Craftseller Magazine Blogger Of The Month

I’m super excited to share that I’ve been featured in Craftseller Magazine issue 41!


Each issue they interview their Blogger of the month. I’m so pleased to be included in the September issue, as I’ve been reading Craftseller magazine since the very early issues. I share a bit about my business and background as well as some people who inspire me.


Craftseller also asked me to share a DIY for their readers which you can find on their website. Learn to make this neon stitched leather sunglasses case before the sun leaves us!


I’m so grateful for all the support from Craftseller magazine, but also from you guys! It was very exciting to receive your tweets and Instagram messages when the feature was released, so thank you!

Craftseller magazine is available as a digital download or as a hard copy from most UK newsagents and supermarkets.



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Craft Magazine Features

This week has been exciting. My regular readers will know that as well as this blog, I have an Etsy store which I’ve been working hard at since July.

claireabellemakes Etsy shop

Orders have been flying out with some organised customers getting Christmas gifts ready and even an international sale to NYC. I just wish I didn’t have a day job so I could spend all day making!

I decided that I needed to put myself out there a bit more, regardless of how scary it is when you’re just starting out with a Handmade business. A feature in issue 17 of Craftseller magazine came up at just the right time to give me a little push!

Apparently, I’m a Crafting Whizz! Chuffed to say the least! I’ve been a subscriber to Craftseller for a while now and really value how supportive they are to small businesses.

Craftseller Crafty Whizz

At the same time, another super supportive magazine was launched and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Make and Craft is from the same editor as Popular Crafts Magazine and really embraces the craft community. There are tons fabulous projects in the first issue and the website is full of fantastic competitions, a shop and an engaging forum.

Plus, I’m on the home page for my behind the scenes interview with them! Click the image below to read it.

Make & Craft Home Page

So it’s all happening at the moment! My friend Jess and I are gearing up for our first craft fair and I’m really looking forward to connecting face to face with customers.

Keep an eye on the Etsy shop and Twitter/Facebook for new accessory bundles coming soon!