Place In Print – A Map Of Cambridge

In our (rented) house, we have quite a mish mash of art work. There are some canvasses of my photographs, some Japanese pieces G picked up on his travels, illustrations from local artists and a Quentin Blake print of G’s favourite childhood book Matilda.

I recently discovered Place In Print, a London design studio which specialises in locally themed art products including a great range of typographic city prints.  This Cambridge Type Map is just brilliant! All the street names are listed in the shape of the city centre map.Place-In-Print-Typographic-Cambridge-Map

These clever prints are a great keepsake for your home city or for somewhere you have once lived. It works pretty well for Cambridge as the city is so small and contained. They have lots of specific London area maps available too. Place-In-Print-Maps-of-UK-places Typographic-Map-Print

I think it fits really nicely with my vintage books on Cambridge, I’m planning to style a city themed bookshelf with the print as the main feature.Things-Seen-In-Cambridge-Book

Place In Print are going to be at the Renegade Craft Fair in London on 7 and 8 November, so I look forward to seeing more of their work in person! Would you guys be interested in a haul post or video about my purchases from the market?

Have you discovered any cool prints lately?



 *I received this print for review purposes. As always, opinions are my own Read more about my disclosure policy here.

Tourist In Cambridge #7

The change in season always makes me want to share another post for my Tourist In Cambridge series. This weekend, we took a walk along the riverside and captured some beautiful autumn light.

Living near the river is something I value so much. Even though we are in a city, there is a sense of calm near the water or green spaces. If I ever need to switch off and take a break from work, this is where I go.

So when Travelodge asked me to share my favourite place in Cambridge for their #FlauntYaHaunt campaign, I knew this would be a great excuse to take a photo walk. Along the river you always see plenty of rowers, kayakers, cyclists and runners. It’s also the place I’m learning to rollerskate!

I hope you enjoy the results of the photo walk and our impromptu stop off later on!

Riverboats-In-Cambridge Autumn-Leaves-In-Cambridge Classic-Rayleigh-Bicycle The-River-Cam-Cambridge Cambridge-Punt-Co-Bike Autumn-Leaves Bikes-And-Punts Jesus-Green-Trees-Cambridge Punting-Boats-Cambridge Jesus-Green-Cambridge Bikespotting-In-Cambridge Quayside-Punting-In-Cambridge I also made a video of our riverside walk. It has a bit of a different feel to some of my previous videos so I hope you like it!

Whilst we were out, we also took a slight detour to the Varsity Rooftop Terrace Bar to see some views of the city from up high. I think this could become a new favourite place and we hope to catch the fireworks from here on bonfire night.

The-Varsity-Hotel-Cambridge View-from-Varsity-Rooftop-Bar-Cambridge Varsity-Rooftop-Terrace-Bar-Cambridge Roof-Top-Views-Cambridge

Looking down on the city reminded me of when I got G a flying lesson and he flew us over the city in a light aircraft. That’s a story for another day I guess!

I’d love to know your favourite place in your town or city. What makes where you live special?



*This post was written in collaboration with Travelodge.

Photo Walk: Spring Time Flowers and Bicycles

There’s something about every season in Cambridge that makes me love it even more than the year before. In Spring, it is definitely the flowers!! There are so many green spaces and gorgeous parks that are filled with colourful blooms.

I’ve called this post a ‘photo walk’, but in fact it was a photo cycle! Here are some images of Florence enjoying the flowers. I had to include her yearly photo shoot with the wisteria. It smells AMAZING.

Bicycles-And-Wisteria-Claireabellemakes Tulip-Flowers-In-Cambridge Bike-Basket-Tassels Tulips Bicycles-and-Tulips-Claireabellemakes Spring-Tulips

You can see my previous floral photo walk/cycle posts here and here. I love how the tulip colours in this park change every year!

Oh, and here is Florence’s wisteria picture from last year, her basket was naked as she was quite new! I think the flowers are much fuller too.


I do look forward to some summer photo walks, I think I’ll be punting and picnic-ing lots! What’s the best thing about where you live in the Spring time?



Tourist In Cambridge #6

The Tourist In Cambridge posts have naturally become a seasonal series and I like it that way. The change of season is when I begin to notice the best parts of my city and Spring has given me the opportunity to start a new hobby of rollerskating (more on this another time!). I’ve also had the chance to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather with my camera.

So welcome to Spring in my city! We have had some amazing days already so it’s a picture heavy post.

The-Mill-Pond-Cambridge Magnolia Pembroke-College-Cambridge Cambridge-The-Mill-Pond Fitzbillies-Cafe-Cambridge Cycling-In-Cambridge
Tourist-In-Cambridge-Spring Cambridge-Springtime
Longboats-On-The-River-Cam Boats-On-The-River-Cam Watermelon-Bobbin-Bicycle

I get so excited when I see a Watermelon Bobbin Bicycle!

If we ever leave Cambridge, I know I’m going to look back on these posts and it will be bittersweet. This is the only place that has ever truly felt like home for me.