3 Washi Tape DIYs

3 Washi Tape DIYs

Washi tape is a must have craft item in my opinion. Even if you don’t indulge in papercraft, scrapbooking or card making, it’s a useful and pretty way to wrap packages or decorate a letter. Some of you may know already that I’m a massive stationery geek and not afraid to admit it.

So what is Washi Tape? Washi tape originates from Japan and is usually handmade from natural fibres such as bark, bamboo, rice, hemp and wheat. Usually it is made from the bark of the mulberry shrub. Wa means Japanese and shi means paper.

There are several types of washi and masking tape, with many craft stores stocking coloured and patterned tapes made from different materials.

I promised you a DIY here didn’t I? Here are some ways you can make your own tapes – not strictly ‘washi’, but hopefully fun.

For the first washi style tape I gathered together my favourite papers. The one on the right is Cath Kidston wrapping 🙂

Paper assortment: claireabellemakes

For all three of these DIYs, you will need double-sided tape and a craft knife.

  • Cut a strip of tissue paper – this will give a translucent effect like washi paper, but you can also use craft papers as shown above.
  • Cut a strip of sticky tape at your desired length and place onto the tissue paper.

Tissue paper & tape: claireabellemakes

  • Use the craft knife and a ruler to score down the side of the sticky tape on both sides.

Tissue paper:claireabellemakes

  • I then cut little chevrons at the end of the tape, but you can cut straight, diagonal or with pinking shears, it’s up to you!

Arrow ends: claireabellemakes

  • Then peel the backing of the double-sided tape and apply to whatever you wish to embelish. Simple as that!

DIY tape number two uses lace trim. Of course this is not strictly washi tape, but it produces a really pretty result.

Lace Trim: claireabellemakes

  • Use the same principle as the tissue paper DIY above, applying lace tape (or fabric) to the sticky tape.
  • As my lace has a scalloped edge, I used fabric scissors rather than a craft knife to trim the edges.

Lace tape washi: claireabellemakes

  • Peel the backing off the tape and you are done. I love this one as it gives a textured look.
In my opinion, every crafter needs glitter. This DIY tape is the messiest of all, but produces really fun results.

Glitter: claireabellemakes

  • Find the item you wish to apply your tape to first
  • Cut the tape into the desire size, peel one side off the sticky tape and place on your item. In my case, this was a gift tag
  • Then peel the other backing off the tape and you will be left with the clear tape on your item
  • Sprinkle your glitter on – liberally
  • Tap the excess glitter off

Glitter tape washi: claireabellemakes

Glitter tape washi: claireabellemakes

Here are my simple DIY tapes finished! I stamped lettering on the tissue paper one, which worked really well. You could even do this with fabric if you used versacraft ink or similar.

3 Washi Tape DIYs: claireabellemakes

I used my finished DIY tapes and washi collection to decorate some items including one of my notebooks (also covered in the Cath Kidston wrapping) and clothes pegs.

Washi tape Notebook & Pegs: claireabellemakes

Some of you may have seen this one before in my previous posts, but I also used a floral tape to decorate my kitchen chalkboard. What do you think?

Washi Tape Chalkboard: claireabellemakes

I’d love to hear your ideas of how to use washi tapes!

Claire x


Cath Kidston Craft Evening

Last night I had the wonderful pleasure of joining 11 other crafty ladies in Cambridge for a Cath Kidston craft evening. At an absolute bargain of £2.50 for materials, tea and cake – it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Hugely excited and with my shopping list mentally prepared (15% off too!), I arrived to find the Cath Kidston girls Leanne, Jen and Natalie had prepared a lovely work space with fabric scraps, ribbon, jars, ric rac and all sorts laid out.

A wonderful coffee cake had been prepared and tea was served (in CK mugs, natch). We were ready to go!

As the ‘make’ is not revealed until the night, we were all in suspense as to what we would be creating. Jen soon revealed that we would all have our very own Kilner Jar Pin Cushion to take home at the end of the evening, courtesy of a tutorial from domestic godess Martha Stewart.

As we got stuck into our cutting, glueing and customising, people shared stories of their favourite local shops, craft groups and blogs. Some people hadn’t yet discovered the super Sheep Shop, so there was much excitement about their knitting group and crochet classes. I will be blogging about them in a couple of weeks, so watch this space.

The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, with the CK girls sharing craft tips and their favourite ranges in store. We all had a thorough browse of the products on offer (the Cambridge store is HUGE!) and gushed over the Jubilee and London/Olympic ranges. CK really has some great things on offer at the moment if you are feeling truly patriotic.

An hour or two later, we had finished our pin cushion jars,  stacked up our purchases and assembled our creations for a group photo. Everyone had chosen a different way to customise and there was a great range including embroidery, buttons, ribbons and more.

I chose buttons and ric rac to decorate my jar and I absolutely did not superglue a button to my finger, honest!

When I arrived home, I couldn’t wait to share my creation and fill it with my bobbins.

It’s not flawless, but I love it. I couldn’t leave the shop without a little fabric splurge of course, but I managed to resist the buttons….

I’ve already got some projects in mind for this lovely pack of fat quarters and almost bought another book, but I still need to work my way through the projects in Patch and Sew.

All in all, a really fun evening with great hospitality from the CK girls. Have you been to any Cath Kidston events or craft nights? What are your faves from the range? Or maybe you have tried some projects from the books? Do share and link to your CK creations, I’d love to see.

Claire x