Christmas Craft Ideas

Hands up if you love Christmas crafting?! There is something about cosying up with a Christmas craft magazine or festive project that gets me in the spirit. I’ve been super busy with my shop and markets to do much holiday crafting (EXHAUSTED), but here are a few things I’ve been briefly enjoying.

Mollie Makes Christmas magazine is a festive special of craft projects and handmade gift ideas. Some of the projects are repeated from previous issues of the magazine, but it’s still a good one to pick up! (That’s a festive bakewell in the photo as I hate mince pies).Mollie-Makes-Christmas-MagazineEvery year I buy the Prima Christmas Makes magazine. It’s completely packed with gift ideas, Christmas DIYs and decor inspiration. I love this magazine and get my back issues out every year for ideas. Plus, this year’s issue had a gingerbread man decoration kit to try, cute!Prima-Christmas-Makes-Magazine

A super easy DIY to try for Christmas are glitter baubles.  I just covered a polystyrene ball in PVA glue and added glitter! I left mine on these skewers to dry (after spraying with hairspray to set) and I may just leave them like this. If you want them on the tree, you just add a ribbon secured with a pin.DIY-Glitter-BaublesI am really looking forward to trying this Needle Felting Penguin kit over the holidays. A complete bargain from Hobbycraft at just £3. Have any of you tried it? I’ll Instagram the results I’m sure!Christmas-Needle-Felting-KitsEach year I like to make beaded snowflake decorations as gifts. My local bead shop sells little kits for them (also online) and we made a few at my last WI meeting. They look so pretty when you get them on the tree next to a fairy light or two.


And lastly, I made a Gingerbread House for the first time ever! I definitely feel like I’ve been missing out all these years. The lovely people at The Biscuiteers sent me this fab DIY Gingerbread House Kit which comes in the most beautiful tin. I think it would make a super gift and is a great craft to do with your kids.


It looks like a kid decorated it (oops) but I think messy piping is part of the charm…….right?! The tin had some basic instructions, but I actually found it much more helpful to Google for these instructions on the Biscuiteers blog. Mine looks nothing like the beautiful instructions but I had fun anyway!

I may build another from scratch over the holidays and take some more time.


What are you favourite Christmas crafts to try? I’d love to know what you’ve been working on. Why not follow my Holiday Crafts Pinterest board for ideas? Somehow, I have passed 40,000 followers over there!

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Biscuiteers Baking Company

DIY Felt Succulent Wreath

This week’s DIY is for this Felt Succulent Wreath, perfect for the holiday season. I made this to enter the Direct Blinds Deck Your Door wreath competition, so I hope you enjoy it and please cross your fingers for me to win!Felt-Succulent-Wreath-DIY-By-Claireabellemakes

This is a great craft project for beginners as it just requires some glue gun action – my favourite! I will be posting a review on my new glue gun on Wednesday so stay tuned.

I got all my supplies from Hobbycraft so will link to them below, but you should be able to find them in most craft stores.

Felt-Succulent-Wreath-DIY-SuppliesYou will need:

Start by wrapping the hessian strip around the wreath form, applying hot glue each time you wrap the back of wreath. Do not press the hessian/burlap down with your hands as the hot glue will seep through and you will burn your fingers! Wait until cool and smooth the fabric.

Hessian-Felt-Succulent-Wreath-DIYContinue wrapping and gluing the hessian until the entire wreath form is covered.How-To-Make-A-Seasonal-Wreath

Set your wreath aside. Now I’m going to show you how to make a felt succulent.

Cut around 15 pieces of felt measuring approximately 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. Also cut 1 piece of felt measuring 1.5 inch by 2 inches. This rectangle piece will form the centre of your succulent plant. Roll the rectangle piece up and glue the end.


Trim one side of each square of felt, to form a curve and point. These will be your succulent plant leaves. Place a line of hot glue along the bottom edge and press around the centre roll of felt towards the bottom.

Keep working around your succulent, adding leaves as you go.Making-A-Felt-Succulent

Make a second felt succulent using a contrasting felt colour. I varied the petal shape cutting each felt square into a diagonal point.

Once your felt succulents are made, it’s time to attach them to your wreath.Make-Your-Own-Felt-Succulents Apply hot glue to the bottom of each felt succulent and gently press onto the front of the wreath. How-To-Make-A-Succulent-WreathTake a loop of twine and glue to a small piece of the hessian, to make a hanging loop for the wreath. Glue the hessian in place.

Then your felt succulent wreath is ready to hang! I think I might work on it further to add some smaller plants to the wreath, what do you think?


I really enjoyed making this wreath and I’m already thinking of new DIYs for felt succulents as I am terrible at keeping real plants alive!

You can view my wreath projects for last year here and here.



 *Direct Blinds compensated me for the materials used in this project, for the purpose of the competition.
*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates. Read more about my disclosure policy here.