Life Lately: In The Studio #8

It’s time for another behind the scenes studio post! I’ve been working on freelance writing, lots of lovely orders for the shop as well as designing new products to release at least one a month! It’s been hectic (and of course a little messy), but always enjoyable. I’ve been sharing behind the scenes on Snapchat every day (you can follow along by adding me here). The evening light has been so welcome and there have been some great sunsets from the studio window!

So here’s life lately……including some sneak peeks of upcoming blog posts and products!

Claireabellemakes-Studio-Bookcase The-Best-Is-Yet-To-Come Knit-Scrabble-Inspired-Pin-Claireabellemakes Pink-4-Balloon Motivational-Slogan-Pencils

Planners-And-Plants Fondant-Fancy-Cushion


Meanwhile, around the rest of the house, G got a mini drone and has been having fun with that. Tammy didn’t seem to be a fan!


I’ve also started a new series on my YouTube Channel called ‘Studio Snippets’. See the first video in the series here or just click play below!

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead!



How To Store Spray Paint

Today I’ve teamed up with Rustoleum to bring you a painting project and an idea for how to store spray paint. As my studio is being decluttered and cleared out, I’m thinking about how I can store all my supplies!


A while back my Grandad was having a clear out and he passed me an old wooden wine rack. As a non drinker, I wanted to find a new purpose for it – so it has now been transformed into spray paint storage! Here’s what the upcycled wine rack looked like before painting.


These chalky finish furniture paints from Rustoleum are super easy to use – most surfaces require no preparation and they dry pretty quickly. I did a couple of coats of dusky pink to transform the wine rack into a paint can storage unit. One other good thing about these paints is that they are water based – oh and they hardly have any odour at all!


I really like the dusky pink colour and am looking forward to trying the winter grey, perhaps on a book case or drawer unit project.Spray-Paint-Storage-Rack

I don’t mind too much about storing my spray paint cans on their side as they are used regularly and I always shake them for a minute or so before using. I also turn the can upside down and spray for a short burst at the end of each use. This stops the spray nozzle from becoming clogged.


You can check out my other DIY project with Rustoleum here – the stone paint used for that one was SO cool!

Thanks for letting me share today. I’m actually on holidays in Scotland at the moment, but I’ll be back later this week and will hopefully have lots of photos to share with you!



*Rustoleum sent me the supplies for this project free of charge for their #makeityours campaign. Read more about my disclosure policy here.

Life Lately: In The Studio #7

Despite my best efforts, the floor of the studio is still messy. I haven’t quite recovered from Christmas so I must get it back in order soon! I’ll be having an Instagram sale soon over on my Claireabellesells account to help me declutter the space. Stay tuned for a sewing machine, fabrics, planners and lots of crafty bits and bobs.

In the meantime, the desk has been the productive space and I’ve been working on lots of projects. Here’s a little from behind the scenes with some sneak peeks of new products, DIYs and blog features coming soon!

Editing planner videos on a new laptop…..see more on my YouTube channel.


The wintery afternoon light has been so nice lately!Sunny-Studio-Claireabellemakes

I tried out Sugru for the first time which is a mouldable glue – perfect for home hacks and fixing things as it goes completely hard after 24 hours.Sugru-Mouldable-Glue

I decided to make hooks with Sugru to hang my scissors and headphones next to the desk. This stuff is brilliant and works really well!Sugru-Scissor-Hooks

Such a simple DIY and it literally took minutes to make.Hooks-For-Scissors-Made-From-SugruA peek at an upcoming blog post – the desk always gets a bit messy when I’m shooting photos for features!Stationery-Shoot-Claireabellemakes

I’ve been working on relaunching the Glitter Heart Pins for the shop, they are now much lighter making them more wearable. Coming to the shop soon!Glitter-Heart-Pin-In-Progress

I have also been working on new motivational wall art frames with new fabrics.Scrabble-Wall-Art-In-Progress

I am so impatient about this new product arriving! I can’t wait and hope to have them in the shop in early March.Rose-Gold-Enamel-Bicycle-Pin-Backing-Cards

Gearing up for some private craft parties and I’m starting to think about a Spring season soon. I’m working with new venues in Cambridge so watch this space!Tassel-Banner

Of course I’ve been enjoying some new stationery including kikki.K pens and sprinkles washi tape (available here).Sprinkles-Washi-Tape Do-What-You-Love

Another sneak peek at a DIY project!Padded-Shibori-Notebook-Cover

My friend Michaela managed to get me Super Scrabble for £10 this week! It has a bigger board, double the amount of tiles AND the opportunity for quadruple word scores.Super-Scrabble-Board-Game

I don’t know if I can bring myself to use the tiles in my makes so I think I’ll just play this one!Super-Scrabble-GameOf course my studio assistant has been keeping me company. Tammy-The-Persian-Claireabellemakes-Studio



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Life Lately: In The Studio #6

I’m not quite sure how we are half way through January already! I’ve been battling clutter in the studio, but I can’t seem to get through it all. I have been better at keeping the desk tidy though……anywho here’s a little behind the scenes.

I accidently knocked over my toadstool lamp and it seems to have died. So I picked up this cute Ice Cream lamp from Tigerlilly Quinn as Fritha was closing her shop.Ice-Cream-LampI’ve been working on making the studio an inspirational place with some quote cards on the desk from Kikki.K. Also – how good is my fake plant?  I cannot keep real plants as I have a terrible black thumb.

I’m about to start some new freelance work that requires me to explore interior trends a little more, so this week I spent some time in the home magazines aisle and loved it. Definitely getting lots of inspiration for the living room decor too.Home-Interiors-Magazines

As this is a Claireabellemakes post, I should probably share some stationery. I’m still not over my gold phase. There’s also a very sneaky peek of an upcoming DIY project here too.Gold-Bow-Paperclips-Kate-Spade

Continuing the gold/sparkle theme, I’ve been working on some new colours for the glitter heart pins in my shop. They are not 100% perfect yet, but I hope to share them soon! Heart-Glitter-Pins-Claireabellemakes

Of course in January we all make grand plans for the year ahead. I shared mine in this post and have been using my planners religiously to get organised. The planner obsession has only increased this year I’m afraid….Kikki.K-Perforated-Peach-Planner

Lastly, some more inspiration from Kikki.K. This print was actually a free fold out with my order recently. I like the reflections (me and trees!) in this image. However, I’ve recently changed the print in this frame to reflect the new studio colour scheme. Stay tuned this week for the wall art DIY coming your way.


I’m definitely pedalling fast to keep up at the moment, Hopefully all these positive vibes in the studio will help.

Thanks for letting me share behind the scenes today!



Studio Update – Grey And Pink

The last weekend of the holidays was spent tackling the damp issue in our house, which seemed to take forever. Sadly it had spread to the studio and I was really not happy about working in a mouldy, wet room! In came the dehumidifiers, mould gels and anti damp paints.

There’s still some work to do (and the aftermath of December to clear), but the desk space in the studio has now had a little makeover. A colour change to grey and pink – what do you think?!


Teapot & cups – Kikki.K

A little sneak peek there, but I’ll share more photos once the big tidy is finished. Here’s what it looked like before and as many people have asked, here is where you can buy the pegboard I have.

I’ve also destashed and will be having another Instagram sale over on Claireabellesells soon, so be sure to follow if you want to know when the crafty bargains are up for grabs!

Just a quick post today as I’m really wanting to get the dreaded tax return done and I’ve got orders to make!



*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates. Read more about my disclosure policy here.