Summer in Cambridge

This week (after recovering from a mega migraine) I’ve really enjoyed summer in Cambridge.

My WI group Cambridge Blue Belles organised a picnic on Darwin Island – a beautiful secluded spot at Darwin College surrounded by punters.

Cambridge Summer Picnic

Plenty of food, a chance for croquet on the lawn and lots of fun watching amateur punters pass by. A perfect summers evening in Cambridge.

Cambridge Picnic Darwin Island

One punt was on the way back from a tour with a 3 course meal.

Punting in Cambridge

I managed to take this photo from the bridge as the punt passed underneath us.

Punts in Cambridge

We spotted students reading and relaxing.

Cambridge Students

Swans in Cambridge

Everyone loved Miss Dotty’s summer ice lolly tote bag!

Ice Lolly Tote Bag

My cycle home along the backs gave me an opportunity to snap this shot of Kings College. I never tire of this view.

Kings College Cambridge The Backs

A lovely day off work resulted in lunch with Dad at Byron Burger.

Byron Burger Cambridge

And a stroll back along the Quayside in the scorching sun. Tourists and punt touts everywhere. We even bumped into G who was on his work lunch.

Quayside Punts in Cambridge

I adore Cambridge and can honestly say it’s the best place I’ve ever lived. We are planning many more summer evenings outdoors to make the most of this glorious weather!

How are you enjoying the UK summer?