green spaces and gorgeous parks that are filled with colourful blooms.

I’ve called this post a ‘photo walk’, but in fact it was a photo cycle! Here are some images of Florence enjoying the flowers. I had to include her yearly photo shoot with the wisteria. It smells AMAZING.

Bicycles-And-Wisteria-Claireabellemakes Tulip-Flowers-In-Cambridge Bike-Basket-Tassels Tulips Bicycles-and-Tulips-Claireabellemakes Spring-Tulips

You can see my previous floral photo walk/cycle posts here and here. I love how the tulip colours in this park change every year!

Oh, and here is Florence’s wisteria picture from last year, her basket was naked as she was quite new! I think the flowers are much fuller too.


I do look forward to some summer photo walks, I think I’ll be punting and picnic-ing lots! What’s the best thing about where you live in the Spring time?



Photo Walk: Floral

This summer, I am noticing more flowers than ever. Cambridge has many a cottage garden filled with hollyhocks and bright blooms, so I was inspired to grab my new camera and get out on a floral photo walk.

I shall not apologise for the photo heavy post, as I don’t think one could get bored of looking at flowers!


There are roses in so many wonderful colours in Cambridge.


I bet these would look so pretty if you replicated them in paper form.


This Florist in Cambridge is so beautiful looking.


Our gardener has planted hollyhocks in our front garden and some are almost as tall as the house! (I am really a terrible gardener and am very grateful for help).


I love the delicate texture of the hollyhock flower close up.


My photo walk extended to the V&A courtyard where hydrangea lined the walls.


The pretty pink and lilac hues are stunning.


I’ve also been lucky enough to be gifted flowers over the last couple of months including some beautiful peonies.


The soft petals are heavenly.


This bouquet was colourful and so huge, I had to split it across a few vases when arranging.


What are your favourite flowers? I adore Spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils, but you can’t beat peonies and hydrangeas too. I’m always looking for inspiration for the floral inspired items in my Etsy store.

What other types of Photo Walks would you like to see on the blog? Let me know in a comment below. I’m always open to ideas if it means I get to practice my photography!



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