How I Stay Organised

Following on from my Day In The Life post, I thought I’d share how I stay organised! I balance a full-time job (as a PA), an Etsy store and this blog as well as managing chronic migraines. Being sick regularly means I have to be super organised and plan some contingency ‘recovery’ time into my life too. So, here we go!

Filofax Planner


I am a big fan of paper. I also adore my smart phone and tablet, but my Domino A5 filofax keeps my entire life in order. I divide my planner into various sections and keep notes, diaries and ideas jotted down at all times.

My health section includes migraine diaries I can take to my neurologist so we can assess the patterns of my attacks regularly.

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Editorial Calendar

Blogging is hard work let me tell you. I couldn’t stick to a regular posting schedule unless I planned in advance. I tend to plan a month in advance using the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin and also this printable calendar by the Elli Blog. Scheduling is definitely essential as I plan my Etsy shop marketing strategy into my blog life too.


Monthly Budget

About 8 years ago I read a book about managing personal finance and ever since then I have drawn up a monthly budget. I keep track of all expenditure in a handy app called My Spending which allows you to download graphs and data each month. G and I both use this and it is great way to see how much of our pay goes into Starbucks!


Daily To Do List

In my Filofax planner I add a weekly to do list with tasks for each day including my cleaning, business tasks and personal items. There is nothing more satisfying that crossing off a completed item. I use this 7 Day to Do pad from the Kirstie Allsopp stationery range.


Apps and Devices

I use a number of apps on my smart phone and Nexus 7 Tablet. All blog reading and management of my Etsy orders is completed via these devices. I also use Wunderlist for keep tracking of my shopping lists and notes as well as Noom Coach to track my food intake and exercise.

If I need some downtime for meditation I use the Headspace app.


Meal Planning

One of my new year’s resolutions was to keep my home life in order with regular meal planning and cleaning. We have stuck to the meal planning as much as we can and it has helped make our food shop go further. I also think we are eating better as a result. The cleaning schedule has been the hardest thing to keep up with, especially on migraine days.

The blackboard wallpaper we used is very cheap and available on Amazon here.


Thoughts on Productivity

I make it a personal mission to never waste a moment. Having tasks to do every day can be exhausting, but I find that keeping organised is vital so I don’t become overwhelmed. And believe me I have those moments! That’s when G steps in with a cup of calming tea and some encouraging words and I know I’ll be OK.

TEA Scrabble Brooch by Claireabellemakes
TEA Scrabble Brooch by Claireabellemakes

How do you stay organised? Please do share your tips for us all in the comments. I love discovering new ways to keep my life in order because man it’s hectic!



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