DIY Fall Paper Garland

Autumn (or Fall) is the time of year I love to decorate the fireplace and mantel. I start searching Pinterest for pumpkin decoration ideas and get the Halloween sweets ready for trick or treaters. I’ve also been inspired by Katy and Charlotte for their Styling The Seasons series.

This year I made a stitched paper garland for the fireplace, which took only a few minutes to whip up!

Start by using a craft punch to cut circles from your paper or card stock. I actually used a couple of old Graze boxes as they had a cool leaf design on for October.

Fall-Paper-Garland-Leaves Using a sewing machine, make a straight stitch across the first piece of the garland, adding the next circle of card or paper as you go along. I used a contrasting thread and continued stitching until I had around 12 garland pieces, but you will need to judge this by the size of your fireplace.

Sewn-Fall-Paper-GarlandStitching paper or card tends to blunt the needle, so you will need to change it after this project if you are back to sewing fabric. Make sure to leave a length of thread at each end for hanging.


I used washi tape to hang my fireplace garland.


I like to fill my fireplace with candles and autumn decorations. I picked up these bicycle tea light holders in a local art shop in Cambridge.


I got some small squashes from the green grocer stall and promptly got the spray paint out to make a metallic gold pumpkin.

Bicycle-Tea-Light-Holders These fake flowers and leaves are from Hobbycraft and I used them in my fall mantel display from last year.

Fall-Mantel-Decor-Ideas I think it makes for a super cosy mantel display, especially once the candles are lit.

Fall-Mantel-DecorationDo you like decorating for each season? Next up, Christmas!




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Fall / Autumn Mantel Decoration


Today I’m sharing my Autumn mantel decoration! Or as my US readers would say, a fall mantel decoration. I hope this will inspire you to decorate your home for the season.

We live in a rented house, so we can’t install new features (such as a log burner – I wish), so I wanted to make our fireplace and mantel as cosy as possible for the Autumn.

I started with some Autumn squash from the farm shop and had to wait an age for large the carving pumpkins to become available in the supermarkets.


I firstly made a washi tape pumpkin, but it didn’t stay this way for long…..


…yes that’s right, it was a spray paint project (I’m so predictable). Plastikote is my go to spray paint and this small can of gold glitter was just enough to cover the small squashes.


Alongside the spray painted gold glitter pumpkins, I added a large studded pumpkin, by simply pushing gold studs into it.


I like to fill my (closed) fireplace with candles and found these glittery autumn candles in B&M for £1.99.


The mantel is quite shallow so the candles fitted nicely.


Next up, a fall themed garland for the fireplace! I chose to make this cute Yarn Pumpkin Garland from Design Improvised. It was so simple and quick. The yarn I used was Sirdar Country Style Wool Blend DK in Autumn.


I filled a large vase with burlap/hessian and got some fake autumnal flowers and maple leaves from the flower section in Hobbycraft. I’ll be using these again in future years as they were between £1.69 and £2.99 each.


I had a blast trampling through the Autumn leaves in Cambridge searching for conkers…..


…..which I then placed in the glass vase on top of some burlap.


Scented fall candles such as Orange, Ginger, Apple and Cinnamon were nested in the fireplace along with our fantastic rechargable LED candles.


Are you curious about how the fireplace and mantel looked before? Well here you go!


I hope you will agree that my seasonal fireplace decor is nicer! I get far too excited about decorating for the holidays, I’m already planning for Christmas!

What is your favourite season to decorate for?


For more inspiration you can find my seasonal favourites via this Pinterest board.

My next thing to plan for is our bonfire night party. I can’t wait!! Do let me know in the comments if you have any recipe or decorating ideas.

One more thing….I was tagged by the lovely Annee Apple to take part in The Autumn Tag about my favourite things.

Favourite thing about Autumn…
Craft evenings with friends, crochet projects, scarves, crunchy leaves, nature’s colours.

I’ll be drinking…
Spiced Apple. I shared a recipe on my blog last Autumn so this is making a return.

Favourite scent..
Cinnamon. I overdose on it during the Autumn and Winter.

Best Lipstick…
Eek I don’t really wear much make up, let alone lippy. How dull am I?!

Go to moisturiser…
A simple day cream such as good old Avon (I used be an Avon lady don’t you know) and No7 Night Cream when cycling in the cold weather has made my skin dry.

Eye colour…
If I do indulge in eye shadow it’s usually bronzey browns from Urban Decay.

Favourite singer / band…
At the moment I am in love with anything by She and Him. Plus I’ve got a huge girl crush on Zoeey Deschanel.

Outfit of choice…
Oversized jumper dresses, leggings and brogues or frocks frocks frocks!

The place to be…
Home. I love nothing more than making a blanket fort, grabbing the kitty and a hot water bottle and relaxing with a crochet project. That or snowboarding the slopes in Canada, but y’know, there’s not much in it 😉



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