Creative Inspirations: Daphne Rosa

Today’s post is an interview with someone who I am super grateful to know in real life! Kate and I met at a craft fair about 18 months ago and I’ve been so inspired by her wonderful fabric creations ever since. We meet regularly for biz chats and brunch and to geek out with our planners. Here’s a little creative inspiration from the fabulous creator behind Daphne Rosa!


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. How did Daphne Rosa come about?

Well hi everyone, I’m Kate and I make fabric flowers! I am also a teacher for part of the week and it was always the plan to teach and then be creative on the side, but as many of you may know, especially if you are a teacher yourself, there is little to no time for anything else! So in 2013 I decided to go part-time at school so I could really focus on starting something, although I didn’t at that point know what that something was. After several weeks of thinking, brainstorming, sketching… some of my university friends came to visit to help me make some fabric flowers for my wedding… can you see where this is going?! It was during that weekend of pyjamas, doritos & chick flicks while making my wedding bouquet the lightbulb moment happened and I realised I had found what I loved to make, and DaphneRosa was born!

How gorgeous do Kate and her hubby look on their winter wedding day?!


What does a working day look like in the Daphne Rosa studio?

I try to get admin/emails/not so exciting but essential jobs out of the way first thing with a cup of tea which then leaves me the rest of the day to be creative! I am very lucky to have a studio in my garden which is where the real magic happens! However tempting it is I do always try to shower and get dressed so that I feel like I am going to work, although I’m not afraid to admit that there have been plenty of days when the postman has caught me in my pyjamas! Recently I have been developing some new products so that I can offer pretty things to everyone, regardless of whether you are getting married or not and loved working on some lovely orders for Mothers Day last week. However this week’s focus has been some gorgeous lemon and ivory flowers for a bride to be getting married in May and I already can’t wait to see them finished!


Where do you find inspiration for your products? Do you have lots of seasonal flowers you draw from?

I tend to get inspired more by fashion and the world around me. I do love real flowers and love it when someone wants me to design some fabric versions of flowers they love, but what really gets me going is colour and print. I think it’s great that I can offer flowers with a difference and really like to exploit this to its fullest whenever possible, for instance I am currently sourcing fabric for a bouquet with an American theme… watch this space, it’s going to be awesome!


I am completely in love with all of your fabric choices and embellishments. Where are your favourite places to source supplies/go shopping?

I do a lot of shopping for resources on line as it’s hard to find the time to get out and about to browse at the moment! I did recently take a trip down to Walthamstow market and if you are a lover of fabric and have never been you should! Imagine affordable fabric in every colour and print imaginable, it really is fantastic! I only stopped because I couldn’t carry anymore! Here’s a great link to a map for the key places to stop at…

If you could only use one fabric for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wow what a question! Well it would have to be synthetic as I love the ability to manipulate it with heat (big lover of my blow torch). It would also need to have some metallic in it somewhere as I struggle not to include a bit of sparkle in everything that I make!


The core of your business is making beautiful floral pieces for the wedding market. What is the best thing about working with a bride and groom on their special day?

I know weddings aren’t for everyone but I just love them! Being at wedding fairs and getting to spend my day chatting to excited couples about all their plans for their big day is definitely one of my favourite parts of my job. I know from experience how important the people you work with for your wedding day are and it’s a real privilege when someone decides they want you to be part of it. I love that I get to create something special just for them that no one else will have and that they get to keep them forever, always popular for grooms that their money lasts a bit longer! Recently I had a bride and groom come and visit the studio to talk colours and style which was fab too!


I am so happy to have finally got my hands on a Daphne Rosa floral crown and pom pom ring! What was your inspiration for branching out into the accessories market? How have you found it so far?

Having developed accessories for the bridal market I could see an easy transition to accessories for everyone, why should brides get all the fun?! So I began with our flower headbands and crowns which have now lead to pompom rings and more to come! It’s been great to be able to offer products that everyone can enjoy. Just as with weddings I think everyone deserves to feel special and they seem to have been popular so far!


You recently joined the planner gang! How are you finding your Filofax experience so far? Has it helped your business in any way?

I LOVE my Filofax! I was a bit intimidated by the whole concept at the beginning, there just seemed so many options and ways to do it, but once I started I wondered how I had existed without it before?! It is so fantastic to finally be able to have all of my organisation/endless lists all in one place and in a logical format. I even asked for one for my birthday this month… this must be what your thirties are for!


Lastly, what’s next for Daphne Rosa? Any projects or new products we can see a sneak peek of?

Well lots of wedding bookings already this year so there will be some lovely new bouquets and buttonholes to share soon. The development of the accessories range is my primary focus at the moment so there may be some bracelets and necklaces to join our pompom rings in the etsy shop soon! I am also working closely with a fabulous illustrator on some different products to come later this year so it’s all go, watch this space!

Thanks so much for hanging out here on Claireabellemakes Kate! I would definitely recommend keeping up with Daphne Rosa on the links below, you wont be disappointed!

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 * Photos in this post have been provided by Daphne Rosa. Please do not use without permission.