Tourist In Cambridge #3

I have been wondering whether to continue these Tourist in Cambridge posts after summer ends, but then I remembered Autumn is on its way and the colours will be too good to miss.

We are in a transitional period when everyone is getting excited about Pumpkin Spiced Latte arrivals at Starbucks, autumn TV shows are starting and I want to stay in and make all the crochet blankets. Students will be back within a couple of weeks when the leaves start to turn, and the city will feel vibrant in a different way.

Living somewhere with such a transient population took a while to get used to. 8 years later, it’s one of the things I love about the city; it oscilates between tourists, students and professionals. It wouldn’t be the same without any of them.

So let’s say so long to summer in Cambridge with some pretty photos then eh?


I mostly spot and photograph flowers in the cottage gardens around the city. G and I saw a cheeky chicken on the run near this cottage. 2 hours later we saw him again being chased by a local pub landlord.


The boathouses along the river are painted all different colours and display the crests of each college.



If we ever left Cambridge, G says he will miss the river and watching the rowers. It’s so peaceful (except when they are racing and the cox is shouting!).


The market square is a place I always recommend to blog readers who email me about where to go in Cambridge. We are lucky to have such friendly traders and a great cheese stall. Who doesn’t love a cheese stall?!


I spotted this mannequin covered in Scrabble tiles as part of a community art installation in Cambridge. I found it slightly creepy, but the words distracted from that……..


We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars…………

I think I’ll leave it there today.



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Tourist In Cambridge #2

Summer is the best time in Cambridge. Although I haven’t had time to enjoy the city as much as I should have lately, I have managed some photos for you for this Tourist in Cambridge post.

We try to go punting at least once a year, but this year G went with his office and I went with my sister as I had never taken her despite living in Cambridge for 8 years.

Punting -In-Cambridge

If you are not familiar with punting (I had to explain it to a US pal once), it’s kind of like the gondola boats in Venice. You can read about the alleged history here.


We literally joined the tourists and jumped in a boat along “The Backs” which is where the University college buildings back onto the river Cam. It makes for a picturesque route.


The Bridge of Sighs is a popular postcard picture.


We passed Clare College gardens which houses a banana tree. The greenery is stunning.


King’s College Chapel is the Cambridge place to see. It’s where Carols At King’s are held at Christmas and where Santa hats were supposedly placed on the top of. Student pranks are always debatable unless photos exist!


Punting is a relaxing activity if you pay for someone to punt for you. I can actually punt but it took me years to learn properly. Luckily I haven’t fallen in, yet!


There is a fine art to ducking for the bridges and you mustn’t forget your pole as the boat will go without it if you don’t hold on!


There was even a bar boat which I hadn’t seen on the river before. They were serving Pimms which seemed perfect for the warm weather.

Have you ever tried punting? I secretly want to go to Oxford and try it but I can’t bring myself to in case it is better than Cambridge. Rivals?! Nah, we’ve got more Boat Race wins!

I recently found a great post about Cambridge on Oxford blog Candy Pop. Natasha includes some lovely photos of my favourite spots.



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Tourist in Cambridge #1

Today’s post is the start of a new series called Tourist in Cambridge. I’ll be sharing photos I have taken around my home city of Cambridge. Obviously I’ll include bicycles, especially as the city has gone even more cycling mad since the Tour De France!

I recently upgraded my camera so all photos are taken on a Canon EOS 1200D with a 50mm lens.

G and I passed Kings College this weekend and right after we got caught in a massive thunderstorm and *had* to duck into a pub for cover.


I spotted this old and characterful bicycle down a back street.


I’m often asked by visitors if this book shop really is haunted….


This antique book shop is amazing inside, full of history!


We usually wait for the hype to die down before trying a new restaurant in the city, but we couldn’t resist Smokeworks which is in the home of the old Erainia restaurant.


Think trendy interiors with exposed brick and benches with a cool switch ordering system. We had pulled pork buns and milkshakes that were out of this world. Salted Caramel especially. We are definitely going back.


This cheery red bike is in the same place every day. I hope it hasn’t been abandoned.


G and I spotted Wills and Kate made out of jelly beans in the old fashion sweet store!


This BMX was almost camouflaged in the hedgerow.


Lots of shops and windows are celebrating cycling at the moment and the art around Cambridge is bike influenced.


This cyclist reminded me that I really should make a start on decorating my bicycle!


I recently visited a bicycle sculpture trail in the city too, so I’ll be sharing photos of this soon. What are the best parts of your home town or city? Tell me in the comments below.



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Bike Rides In Cambridge

I was recently asked where my favourite place for a bike ride was. I honestly couldn’t imagine anywhere nicer than Cambridge. I am in love with this city.

The Spring sunshine has me grinning like an idiot on my bike. I am so lucky to call this place my neighbourhood. It never gets old.

Here are some of my favourite shots of Cambridge, all taken by me on various cycle trips.


Granchester Meadows


Spring Flowers


Kings College


City Centre Passage


My neighbours on the River Cam


Fitzbillies cakes


Riverside cottages


One of my favourite cottages along the River Cam


Long boats and bicycles


Rowing boat at the end of a wonderful garden


Old fashioned heart sign on Fitzwilliam Street


Rowers at the Chesterton Bridge


Trumpington Street


St John’s College (I think! Maybe Trinity?!)


Bicycles on Trinity Street

Where are you favourite places for a bike ride? One day I will master hills and take a summer mountain biking trip to Whistler. My biking dream!



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*Some pages on this site may contain links to outside sites, including paid affiliates.

#SheepishHeartBomb 2014



I hope you all had a super Valentines Day! I participated in the second annual Sheepish Heart Bomb. Blogger Meredith encourages everyone to spread a little love in their community so I made some crochet hearts.




The UK storms made it pretty tricky to drop my yarn bomb, but I left some in the bookshelves of the library and then took to the market square to yarn bomb a bicycle or two. I couldn’t help myself, this is Cambridge after all.





The weather was shocking, so my photos are not great, but I took one of Kings College which was lit up for the e-luminate festival.



On the way home I passed Short Street. Which is exactly what it says it is. A street with just 6 or so houses in a little row.



Being so close to the river, we are on flood alert this weekend. The winds are hurricane strength so I am disappointed that I can’t go out on my new bike!

Make sure to check out the Sheepish Heart Bomb hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. There are some lovely yarn bombs! You can see my Sheepish Heart Bomb from last year here.

What have you been up to this weekend?



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