March Favourites 2014

Can someone tell me where March went please? Wowzers it was a fast month!

Firstly, I’d love to share with you a little feature I had this week on the Eleanor’s NYC blog. They are a fashionable biking accessories store in New York and offer biking tips and DIYs on their blog. You can read my interview here. It includes this cheesy photo if you need any persuading haha!


Anyway, here are my favourites for March including some handmade, craft, stationery, fashion and beauty things I’ve been loving.

Handmade coasters by Finest Imaginary and The Bellwether.


Getting back into Smashbooking!



This beautiful handmade mint doily is from a fellow Etsy seller in Cambridgeshire. It’s utterly stunning and really delicate.


My sweet pea Cambridge Satchel comes on all tea and coffee dates with me. I’m now coveting the Shoulder Bag in Orchid and the luggage tags to add to my collection.


New (to me) stationery brands. My Kikki.K haul has been keeping me very happy. Can you see a mint theme in this blog post?!


Gold Bakers Twine from Riky and Nina on Etsy.


Of course I’m no beauty blogger and I’m actually not that much of a make up gal, but I absolutely love Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. Well worth the £20 price tag.


New shoes! When I want to buy something new, I always wait at least 30 days before purchasing to make sure I still want it. These Patent Mary Janes from Topshop are so super comfy and go with my wardrobe well (I wear dresses every day).


What have been your favourites this month?

If you’re a stationery geek like me, keep an eye out for next week’s posts as it is National Stationery Week! There will be giveaways and lots of inspiration, so make sure you are following via my links below.



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February Favourites 2014

I’m really enjoying putting together these Favourites posts for you guys, as it makes me realise a) how much I spend on random stuff each month, and b) how sometimes it’s not THINGS that matter. However, you can expect stationery, tea items and general bicycle obsessions to be included in these posts…..

First up, these cute macarons. But they are not edible! They’re actually erasers – how realistic are they?! I got them in stationery store Blott. I also bought this because aaaw!


This stamp came in a set from Next with metallic ink. It was a birthday gift, but I’ve only just got around to using them.


I’ve had this bicycle notebook for a while, but I finally wrote on the first page (does anyone else hate that moment?!) and it is now my ‘biz things’ notebook.


I’m becoming a little obsessive about mail swaps. Although this one was an in-person swap I did with blogger Emma from Mab Is Mab. How cute is EVERYTHING? The thing that looks like a pencil is actually a pen. All my friends are obsessing over them at the moment and we have dubbed them the “Pen Pencil”.


I took the plunge and changed my magazine subscriptions to digital. I thought I would hate it but I actually don’t! It saves on paper and storage and Simply Crochet looks super lovely on screen.

I was so sad to hear that Crafty Magazine is finishing though, I loved it!


I received a late birthday present from a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, this bicycle brooch pin is so unusual and is in fact my first bike pin!


Tiger products will probably always feature in my favourites. This Chinese style teapot was only £8 and it has an infuser inside.


I’m not a big beauty products person, but I often stop by Lush on my way home from the day job as I adore the products and the staff are so lovely. This Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb is a good one to use before bedtime.



I also want to share with you a super cool small business a friend shared with me. Paint My Pumps is run by Ruth who sells custom painted Converse trainers! I don’t own a pair yet, but I’d love to get some bicycle ones haha!



Image by Paint My Pumps

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know I recently purchased a new bike with some birthday money from family. The river levels in Cambridge finally went down after a long stormy winter so it was BIKE RIDE TIME!


I went out by myself along the river path. A lot of the bridges are under construction at the moment, so I had to take a different route. I passed lots of rowers racing. I love the cyclists on the path who shout at the rowers.


I found myself in a village named Fen Ditton and passed lots of lovely cottages and pubs. It was refreshing to get out of the city for an afternoon.


I smile like a big goofy idiot when I’m out on my bike in the sunshine. Got to work on some basket decoration soon, it’s all naked.


It’s definitely my favourite thing at the moment. What are you favourites for February? Do share in the comments below.



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*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates.

January Favourites 2014

Following on from my December Favourites post, I thought I’d share some things I’ve been loving this month.

The new year has been inspiring me to clear out and makeover areas of our home. At the moment I am working on my craft space! This little rabbit lamp from Tiger has already been placed on my new desk.


Continuing with the Tiger lamps, I also picked up this toadstool desk lamp, too cute.


Candles will probably always feature in my favourites. This scented sewing spool candle was a gift from friends. They are available on NOTHS.


As I’ve been getting my craft space organised, I have also sorted through my yarn stash.


I borrowed this yarn winder from a friend and it’s been pretty relaxing to wind up everything! Somehow I feel like I can justify my stash now….


Still loving Scrabble of course! I’ve started the year super inspired to bring lots of new Scrabble ideas to my Etsy store. The new Scrabble keyrings are already selling!


Obviously I’m no beauty blogger, but I’ve been enjoying these Barry M Nailpolishes ALOT. Glitter nail polishes definitely brighten a dull rainy day and we’ve been getting tons of those in the UK right now.


This Pomegranate Barry M polish is from the Gelly range and I would recommend!


Improving my photography has been a goal of mine for some time now. The A Beautiful Mess Photography Book is helping with inspiration and tips.


Especially the DIY elements of course!


The fact that my Fuji Film Instax Mini camera is pink makes me want to take so many more pictures.


The Scrap booking posts on A Beautiful Mess have also inspired me to continue with my “I Heart Cambridge” one. I’m treating it more like a smash book and sticking in photos, papers and tickets etc.


There’s something about Polaroid photos isn’t there?


This time last year, Cambridge had snow. The weather has been crazy these last few months with freak storms and flooding across a lot of the UK. I haven’t seen snow since I went to Vancouver!


My goal for this month was to get organised and work hard on the craft space makeover. I’m super excited to show you when it’s done. The furniture is almost complete (I’m looking for a comfy crochet chair at the moment) and the decor ideas are coming together. Any excuse to scour Pinterest for craft storage ideas eh?

What have been your favourites this month?



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Handmade December Favourites 2013

Today I am sharing my Handmade December favourites, which include some items I just can’t get enough of. Enjoy!

I’ve been a Macrame Bicycle Bracelet making machine. And it’s been so great to see them sell so quickly for the You Can Bike Too fundraising campaign. I love the new colours too.


For UK readers, there is still time to order one of these for Christmas delivery. Last posting date is 20 December.


Christmas party outfits – I am trying to limit the amount of Christmas parties I go to (migraines are a nuisance like that), but I am definitely going to be wearing my handmade fascinator this year. We made these on my birthday day out at Drink Shop Do.


I cannot tell you how much I adore Mustard Coloured Yarn at the moment. These balls from Tiger are just £1 each for super soft acrylic. I might have to make some mitts out of this, but do comment if you have any better ideas!


I’m feeling much love for Handmade Subscription Boxes this month. The Goodie Goodness box is such a winner for lovers of handmade and the clay Christmas decoration in the December box is just gorgeous.




I am scouring my Christmas boxes and Pinterest for Christmas Wrapping Ideas this year. I like to change it up each year and use yarn and brown paper and of course something glittery! This year, I am loving these wooden Christmas tree pegs from Tiger, not technically handmade, but they will be paired with stamped wrapping paper and crochet yarn chains for twine.


I bloomin’ love scented candles. I just can’t get enough of them. As a pet owner, I’m super paranoid about the house smelling of cat (my friends tell me it doesn’t, but I am always cautious), so scented candles are a must. 


At the recent From Cambridge With Love market, I picked up these scented candles from Harpers Bizzare that smell like baked goods. They are made with all natural ingredients (soy wax) and are vegan too.

G has nabbed the Bakewell Tart one for his man cave!


Resourceful Restorationthese salt and pepper mills are hand painted by Stuart who runs his furniture restoration business of the same name. I spotted them on his Facebook page as he was packing up for a fair and snapped them up before he could sell them! Please check out Stuart’s website for retro and vintage furniture inspiration.


Glittery Christmas Decorations have taken over my house this year. The Christmas tree is adorned with glittery red bows and ornaments. I expect the cat will be glittery by Christmas eve as she loves to get involved with all the decorations!


Can you spot the mini toadstool ornaments on the tree too? I will be sharing more of my Christmas decor on Wednesday.


What are you loving this month? Please share in the comments below!



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