Crafty Creatives Box 6 – Icy

Hello craft lovelies! It’s been a mad mad week, but I’ve finished work for 2012, completed my wholesale orders and found teeny bits of time for crafting, yey!

The final Crafty Creatives box of the year arrived a little earlier than usual, in order to beat the Christmas post rush.

As ever, the items are of great quality and value and the theme is truly inspired. After an icy week of cycling to and from work in below zero temperatures and hard frosts, it was a lovely to have a pretty collection of icy themed craft items to cosy up with.

Crafty Creatives Box 6 contents Icy

The box included glass beads, snowflake stickers, glass pendants and hearts, paillettes, gemstones, elastic, choker wire, an art card and furry white wool.

The kit was for a mini bath bomb DIY which I was chuffed about as making them has been on my craft bucket list for a while. Check out the youtube video tutorial for making them as you don’t need to have the kit to try!

I made a fireplace garland with the furry yarn by crocheting a chain and adding my handmade Christmas ornaments along it. I had already made a felt Christmas ornament (using this tutorial) and wanted to jazz it up a little, so I am currently stitching the paillettes around the edge.

Crafty Creatives Box 6 makes Icy

Have you made something with a Crafty Creatives box?


Crafty Creatives Makes: Boxes 4 and 5

It’s been a while since I shared my Crafty Creatives box contents, so I thought I’d share the most recent crafty makes from the Gothic Halloween themed Box (CC Box 4) and the Nostalgia Christmas themed Box (CC Box 5).

If you are new to the concept, for a fee of £12.95 (including P&P). Crafty Creatives deliver a themed box of craft supplies to your door once a month. So far, they have been winners everytime! Have a look at my previous box posts here.*

The Gothic Box included a kit to make a masquerade mask and lots of dark papers, fabrics and jewellery making items. I used these purple resin roses to make some rings.

Crafty Creatives Holiday Boxes

The nostalgic box included Christmas themed items and some lovely paper and wood pieces I will likely use in my smash book. I couldn’t resist making a Cinnamon Stick Candle with the bundle they provided. Any excuse for glue gun action. I added a festive ribbon too.

The pendants and jewellery supplies included in the boxes were really quirky and fun. I particularly loved the teacup and saucer so fixed them together and onto a chain to make a teacup necklace. I made earrings and pendants with the other items.

Crafty Creatives Jewellery claireabellemakes

The Crafty Creatives boxes are great to push you out of your crafting comfort zones and I loved the holiday themed boxes. Not to mention that the recent one included a kit to make a cute little crochet mouse eek!

What do you think of my makes? Have you made anything from the Crafty Creatives Boxes?


I am sharing this post at Handmade Monday, come and see what others have been up to!

*Please note, this is not a sponsored post, I just enjoyed the Crafty Creatives boxes so much I felt compelled to share them 🙂

Sew Chatty

Crafty Creatives Subscription Box 3

It’s that time of the month again when the Crafty Creatives Subscription Box arrives! This time it was the turn of box number 3. In my opinion, this is the best one yet!!

If you don’t know about Crafty Creatives, take a little look at their website here. If you like the look of what they have to offer – you pay just £10 a month and a little extra P&P for a box of lovely supplies to craft with, win!

What was in Box 1 and 2? Find out in my previous posts here and here.

If you don’t want to know about this month’s box just yet, don’t scroll any further! SPOILERS AHEAD!!

The art card this month is of koi fish by David Martignoni. Pretty!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

The Chinese theme included many paper supplies which I was really happy about!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

The fabric is beautiful and will probably be made into a drawstring bag at some point. Always handy to have needles!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I’m always happy if there are food stuffs involved. My fortune cookie told me “someone is watching you smile….” creepy!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I was most excited about the kit this month as book binding is on my craft bucket list, yay!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I did mine along the long edge (the instructions said to stitch along the short edge) as I wanted it this way. I glued the coins on the front and some beads to finish. The stitching could have been neater and a little tighter, but I still like it.

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

Have you received a Crafty Creatives box? I’d love for you to share your links below!

claireabelle x

Crafty Creatives Subscription Box 2

You may have seen my last post about the very first Crafty Creatives subscription box. It was all very very exciting.

The second one has arrived, yay!! If you have yet to receive/open your box, I would recommend that you don’t scroll down any further, if you’d like yours to remain a surprise!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

Included was…..

  • Art Card by artist Anthony Peters
  • Large square of hessian material (not pictured)
  • Large wooden bunting flags (not pictured)

And the delights pictured below!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I was dead excited to see that some Jane Means ribbon was also included. Kitty approves of the box too! Those star charms are just the cutest, I need to brainstorm what to use them for. I suspect some of this box will be incorporated into my new obsession with friendship bracelets.

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

The kit this time includes items to make a nautical rope bracelet. I’m super excited about this. Even though I was missing a small item, the Crafty Creatives girls were super efficient and lovely about sending it out to me. Also included were some sheets of nautical paper, I thought this was a great touch.

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

We aren’t getting a beach holiday this year, so I’m going to get inspired and do some smash booking with the paper and buttons.

Overall, another fantastic box! I’ll be sure to blog my makes from this box!  Watch this space!

claireabelle x