Tourist In Cambridge #5

Cambridge looks the most pretty in summer, but it is magical in the winter sun too. The ice rink arrives in the city in November and this year we had an outdoor Food Park with independent vendors and festive treats.

I took a photo tour on my bicycle one chilly afternoon to add to the Tourist In Cambridge series with a festive post.


There were lots of traditional wreaths on the cottage doors.


We added our new fabric wreath to the door for Christmas.


Florence has been out and about with me in the cold and her pom poms are holding up well.


Even in the winter chill, people make the most of the many green spaces around the city.


I love spotting bicycle decorations and especially love this Pink Pashley with floral bunting on the basket.Pink-Pashley-Bicycle

The Fitzwilliam Museum always manages to look grand whatever the weather, but it is especially majestic in the low winter sunshine.Fitzwilliam-Museum-Cambridge

We don’t buy a real tree because of our cat, but I love the smell!

This cycle counter is a great addition to the city. The lit up display really wouldn’t photograph well – there had actually been 514 cyclists. Not many, but most of the students had left the city for the holidays at this point in mid December.


I love the quirky bikes you can spot around the city. I was at the traffic lights on my bike when I quickly snapped this strange mode of transport!


I hope the winter sun lasts. We had a super sunny Christmas day, it was perfect for a walk along the river and around the city.


I plan to continue this series into 2015, perhaps with some features on local favourites such as cafes and shops. Do comment if there is something or somewhere in the city you would like to see!

What do you love about where you live?



Being A Fashion Blogger – Handmade Style

Today’s post is something a little different, you may have guessed from the title. Here’s where I pretend to be a fashion blogger and share with you my outfit of the day (links at the end!).

I’m not a big fan of having my photo taken, but I thought it might be nice to share some more shots from my recent photoshoot.

We started at Kings College with Florence in tow. It was a bit warmer then so I could get away with the bare legs!

Cambridge-Landmarks-Claireabellemakes I promise I do usually wear a helmet, but for this super quick cycle for the photo I didn’t. I keep meaning to invest in one of these bike skirt clips as I mainly wear frocks.


I adore my Cambridge Satchels. This mint coloured satchel was a 30th birthday gift and I had it embossed for free with a little bicycle during Tour De France week. All their satchels are made in the UK.


I shared this photo as part of the Cambridge Satchel Company #CSCspotted competition recently. I find their business story totally inspirational and often see the company branded car around the city. 

Claireabellemakes-#CSCSpottedI’m totally gutted that these Swedish Hasbeen sandals broke last week. Wah! Even the shoe mender said there was nothing he could do as the leather has split. I have never actually felt so attached to a pair of shoes in my life, but I’ve worn these all summer and wanted to get some Autumn wear out of them too as they are super comfortable. Sad face.

It couldn’t be an outfit post without getting my handmade accessories in there too!


I love this dress. I contacted an Etsy seller to make me an exact copy of a Topshop dress I had in a different print and she did it! Gotta love the handmade talent out there.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post even though it was a little different! Back to normal for the next couple of posts with some DIYs and a book review to look forward to.




 *Photos by Lucinda Price Photography
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Instalife October 2014

I almost forgot to prepare this post as I couldn’t quite believe it was November already! October gave us a truly magnificent Autumn in Cambridge and I know I always say it but I’m SO grateful for this beautiful city. For some weeks I hardly leave, but I never feel suffocated like I did in London. Despite having migraines almost every weekend last month, I managed to take my meds effectively and push through for some nice days and crafty happenings.

Here’s what I got up to via my Instagram photos.

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-Cambridge-October-2014Bike rides with G around the city / Lunch breaks and walks on sunny days

Finding the Pumpkins at the market / Enjoying autumn colours

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-BlogCrafts-October-2014Working on an IKEA Hack / Craft Party fun / Lemon Sherbet Cake

A free crochet pattern / Blanket progress / Knitting for me

The Studio Tour! / A DIY for stationery lovers / Sharing my Favourites

 Visiting the flower market for blooms / Bike Spotting around the city

Decorating my bike and enjoying the journey to the day job

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-October-2014Stationery love / Pink Scrabble! / Craft Party Projects

Baking / Crochet Book launch / Sentimental craft supplies

Launching bike streamers / Autumn Tea / Pumpkin carving party

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-Shop-October-2014Launching new products and packaging for the shop

Preparing stock for giveaways and charity events

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-Tammy-October-2014And finally Tammy. Because she’s flat faced and fluffy and doesn’t stop miaowing.

Here’s to November! It’s my birthday month and G and I are off on a mini break to the seaside. Can’t wait.




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Tourist In Cambridge #4


Autumn has finally arrived in Cambridge and the city is flitting between crisp sunny days and rainy showers. The next post in my Tourist In Cambridge series catches the cottage gardens and open spaces around the city, just as the season was changing and before the students returned.









I think this might be the last week I can get away with wearing my Swedish Hasbeens outdoors this year *sob*! They are so comfortable I may have to get some boots from the range for winter.

If you enjoy my Cambridge photographs, be sure to follow me on Instagram as I love to share shots of my city here (as well as cat pictures and bicycles!).



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Instalife September 2014

It’s time for another Instalife post where I round up my month via my Instagram snaps. September was filled with pom poms, bikes, sunny Cambridge days and crafts. Loved it. My migraines were a bit pesky, but I cuddled up with Tammy in my onesie for some recovery and TV time when I needed it.


Pom pom love / attending the 1st Handmade Fair

Kikki K planner review / DIY Desk Tidy / Embroidering a notebook

What’s In My Bag / Wool and the Gang knits / Stacie Swift Illustration


Giving Florence a makeover / Bike rides with my G after work

Floral bike inspiration

Bike spotting / Ste Illustrates fab print / A courtesy bike for the day

Claireabellemakes-Instalife-CraftsTrying calligraphy / Kawaii box delivery / Working on planner dividers

Craft studio sneak peek / Starting a weaving project / Beading class

Cake club / Photo shoot sneak peek / Spray painting for DIYs


Enjoying Cambridge colleges / Scrabble Art work / Cambridge ‘traffic’

Randomly meeting Bob Mortimer! / My beautiful city

Autumn hits Cambridge / Landmarks in the cityClaireabellemakes-Instalife-Etsy-Shop

Launching new Scrabble Wall Art and pins / Checking stock levels

New Cambridge Craft Parties cards / Parties in action / Fabric shopping

Posting necklaces and cufflinks / Packing Flash Sale orders


And finally Tammy of course. She fell asleep in this face plant on my rucksack.



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