Guest Post – DIY Paper Clip Lace Earrings

I’m super excited to introduce my bloggy pal Amy today with a fab DIY for these pretty earrings. Her blog is a gorgeous space filled with lace and paper DIYs, so do check it out!


Hi there, I’m Amy from Amy Christa. I am so excited to be sharing a craft tutorial on how to make these gorgeous earrings from the humble paper clip. I have been reading Claire’s blog for ages, even taking inspiration from one of her brilliant tutorials to create a post on my blog. I’m really chuffed to be doing a post exchange (bit of a fan girl moment).


Right back to the tutorial, I must say now these are a little tricky and can take a bit of time, but they are so worth the extra effort. Here’s what you will need to make all three designs…


  • paper clips
  • superglue
  • side cutter pliers/flat nose pliers/round nose pliers
  • double sided sticky tape
  • coloured thread
  • white thread
  • lace
  • scissors
  • jump rings
  • long ballwire

1) firstly, take your paper clip and start unfolding. 2) it should start to take the shape of a triangle, you may need to fold and unfold a couple of times. 3) you may have a bit of an overlap, just cut off the excess, with your cutters, so the two ends meet perfectly. 4) use superglue to secure the ends together. Make sure when you leave it to dry, the glued side is away from anything. I have a triangle stuck to my coffee table, whoops!


5) cut a piece of double sided sticky tape the length of one side of the triangle. Start with the side where the join is and roll the tape around it to create a smooth surface to attach your thread to. Cut six strands of thread, all a metre long, and attach the ends to the double sided sticky tape. 6) start wrapping the thread around, covering up those ends underneath, continue this all the way around the triangle. When you come to the corners; use small pieces of double sided sticky tape to create a smooth corner. 7) once the whole triangle is covered, secure the ends using superglue, once dry, cut off any remaining thread. 8) the glue may darken the thread slightly so just make sure this is the back.


9) use your flat and round nose pliers to open both jump rings and use these to secure the ballwire, it should look something like the picture below.


Now onto the next design, things start to get a little more fiddly.

1) for this design, I always use white thread because you have to use a lot more glue and it doesn’t show as much on the white thread. For these earrings, follow all the steps of the first blue earrings but do not cut off the ends! Also you will need six strands of thread, all a metre and a half long. You need this extra length to create the intricate design. When you get to the stage where you have covered the whole triangle, separate one strand of thread from the rest. 2) wind this strand around the triangle in a random pattern, secure the end with glue and once dry, cut off the end. 3) continue doing this with the rest of the strands. Once finished, add the jump rings and ballwire the same as before.


Now for my favourite design, lace! Over on my blog, I use lace a lot, probably too much, can you ever have too much lace?! Anyway back to the earrings.

1) repeat the steps for the first earrings, although this time using white thread. This will create a base for your lace. Cut two pieces of lace just bigger than your triangle. Try and use one with a bigger block of design and another with less going on. The one with the big design will be the front of your earring. 2) lay the back panel on top off your triangle. 3) superglue all the sides down, making sure you pull tight, this will create depth when both panels are complete. Trim off the excess lace and repeat for the front panel. 4) again add the jump rings and ballwire.


There you are! They make the perfect handmade gift and are also an easy and inexpensive way to update any outfit.


Thank you so much for reading, you can find more from me at Amy Christa and a massive thank you to Claire, you’re awesome!

Thanks so much Amy, these earrings are so pretty! And I love that they are made from the humble paperclip, so fun. You can find my DIY for this marbled clay jewellery on Amy’s blog here.




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