DIY Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern

A couple of years ago I wrote this post about handmade Christmas gifts. The Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern I shared has been the most clicked and pinned image on my entire site since it began in 2012!

I purchased the pattern from Amy’s Etsy store and she got in touch to thank me for sending so many of you her way. Amy wanted to extend her thanks by offering the pattern for free to my readers. How nice is that?!


The pattern is a great beginners crochet project and is worked in (US terms) half double crochet stitches (htr in UK terms). I made mine in with DK yarn in a couple of hours and gave them as Christmas presents.


I’m so pleased to have been able to support Amy’s store via my blog traffic. If you are interested in making more cosy items, please do check out all her patterns here (there is currently a Black Friday sale in her shop announcement).

If you are looking for more simple crochet patterns, be sure to check out my Spike Stitch Crochet Handwarmers Pattern – it’s my second most pinned project and is always a favourite in winter and around the holidays!

Spike-Stitch-Crochet-Handwarmers-ClaireabellemakesHappy Hooking!



Guest Post: DIY Crochet Taxidermy Fox

Today’s DIY is a super exciting guest post from one of my favourite bloggers at the moment. I hope you enjoy this wonderfully inspiring crochet taxidermy tutorial. I think it is a pretty cool make!

Kate is a crafter and writer who blogs at Beak Up Crafts. She lives in Yorkshire and loves anything with a crafty slant, especially crochet and weaving. Kate believes that crafts and making things can really help to improve your mood and soothe a busy mind and would love to bring a bit of craftiness into peoples’ lives.

She is currently in the process of launching a range of craft workshops which you can find out more about by visiting You can also get a free Crochet For Beginners E-Course if you’re new to crochet and fancy making this cute faux taxidermy fox.


Waxworks, stuffed animals and taxidermy aren’t my bag at all. In fact I hate all that kind of thing as it properly freaks me out. Plus there are so many bad examples like these – the stuff of nightmares. However, I love crochet, making toys and cute amigurumi and figured I could use this to put my spin on the whole taxidermy
trend. This is what I came up with, a smiling fox which I called Ruel (after
former Norwich and Tottenham striker Ruel Fox).

Crochet-fox-head---what-you-need---Beak-Up-CraftsYou Will Need:

  • Black/charcoal wool in Aran weight
  • Red/orange wool in Aran weight
  • Safety eyes x 2 (10mm)
  • MDF plaque
  • Paint (for the plaque)
  • Strong glue
  • Fibrefill stuffing
  • A circular piece of felt
  • Red/orange embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Darning needle
  • Twine/string
  • Scissors

Stitches Used (UK terminology)

ch – chain
st – stitch
dc – double crochet
ss – slip stitch
dec – decrease
Make the following as per the below pattern:

With black/charcoal, ch2
1. dc 6 into second ch from hook.
2. 2dc in each st around.
3. dc in each st around.
4. dc in each st around. Change to red. Push the tails into the nose.
5. 2dc in next 6 st, dc in 6.
6. dc in each st around.
7. 2dc in next 12 st, dc in next 6.
8. dc in each st around.
9. dc in next 6 st, (2dc in next st then dc) 12 times.
10. dc in each st around.
11. dec 3 times, (3dc, dec) six times, 2 dc.
12. dc in each st around.
13. dc in next 6 st, 2dc in each st around.
14. dc in next 6 st, (2 dc, dc 2) 16 times.
15. dc in each st around.
16. dc in each st around.
17. dc in next 6 st, (3dc, dec) around.
18. dc in each st around.
19. dc in each st around.
20. dc in each st around.
21. dc in each st around.
22. dc in next 6 st, (5dc, dec) around. Attach safety eyes.
23. dc in next 6 st, (4dc, dec) around.
24. dc in next 6 st, (3dc, dec) around. Start to stuff firmly.
25. dc in next 6 st, (2dc, dec) around.
26. dec (around).
27. dec (around).
28. dec (around).
29. dec (around). Fasten off and weave in ends.


Ears (Make two)
With black/charcoal, ch2
1. 4dc in second ch from hook.
2. 2 dc in each st around
3. dc in each st around.
4. dc in each st around.
5. dc in next two, 2dc in next st (around)
6. dc in each st around
7. dc in next st, 2dc in next st (around)
8. 2dc in each st around.
9. dc in each st around.
10. dc, dec (around).
11. dc, dec (around).
12. dc in each st around.
13. dc in each st around.
14. dc, dec (around). Fasten off and leave a long end for sewing.

With red, ch 30 then join with ss.
1. dc in each st around, ss to join.
2. dc in each st around, ss to join.
3. dec six times, dc in each st around.
4. dc in each st around.
5. dc in each st around. Fasten off and leave long end for sewing.


Putting it together:
1. Paint your MDF plaque in a colour of your choice. I used Laura Ashley’s
Pale Eau de Nil furniture paint as I thought the soft grey-green tint went well
with the red of the fox. Put aside to dry.
2. Sew your ears to the top of your fox’s head using the fastened off end of
wool and a darning needle.
3. Sew on the neck in a similar way.
4. Measure a circle of felt which is the same size as the bottom of the fox’s
neck (the part that will be attached to the wooden plaque).
5. Stuff the neck firmly with fibrefill stuffing then sew the felt circle in place
over the end with the embroidery thread.

Stitch-the-felt-onto-the-end-of-the-neck---Beak-Up-Crafts6. Embroider eyebrows and a smile on your fox, he’s happy after all!
7. Put strong glue on the felt piece and press the head onto the MDF plaque.
Hold it in place for about a minute. (I kept returning to mine and pressing it
down over the next half hour period while the glue dried). If any glue seeps out
of the sides of the fox’s neck, carefully scrape it away with a piece of card.

Stick-down-the-fox-head---Beak-Up-Crafts8. Once the fox head is firmly stuck to the plaque, cut a piece of twine and
glue it on the back so you can hang up your new foxy pal.

Glue-twine-to-the-back---Beak-Up-CraftsWhen all the glue is dry you’re ready to hang him up! And there you go – one
piece of crochet taxidermy which is cute and totally not creepy.

Crochet-Fox-head-rght-side-portrait---Beak-Up-CraftsWhat do you think? Would you make something like this for your home?
I really like little Ruel and I can’t wait to put him in my craft room (when it’s

Lots of foxy love,

Thanks so much for this ace tutorial Kate, I love his friendly face! Make sure to follow Kate on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with her blog.





Spike Stitch Crochet Handwarmers Pattern

Ooh an extra Thursday post this week! Today I am sharing this spike stitch crochet handwarmer pattern. This is a perfect crochet project for beginners and you can use any colours you like!


I used Jenny Watson Pure Merino Double Knitting in Rose and Cream. You will need 50g of Rose and around 20g of cream using a 4mm crochet hook (I use this one). It’s a super cosy yarn and doesn’t split at all.

If you are completely new to crochet, I would recommend learning the basic terms and stitches via this You Tube channel first. 


Here’s how you make the simple crochet mittens. It is a 9 row pattern repeated over two rectangle pieces joined into a mitt shape. Yarn A is Rose and Yarn B is Cream. The pattern is shown in UK terms.

Spike stitch: insert hook into 1 row below and work dc as normal.

  • To begin: using yarn A, ch 36+1 for turning
  • Row 1: 1 dc into second ch from hook and dc to end. Turn.
  • Rows 2 & 3:  ch1, 1dc into each st to end of row. Turn. At end of row 3, fasten off yarn A and join yarn B.
  • Row 4: ch1, 1 dc into 1st st, *1 spike st into next st. 1 dc in next st, rep from * to end of row. Turn.
  • Row 5: Repeat row 2. Fasten off yarn B and join yarn A.
  • Row 6: Work as row 4.
  • Rows 7 – 9: Repeat rows 1-3.
  • Work 5 repeats of rows 1-9.
  • Fold your rectangle in half with the right sides facing. With yarn A, slip stitch to join the edges leaving a 1 inch gap around two thirds up for a thumb hole.
  • Weave in the ends and turn your handwarmers the right way out.
  • Repeat for the second mittern!


Super snuggly for keeping your hands warm!! I am sure someone will ask – the nail polish is Pomegranate by Barry M.




I would love to see if you make these mitterns/handwarmers. Make sure to share if you do!



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Crochet Jumper

Last summer I started to make this crochet jumper from the cover of Issue 9 of Simply Crochet magazine. My plan was to finish it for autumn.

Simply Crochet Jumper WIP

I did pretty well with pattern reading (it was a seamless garment and crocheted in the round), but I did get a bit stuck when it came to the sleeves. Luckily Joanne from Not So Granny offered her expertise and after a hiatus I finally took it out of the bag and completed it last month.

Simply Crochet Cream Jumper

Before weaving in the ends and blocking.


Here I am this weekend with the completed crochet jumper on. It’s very comfortable and I chose to wear it with some new patterned hareem pants I picked up in Next. Obvs it feels like you are wearing PJs outside but man are they comfy.


It’s the perfect jumper for between seasons and was just right for an evening bike ride with G yesterday.


Are you guys working on any knitted or crocheted garments? I’d love to see your WIPs. You can find me on Ravelry here and please share your links in the comments below!



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*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates.

Getting Started With Crochet

In case you missed it yesterday, I wrote a guest post on Getting Started With Crochet for the wonderful and inspiring Miss Beatrix.

I have shared my tips and blog finds for those of you wishing to pick up your hooks for the first time!

Learning to Crochet by claireabellemakes

Have you been learning to crochet? I’d love for you to visit Miss Beatrix’s blog and share your creations!