Filofax Refillable Notebook Review

I’ve been working hard on lots of planner posts and videos lately, as I really want you guys to use this space as a resource when searching for planner options!

So when Filofax got in touch and asked me to share their latest product, I knew my fellow stationery geeks would love to see a review of the Filofax Refillable Notebook.Filofax-A5-Refillable-Notebook-Review-By-ClaireabellemakesThe refillable notebooks are A5 or Pocket sized and come with an elastic closure. Made from a leather look material, the notebooks are available in vibrant colours such as fuschia (pictured), aqua and orange. For a more corporate or classic look, you can find them in black, navy and red.


The notebooks are spiral bound and lay flat when opened. Each one comes with a clear ruler, dividers and lined/grid pages that can be easily removed and added to the notebook. You can buy the Filofax pages to refill, or DIY your own by using a hole punch and cutting a slit.A5-Refillable-Notebook

The dividers included are standard A5 size and one has a pocket on the front. The colours are a bit ‘office supplies store’ if you know what I mean. I think they’d be worth decorating or covering as the primary colours don’t seem to fit with the pretty fuschia look. Filofax-Dividers-For-Refillable-NotebookThis would be a great notebook for students or for someone who is working on projects that have a particular life span as papers can be switched out easily. Filofax-Notebook-ReviewDespite the small spiral, the notebook can be filled with quite a few pages and it’s best selling point is that it can also be folded back on itself. Review-Filofax-Refillable-Notebooks It is a lightweight notebook so perfect for carrying around in your bag.Refillable-Notebooks-Filofax

The notebooks are reasonably priced at £12.99 for A5 and £9.99 for Pocket and are available hereA5-Refillable-Filofax-Notebook

Would you use a refillable notebook? Let me know if you have any notebook or planner recommendations as I’m always keen to find more! I’ve also posted a video review on my You Tube channel below or you can click here.

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My Planner Collection

Today I thought I’d share a little stationery love with you and indulge in my planner collection. I’ve used a planner since I was a teen, when I had a pink pocket Filofax which got me through my studies and early adult life. Now I have so much more to keep track of, so I have upped my planner game.

I currently have 6 planners (one not pictured, but more on this later). I use one of these planners to keep track of my personal and business life and then switch in and out of them when I fancy a change. My preference is to use a ring bound planner (rather than spiral, disc or book bound), as I find it easier to organise.

Collecting planners can be an expensive hobby, but I figure it is better than buying cigarettes or alcohol!


My current planner is a Large Perforated Leather Kikki K one in ice blue. This is equivalent to an A5 size planner from Filofax. Kikki K are definitely my favourite planner brand and I’m so psyched to see their London store open later this year!

This is the first planner I’ve had with a popper closure rather than an elastic and I find it stays in better condition. The Kikki K inserts are sometimes a little thin in paper quality, but the beauty of a ring bound planner means you can change that if you wish! See my full review and unboxing of this planner here.


I also use the Kikki K Large Leather Lilac and Gold Time planner, which again is A5 sized. I think this is no longer in stock, but Kikki K release new planners all the time so it may come back in a different form!


These planners can be stuffed pretty full and both have gold rings inside. The front inside cover is probably my favourite of all the planners as it has plenty of little pockets and a zip section.


I like to create custom dividers and ‘dashboards’ (the first page of your planner) and also decorate each week with washi tape, stickers and journalling cards for quotes.


Next up is a Filofax planner. Also ring bound, the Filofax A5 Domino Patent Organiser in turquoise has probably been used the least. I love the colour and shiny look, but all my papers and sticky notes kept falling out of the inside pocket each time I opened it. Apart from that, it’s a great planner and is really affordable in comparison to leather planners.


I also have the A5 Domino Filofax Planner in deep pink which is a really solid planner and also affordable at about £35 in most retailers. Mine did suffer a few scuffs and dents in my bag, but that is to be expected from a planner which gets daily use. At the moment, it holds spare planner paper and inserts.


Last year I was introduced to a new planner – The Happiness Planner. A gratitude journal combined with a planner, it encourages self reflection and positive thinking. Even though it was a hardbound book, I loved it’s gold foil design and inspirational contents.

You can see my review of the 2015 planner here and do come back on Saturday when I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the 2016 Happiness Planner. It’s really quite pretty and is selling out fast!

A-Review-of-Happiness-Planner-by-ClaireabellemakesEDIT: I may have also miscounted. I actually have 7 planners after I got the Blogtacular x Lollipop planner for organising my blog!



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August Favourites 2014

August has been all about the pretty things. I’ve been spending a lot of time working at my desk, catching up on deadlines, blog posts and Etsy store plans.

The pink clipboard was a couple of pounds from Staples but I can’t seem to find it online. The pen pot is IKEA, the bicycle decoration from Sainsburys, the candle is Kikki K and the jar is Ashley Thomas for Debenhams. (Not all new of course!). The fabric frame art is a DIY I shared here.


As most of you know, I’m a big Filofax geek, so I repurposed this wooden box I found for £1 in a charity shop for all my supplies. It holds my Project Life Journalling cards, twine, glue sticks, erasers, pens and sticky notes.

Craft Storage

I purchased this cat washi tape from a fellow Instagram stationery addict who found it in a store in Sweden.


Continuing the stationery theme, I’ve been enjoying using this handmade leather notebook which G got me a few years ago on a holiday in Portugal. If you have ever given me a business card, it is stapled into this notebook with a handwritten note added.


After discovering Benu at Renegade Craft Fair last autumn, I’ve had my eye on their leather pom pom necklaces. This month I snapped one up and I love it!!


Continuing the necklace theme, I picked up this donut pendant in the La La Land sale as well as some pencils from their Popcult pencil range which is just AWESOME.


Brownie points to those of you who can guess the TV show these quotes are from! Take a guess in the comments below…..

I’m still deciding what to use these cardboard floral suitcases for. They were fairly inexpensive at £6.99 for the set and I picked them up from The Works.


My beauty favourite for the month is the Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. This year I’ve had a proper skin care regime which includes this mask once a week.


Now these Carvela sneakers are a definite favourite for the way they look BUT they gave me the biggest blisters ever on a recent trip to Norfolk to watch G sky dive. I had to stuff tissues in my socks on the train ride, due to the lack of plasters. So sparkly though!


My last favourite is this super duper cute tin which looks like a cake slice. I might have to start taking it to parties for take away cake ha! It was only £2 from Hobbycraft and they have tons of other cake and biscuit tins in the range.


G and I have also been enjoying Netflix (late to the party!) and we are currently binge watching Orange Is The New Black and enjoying the odd episode of Adventure Time. What have your favourites been for August?



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*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates.

FiloFax Inspiration #2

It is time for the second post in the FiloFax Inspiration series! This month I have been gathering inspiration from blogs and stationery shops to share with you. All images are by the blogs or shops listed. Enjoy!


FiloFaxlove print by Cuppaju


Every day printable FiloFax planner by Miss Tiina


FiloFax maintenance tips by Strange Charmed


Cute Valentines FiloFax layouts by Frances Marquez-Otero


Printable monthly planners by What She Hearts


Stickers and tape all by Ma Jolie Papeterie

(Website in French, but thanks Elise for the tip here!)

You can also find tons of Filofax items on Amazon as well as in Paperchase and WH Smith stores in the UK.

Have you blogged about your FiloFax? Do share your links in the comments below.



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*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates.

Filofax Inspiration #1

Last year I used an electronic calendar for the entire year. I had multiple pieces of paper in my bag in addition to the calendar on my smart phone and it really didn’t work for me. Having stuck it out for 12 months, I decided that my life required a Filofax.

So today’s post is the first in a new series of Filofax inspiration! I’m just making a start with mine, so I’m hoping these posts will develop over time.


With my Christmas money, I purchased the A5 Pink Domino Personal Organiser, available here.


I used to have a pocket organiser a few years back and still had the pen which fits nicely next to the inside cover with my business cards. I’m planning to fill these slots with pretty post its.


There are two pen holders on the Domino Filofax so I have also chosen to include this cute one from the Kirstie Allsopp Stationery range.

Fabric-Tape The Works in Cambridge was having a huge sale this weekend so I picked up this reel of fabric tape for just 99p.


Each week has a fabric or washi tape design added to the top of the page (I have a week on 2 pages which comes with the Domino as standard).


The Kirstie Allsopp to do list sheets are slightly bigger than A5, so I have trimmed some to size and used a one hole punch along the edge. I have one list per week which includes my cleaning chores, business goals and outstanding Etsy store orders.


I’ve been looking at these Scotch paper cutting tools for a while now, but I couldn’t find them for cheaper than £10 which I thought was a bit steep for what it was. Then, The Works came to the rescue and I snapped this one up for £1.99. I’ll report back on how it cuts and whether I’ll be ditching the scissors!


I plan to also decorate each week with washi tape (these are from the Kirstie Allsopp range) and some Cath Kidston stickers.  G gave me these ones in my stocking this Christmas.


The Cath Kidston stickers will have a goal for that week written on them. The first week in January was to organise and clean! I also wrote this New Start post showing my meal planning chalkboard that week.

Each day I write one ‘happy thing’ in the diary section and usually it will be the simple things that have cheered me that day.


I thought the standard dividers where a little dull, so have recovered in craft papers and sectioned my papers off into Blog, Health and Bills. Before purchasing the Filofax, I had separate plastic wallets in my bag for my blog planner and migraine diaries. Now it is all in one place.


I’ll be adding more sections to show you in future posts, including a note section for business ideas.


These mini notelets were from Hobbycraft in the Tilly Daydream range. There are a number of cute designs in each pad. I’m sure I’ll find a use for these for shopping lists or similar.


Finally, I need advice from my lovely followers and fellow crafters! Where in the world can I buy a decent glue runner / tape roller?!! This Hobbycraft one is driving me insane as it’s truly rubbish and I haven’t been able to find one since my fantastic one from the US ran out.

So that’s the beginnings of my Filofax and the first in the inspiration series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and please do share any Filo tips or links you have in the comments below.



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