Crafty Creatives Box 12

Time for an update on my Crafty Creatives subscription box! I am a little behind on my makes, having only just finished Box 12.

Crafty Creatives Box 12 was The Treat Box. Full of sweet treat themed craft items, actual lollies for us to scoff and a scrummy biscuit recipe from Cat Dresser of Great British Bake Off fame. The lovely Pampered Sparrow blog has a round up of all the items in the box here.

To say I was excited about the fat quarter of French patisserie macaron print fabric was an understatement. I am a macaron obsessive and I knew it would be perfect for a neat little half apron.

Claireabellemakes Macaron Fabric Apron Crafty Creatives

Edged with mint coloured lace, I made the apron using this tutorial. Very simple to sew and I’m totally wearing it next time I make my Vanilla Macarons.

Claireabellemakes Macaron Fabric Half Apron Crafty Creatives

The ‘juicy beads’ were threaded onto elastic to make a bracelet for my friends little girl.

Juicy Bead Bracelet Crafty Creatives

Of course the M and Ms cabochons became hairslides…..

M and Ms Hairslides Crafty Creatives

…and the cake slice charms became necklaces good enough to eat!

Cake Slice Charm Necklace Crafty Creatives

Included was a cross stitch kit with a choice of designs in the sweets and treats theme. I sent mine to Sparkle Girl in a recent mail swap we did which involved sending our favourite chocolates.

Crafty Creatives Kit - Candy Cross stitch

Finally, I made some paper pinwheels with the pretty craft papers.

Paper Pin Wheel Crafty Creatives

Making a Paper pinwheel Crafty Creatives

I would love to see what you all made with your Box 12 goodies! Link below in the comments if you have blogged about it.

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P.S. The winner of my Scrabble Brooch giveaway has been announced here!

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Crafty Creatives Box 11

As you may know, I am a big fan of craft subscription boxes and love the Crafty Creatives deliveries. The quality and volume of craft supplies included in the boxes is great value at £12.95 (including P&P).

The theme for Crafty Creatives Box 11 was Glamour! Timed with the release of the Great Gatsby film, it contained some beautiful beads and glamourous supplies.

Want to see what I made? The Crafty Creatives kit was for a beaded hair slide. I need to neaten the edges of mine, but it’s almost complete.

 Crafty Creatives Beaded Hairslide

The box included an ink pad and pretty lace stamp, so I made some custom printed tags.

Crafty Creatives Lace Print Tags

Not a great picture, but I decided to make a shamballa style bracelet with the stardust beads. This was gifted to a friend for her birthday.

Crafty Creatives Shamballa Bracelet

The sparkly swarovski crystal beads and earring supplies became these.

Crafty Creatives Swarovski Crystal Earrings

There were some silver plated rhinestone tear drop beads that also made it into a glamourous pair of earrings with silver beads.

Crafty Creatives Teardrop Earrings

This red rose cabochon was perfect for upcycling a phone case. See more pics here.

DIY Phone Case by Claireabellemakes

What do you think? I’ll be sharing my makes from the next box this week, so stay tuned!

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Crafty Creatives Boxes 9 and 10

It’s been a while since I blogged about a Crafty Creatives subscription box, so here’s a little update for you on the treats and makes!

Box 9 was a Steampunk theme and I really struggled to make anything, so most of the supplies went into my stash to be used at a later date. Check out this blog for some really cool makes from it!

Box 10 had a blue theme which I swooned over as soon as I opened it. My craft space has blue tones, so I got making right away!

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Paints Glitter

Included were 3 x full size acrylic paints, glitters, a mini canvas and felt balls…….

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Jumping Clay

Jumping Clay which I’ve never used before, but would definitely make something again with it. A light air drying clay, which bounces like a ball when you drop it! Really fun.

I made some buttons using a mould and a keyring, which Tammy wanted to help with.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Cat Helper

I’m working on the kit at the moment which consisted of felt and accessories to make a bird mobile.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Bird Mobile Kit

The felt balls were strung onto some of the embroidery thread to make a mini garland on my bookshelf. I might store them there temporarily while I dream up jewellery ideas for them.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Pom Pom Felt Garland Crafty Creatives Box 10 Felt Pom Pom Garland

This pretty fabric will be used towards a gardeners apron – I wonder if I can incorporate the pretty beads somehow?

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Fabric and Beads

Lastly the art card was from illustrator Catherine Moody so simple, pretty and stark all at the same time.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Art Card

Have you made anything from a Crafty Creatives box? Please share in the comments below!


Crafty Creatives Catch Up: Boxes 7 and 8

Happy Friday crafters!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Crafty Creatives box, so for those of you that are fans of the craft subscription box service, here we go with two in one post!

CC Box 7 was a woodland themed box with beads, buttons, fabric and pendants. It felt autumnal with the leaves, pine cones and natural colours.

Crafty Creatives Box 7

The highlight of the box for me was the Needle Felting Kit. I’ve wanted to try needle felting for ages, so it was a welcome treat.

The box suggested leaf patterns which I’ve yet to try, but I did make this cute needle felted heart whilst on the phone! It really is so simple and I was quite shocked to discover this. Obviously, you should be super careful with the needle (it has tiny barbs on the end to felt the wool) as I hear it’s very painful to stab yourself with one!

I’m going to be making my heart into a brooch and will sew tiny beads onto it I think.

Crafty Creatives Makes Box 7

The theme for CC Box 8 was Spots and Stripes! I’m a big fan of polka dots, so as soon as I saw the paper I got excited.

Crafty Creatives Box 8

The art card was my favourite of all the boxes so far. I’ve followed Paul Heard‘s work for a while now and his use of colour never fails to make me smile.Crafty Creatives Box 8

The polka dot cupcake cases are utterly perfect for my new adventures with Dizzy the Kitchen Aid and the polymer clay (not pictured) and jewellery making supplies are going to be a lot of fun.

Who can resist a bit of washi tape and fabric too?! A really good selection I think.

Finally, I want to share with you my crochet mouse which I made from the CC Box 5 Kit. How cute is he? I think I will make some more of them for my kitty to play with, but next time use a smaller hook so it has a tighter finish. What do you think?

Crafty Creatives Crochet Mouse

Have you blogged about the Crafty Creatives boxes? Please share your link in the comments below.

If you are interested in subscribing, please visit the Crafty Creatives website here.


Crafty Creatives Subscription Box 3

It’s that time of the month again when the Crafty Creatives Subscription Box arrives! This time it was the turn of box number 3. In my opinion, this is the best one yet!!

If you don’t know about Crafty Creatives, take a little look at their website here. If you like the look of what they have to offer – you pay just £10 a month and a little extra P&P for a box of lovely supplies to craft with, win!

What was in Box 1 and 2? Find out in my previous posts here and here.

If you don’t want to know about this month’s box just yet, don’t scroll any further! SPOILERS AHEAD!!

The art card this month is of koi fish by David Martignoni. Pretty!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

The Chinese theme included many paper supplies which I was really happy about!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

The fabric is beautiful and will probably be made into a drawstring bag at some point. Always handy to have needles!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I’m always happy if there are food stuffs involved. My fortune cookie told me “someone is watching you smile….” creepy!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I was most excited about the kit this month as book binding is on my craft bucket list, yay!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I did mine along the long edge (the instructions said to stitch along the short edge) as I wanted it this way. I glued the coins on the front and some beads to finish. The stitching could have been neater and a little tighter, but I still like it.

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

Have you received a Crafty Creatives box? I’d love for you to share your links below!

claireabelle x